Chapter 3: He's Sorry

Carina’s POV

“N-no, I’m begging you to stop…take it off!” I cried as I pushed him away from me but he just didn't listen and he put a tight rope on my both hands again, “Ugh…help…” I cry for help, but what is this feeling? Why I feel so hot every time he is inside of me, my tears continuously streaming down on my face.

He opens my legs wider and he is devouring my body so much that I can’t help myself but to squirt and moan loudly while crying.

I'm leaking again and trying to hold it together, but the more I do, the harder he f*cks me and the deeper he bangs me. I stare at the blank wall and close my eyes since my body seems to appreciate the pleasurable movement with him.

“I am so t-tired , please, release me…” I begged him and he just smirked at me, then I began to have one more orgasm again.

"I'm sorry for taking you this way..."

“I can’t…” I close my eyes and I can feel his hot and sticky semen on my butt cheeks then he carried me to his bedroom and puts me in the shower.

“Hmm…” I mumbled as soon as I touch the hot water and he is behind me, I can feel his hard c*ck rubbing my a$$.

“Please don't…” but he pushed me on the wall while my back is facing his hard c*ck and he entered his d*ck again in my painful and sore vag*na.

“Ugh…” I keep moaning and sobbing.

“You are so hot, your body is mine.” he said while banging me continuously, “The first time I sees you, you awaken my sexual desires…theres a lot of imagination things of what can I do this smoky hot body of yours.” he added and he lick my earlobe, he hold my legs to have him a wider entrance while he is f*cking me.

I'm continuously yelling at him and pushing him away.

However, all I can hear from him is his enticing moan.

“Oh, god, you are so wet…”


"I'm sorry..."

Then I just feel so exhausted and I coud not hold it anymore so I passed out during our sexual intercourse.

I wake up on a soft and warm bed, the room is not so familiar with me then It flashed in my mind about what happened to me earlier. I hugged myself and my heartbeat increased as I watched the man, sleeping soundly and who just used my body for his own pleasure.

I embrace myself and notice that I am wearing an oversized T-shirt, so I dash out the door as quickly as I can and leave him in his room.

I took my purse and exited the building.

My body aches, I have a headache, and my womanhood throbs and aches.

Why would a man like him do such a thing to me?

When I got home, I started crying and sighed as I remembered what had happened to me; I had never liked it before, but why had I let him do that to me?

Maybe being an artist isn't really not for me, so I opened my phone and booked a ticket to leave this place.

I wish I had listened to my parents and simply accepted the position of managing our business farm.

I started packing my things and changed into a pair of pants and a basic white t-shirt. My tears started to pour as I glanced at the white oversized shirt he gave me while I was sleeping, and I didn't want everyone to know about it. I placed the T-shirt into my luggage and started to leave my apartment but before that, I stare at the paintings I used to adore, but something about them reminds me of what happened to me.

I wipe my tears away and my heart is so heavy as I start to leave the place.

I called my mom but she didn't answer her phone. I checked the time, it's already 4 am and I sighed, too early to call her so I just left a voice message. “Mom, I’m going home.”

I started walking while carrying my luggage and then took a taxi to the airport; the guard only checked my passport and his face was concerned about my appearance because my face was not in a good mood, and my eyes were red from crying all the time.

“Miss, Are you all right?"

"I'm all right," I replied and he handed me my passport. I sighed as I waited on gate 11 while waiting for my flight.

"Someone wants to give this to you, Miss..." My hands trembled and shook as I grabbed the small brush and stuffed it into my handbag, which was handed to me by a guard.

Is he following me all the time? Oh f*cked.

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