As they all fought each other, a few people came out of their houses and were shocked to see what was going on. It was at this point that they decided to calm down. Alex was the first to notice that Anna was no longer outside.

He walked straight to her door and realized that she had locked it. Both Evans and Matt stood by the window to look inside. They all realized that Anna had disappeared.

Alex walked over to his car but before getting in, he stared at Evans and Matt and said, "she is mine, I found her first so you two should back off before I start a war.

"Bring it on Alex" Matt replied. I am not afraid of either of you and neither am I giving up on my mate. If it's a war you want, then I'll be ready for you."

They all got into their different cars and left.

On his way home, Evans could not help but wonder what was going on. He was someone who didn't like fighting for things. As a celebrity, he always got whatever he wanted without a hassle. Women threw themselves at him and he enjoyed fucking them. The ones whom he fancied always went home happy and satisfied. People called him a playboy but he thought of himself as the guy who made the ladies happy.

As the Alpha of his pack, he had seen his betas get mates at eighteen but he never got his. It didn't matter to him since he didn't lack anything he wanted. Not until last night when his wolf told him that he had gotten a mate.

He wasn't enthusiastic at first but he decided to check out who this mate was. He followed the guidance of his wolf and ended up in front of Anna's house. It turned out that she was quite young while he was already thirty-two years old.

The moment he saw her, he realized that he would not be able to live without her. He felt a strong connection with her. He found himself being pulled by a force and all he wanted to do at that point was taste the sweetness that lay underneath her.

To his dismay both Matt and Alex, his sworn enemies were there also claiming that she was their mate. He knew that she would eventually make her choice but he believed she would choose him judging by how she reacted to his presence. All he needed to do now was find out as much information as he could about her and then he would work his magic on her. Alex and Matt had nothing on him.

Alex tried to control his anger as he drove back to his office. He could not believe that both Matt and Evans had the effrontery to compete with him. It was obvious that Anna was into him. The way she had stared at him when she had first opened her door made him convinced that they belonged together.

Not only was she young and beautiful, but she was also attractive and when he stared into her blue eyes, he could see so much fire in them. He knew she would be a passionate lover and being in his late twenties made him a perfect fit for her. He had known since he was eighteen that he had a mate. His wolf had told him but they had to wait because it was not yet time.

He had waited for her for ten years. When he became the Alpha of his pack, all the unmated betas wanted to be his Luna. Even his father had told him to forget about his mate since he couldn't get her and make someone else his luna but he had refused.

He was willing to wait no matter how long it took. He didn't have any expectations for his mate because he knew that he was going to love her regardless of how she looked. Their mate bond would have made sure of that.

But after seeing Anna, he realized that he got an amazing deal. She was worth the wait and this was the first time he had wanted something so much in his life. She belonged to him and he was going to prove that to Evans and Matt, no matter what it took.

Matt drove back to his house in regret. He should have asked for her name and phone number the second he saw her. She was just as he had imagined, comely and charming. His family was different from other werewolves. They only got their mates after they turned thirty. His dad got mated to his mum at thirty-one and he found his mate at thirty-three.

Being the Alpha of his pack, it was already time for him to present his Luna to them but now he was facing a few challenges. If what Alex and Evans were saying was true then the moon goddess really messed with them this time.

He could still recall how they used to be friends when they were little and belonged to the same pack but after so many things happened, their families became rivals and they all grew up as enemies with their different packs.

He did not believe in fighting over a woman but he could not give up on his mate. It wasn't easy for him to get one and he didn't know how long it would take for him to get another one if he rejected her. Besides, the feeling he got when he pressed his lips against hers was magical.

He knew she wanted him as he could smell her arousal as well as her desire for him. She was a sweet little girl and he looked forward to spoiling her and introducing her to his pack. He needed to strategize efficiently if he wanted to beat his rivals especially since they weren't just werewolves but Alphas of their different packs.

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