Vampire Slave5

He lifted his head and gave Bethany a chance to catch her breath even as his lips slid down her neck and touched gently against her shoulder. He caught the strap of her chemise on his fangs and used them to slide the pink satin off and down her arm. He repeated the procedure with the other strap and left her naked from the waist up.

Her breasts were generous handfuls, her nipples almost the exact same pink as her chemise. Her skin was tan, no lines to mar her beauty. He turned toward her bed and lowered her eagerly to her back on the bed. His mouth moved over her skin like a heated brand, his fangs slid over her flesh and gently scraped against her flesh.

"You feel so good, Chal. Don't stop." She panted uncontrollably. "Don't ever stop." His incubus half agreed with her. It wanted to soak up every ounce of energy she possessed and leave her a dried up husk to blow away in a stiff breeze. His vampire side begged for the taste of her blood. He could smell it, the rich endorphin filled b
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