A Lot To Be Done

Kain peered at the door. He wondered who it was that had thought it best to intrude into his private time. Whoever it was, the being had to be lucky he had received goodnews and not otherwise.

"Come in!" He called out, while turning his back towards the door, in order to examine the weather outside more closely.

The door flung open, and a familiar scent greeted his nostrils immediately.



"Father!" Her frantic cry echoed in the six walls of his hexagonal shaped study. Kain turned sharply to glare at her.

His tall and gallant daughter did not look very tall. She stood with her shoulder slouched, face buried in her palms as she cried.

Kain's eyes scanned her slender frame in silence. He was not going to speak, he would allow her conclude her theatrics, he would only demand an explanation when she was done.

Erika raised her eyes to look up at her father. He stood away from her, dark eyes peering down on her as she wept.

She would have done anything, anything at all fo
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