Chapter 7: First Encounter

***Alpha Nora POV***

The annoying sound of the alarm woke me up from my beauty sleep. I groaned and opened my eyes a little, and picked up the alarm from my bedside, smashing it against the wall.

I turned in bed and closed my eyes, going back to sleep.

" What are you still doing in bed, Nora? Do you know the time ?" Elyssa's voice rung in my ears the same time I heard the door open.

I groaned into my pillow, refusing to open my eyes or reply to her questions. I was fighting to stay in the dreamland. The room became quiet and I sighed in relief, thinking Elyssa had left me alone.

But that wasn't the case. I felt the bed cover slowly slip off my body and someone jumped on my back.

I groan in annoyance

" Wake up sleepy head" Elyssa yelled into my ears, giggling.

" What the fuck do you want?" I mumbled.

If she wasn't my best friend, her dead body would be lying lifeless on the floor within a second.

" Do you know what time it is?" She asked.

" I don't give a damn about the ti
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