Victor took a beer from the fridge he’d installed as part of a poolside bar and popped it open. He loved the outdoor oasis that he’d created on the terrace of his condo, one of the newest buildings in the city.

He had meticulously planned the space for the pool, the hot tub, the bar, lounge area, even down to the plants and flowers adorning it, the foliage that afforded him and his guests all the privacy that they needed.

Sure, it was June and it might have been a little chilly for an outdoor party, but with the warmth of the pool and carefully placed exterior heaters, nobody complained. Victor loved his outdoor area, but because of all the time he spent working, he rarely got to enjoy it, or any of the other luxuries he could now afford because of his hard work and success.

A sad irony…

Victor watched his guests mill about the poolside. They were all smiling, and having fun. He really missed just spending time with his friends and the
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kelley collins
4 real...ugh so close... too much waiting ...️ ... ready to give up
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Bella Jersey
I think the sexual tension is gonna go bye-bye
goodnovel comment avatar
Marlenny Fernandez
Omg the book is good and is a hook up but please, we need some TLC action

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