Chapter 17 Goddess Had Her Own Plan

Carl’s POV

Amy loved Hunter and the power he afforded her.

And Hunter loved not having to love anyone. For him, Amy was a strategic choice – a good woman of good breeding, the second daughter of a powerful Alpha, and, most importantly, she wasn’t his mate. He marked her as his own, and I’d never seen my Ames so happy. It had felt like a win.

My buddy and my mate were both happy with what they’d got.

Hunter didn’t love her. He’d just needed a woman to take the place of his Luna.

It didn’t bother Amy to begin with. If he didn’t want his mate, then she could take her place. She got to be his Luna, the mother of his heirs, and those things mattered to her above all else.

Then she found out that Hunter was so against losing control that he drugged himself. It wasn’t just the mate bond he hated – it was all of it. He hated love, sex, and anything that could soften him.

“I won’t make the same mistakes as my father,” was all he ever said by way of explanation. Amy asked me to push him, to get
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