Chapter 4 - Am I going crazy?

Eliza POV

Every time I think about Abigail and how we parted, it makes my heart ache. She was a real mother figure to me, but Carl's disgusting methods destroyed our relationship. I had to move on. 

I'm still looking at myself in the mirror and I see a tear escaping. As I wipe it away with my index finger, I heave a sigh. It's always a bitter feeling thinking back. Every time I think I'm over it, I realize I just can't move forward. I can't because we didn't really have closure and it aches my heart I can't help her.

Doing my makeup again, my mind wandering to the 'thing' I saw last night. It's really like my mind playing a trick on me.

I woke up after having the nicest dream in a long time. I was in the arms of that man I had seen in my nightmares before, but he was somehow different. He was gentle, firm, and oozed male power and sexiness. He was confident when he touched me, but not once was rude. He just... made me feel like I matter. Like I am the most precious thing he had in his life.

I don't know what woke me. Was it this empty feeling I felt after experiencing this wonderful phenomenon in my dream? Or was it the tears that fell from my eyes? I don't really know. I just cried in my bed like I just lost something precious.

When this feeling slowly faded, I got up from my bed, went to the bathroom, and cleaned my face. I returned to my bedroom but instead of the bed, I went for my bookshelf. I took my favorite book off, Her Forbidden Alpha, grabbed my blanket, and sat on my bay of window.

When I looked for a flat, the only demand I had was that I need a nook for myself. I saw many apartments, but neither felt cozy. They were built for businessmen or successful women. I wasn't either. I just wanted something that felt homey... In this little town was my last chance. I didn't really hope I would find something. But when I saw it, I knew this little gallery waited for me.

It's a little space, there's only a corridor after you step in the door. On the left, there is a high storage unit,  where you can put your coats, shoes, and other clothes. It's wide and the handle is black, and you can slide it away, and it opens. On the right side, you can see a little cupboard, where you can put your keys, wallet, and bags. Beside it, there is a door and behind it, you find the bathroom. With only a basin on the right side and a shower cabin on the other side. With a little shelf opposite the door, you can put all your necessities, like shower gel, shampoo, soap, body wash and creams, toothpaste, and toothbrush.

When you step a little further into the apartment you can see a kitchen on the right side with a sink and under it some big pull-out drawers for forks, knives, and spoons. Beside it was the hearth plate, and oven with a few lamps above them. And 3 or 4 cabinets higher to put the plates, dishes, bowls, and every other kitchenware. On the left side, there are more cabinets, with a counter you can prepare food.

When you go deeper into the apartment you can see a clear space that is bigger than the corridor and kitchen area. On the left, you can see a big bookshelf, now full of books. This is so high up, almost reaches the ceiling. If I want a book from the top shelf, I have to use a ladder or a chair to stand on. Opposite the corridor, there are 2 large windows, and before it, there is a long seat. Where I put many cushions and pillows, so whenever I want to relax, read a book, or just look out the window I can get cozy. And the landscape is just beautiful from these windows. It helps that it is almost on the top floor.

On the other side of the bay of the window was a table with four chairs, but since I have no friends, I didn't see the value in them. So, I gave them to the landlady, 'cause she needed another set. I bought and then installed another bookshelf there with a cute small couch, I found in a garage sale. Beside the couch is my bedroom. Who am I kidding? It's not a bedroom, just a little secluded area for my bed. I would hear someone let the water flow from the bathroom or the kitchen if I have someone since the bathroom is beside my bed and the kitchen is in front of my bed.

But it's just me, and sometimes it is eerily quiet. But I don't mind, I like to be myself. I learned soon enough I was better off alone. And as I was sitting on the bay and reading my comfort book, I drew my light purple curtain aside to watch the night sky. It's October, so can't really see anything. Not even the moon, because after the colder weather welcomes us there's nothing else just big, thick, grey clouds above. And since it was almost dawn, it was really dark. Even the mist can't be seen. I remember the weather forecast showed a clear day for today. And here and there we would see the sun or at least, our day wouldn't be so cloudy.

So as I took the book in one hand, I rested my chin on the other. Looking outside, my eyes searched for something, even though I didn't know what.

Soon my eyes caught sight of two red dots. I didn't realize what it was until it came closer. And as slowly the first light of the sun showed itself, I slowly could take up the contour of the thing I was staring at, at that time.

The two red dots were two blazing red eyes, with a face I felt familiar. His jaw was hard but sharp, his cheekbones were high and his nose was just the perfect size. His hair was black just like the night, his muscular neck tattooed and his broad shoulders, arms, and torso were covered with a black, leather coat. From his waist down through his thighs, calves to his feet you can only see black jeans or dark grey, I didn't really pay attention to them. Especially after what I saw behind him...

I didn't even realize I was holding my breath back until I heard my book landing on the floor. Dazed, like I was charmed stared at this man who was the epitome of a greek god. He was looking back at me, looking confused. Our staring contest was cut short by the rising sun. He hissed and I saw smoke behind him. 

As I lifted my gaze to those things I couldn't believe my eyes. Behind him, I saw two wings. Yes, you heard me right! Two extremely large wings, they were like bat's wings. Like it was carved from skin and hair. As his wings were spread out I saw two pointy claws on top of each wing.

I was so shocked I slowly sit up and then I stood on my knees and both of my hands covered my mouth. The most terrifying thing wasn't that I saw that creature and he was looking back at me, but that he was hurting. I saw his mouth twitching from the pain, but he didn't move from that spot and just stared at me like he was not believing what he just saw.

I wanted to shout at him to go before he became ash, but my body refused to listen to my brain. It was like suddenly the world stopped around us. There wasn't any sound, it was quiet. I felt peace, rage, serenity, and sorrow, but above all, I felt pain. Like his pain was my own. Like we were connected and for a moment, I saw his faint smile. But it vanished soon after like it was never there.

He still looked at me, his wings were burning, and for a moment he looked like a statue. My brain screamed at me to move away from the window, but my body still didn't listen. For a moment or more, I closed my eyes to reclaim my thoughts but when I opened them I didn't see him.

I only saw the sun as it was above the horizon. It was like he wasn't there. Like my brain played a trick on me. I put my hands on the window and leaned forward to see better. I looked from one side to the other but I didn't see anything.

Was my mind really tricking me? Wasn't there anyone? Was I going crazy?

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