Chapter 16 She’s Trying to Run Away

Brendan punched a wall when Deirdre was sent to the hospital. He punched it so hard that he began bleeding from his knuckles, yet the anger in his heart was not vented.

‘Run away? Why is she still trying to run away?

‘She wanted to entrap me with the child two years ago. She was so loving and unwilling to part with me at the time, so what changed?

‘What the heck happened!’

“Brendan! Are you alright?” Charlene came rushing over and held his hand when she saw the blood on his knuckles. She instructed a nurse to bring over a bandaid. “You’re not even concerned that your hand is bleeding. What’s the matter?”

“I’m fine.” Brendan pulled back his hand. “Why are you here?”

Charlene would never reveal that Steven had called to notify her, of course. She made up an excuse and said, “My friend, who was having a checkup at the hospital, saw you and notified me.”

She took a glance at Deirdre, who was receiving a transfusion in the ward. “Is that Ms. McKinnon? What happened?”

Brendan was gr
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so steven is charlene pet?

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