Chapter Thirteen

Asher's POV

Sup, everyone? Your handsome Asher is on the house!

I am heading to Grayson's office because we already know where can we find the mastermind of the ambushed. But I immediately stop after hearing moans inside his office, he seemed having fun in there. Did he hired a prostitute to be his woman tonight or his surrogate was inside? Oh, I loved watching intimate movies. However, Grayson will kill me if I do that.

So, I leaned on the wall and took out my cigarette because this is going to be a long time until they're done. And then, I checked my wristwatch before releasing the smoke from my mouth and put my earphones on. Grayson didn't touch any woman unless they were chosen by him, he's picky at the same time serious in life.

Nicholas and Grayson are unlikely the same. Aside to the fact they're cousins and I'm there best friend, however, my own conclusion about them never fail. Nicholas Martinez, he's book lover, always stick to his plan, never having such long conversatio
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