A Hotheaded Ghoul's Salvation

A Hotheaded Ghoul's Salvation

By:  thyatira kaupa  Ongoing
Language: English
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Caitlynn Nocella is human. She bleeds, she feels empathy for cute things like kittens in a teacup, she's optimistic and bubbly, and she forgives easily. Blaise Jacobson is a ghoul. A hot-head cocky and careless ghoul who feeds on human flesh once a fortnight and is blunt as hell. When Blaise saves Caitlynn from being killed by ghouls, he inadvertently drags her into a world of ghouls and humans combined. Suddenly everything is different and the ghouls she meet aren't exactly your typical 'monsters hiding in the closet'. Falling for a ghoul is hard, especially when you know how hot-headed and damaged he is, but maybe Caitlynn could change that, but at what cost?

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Leiya Gonzales
Nice story! ✨
2020-07-15 17:23:01
4 Chapters
The Cure to Grouch Fever.
     On a vast landmass divided into four Districts, ghouls lived amongst humans blending into society; wolves in sheep’s clothing.For year’s ghouls formed clans to create strong fronts against humans and humans maximised production to extinguish the ghouls, creating a task force known as the Anti-ghoul.In a world ghouls lived amongst humans, peace was undoubtedly questioned. The ghouls made their presence known centuries ago to the humans. They ate, slept, surfed the internet, and pooped; basically capable of doing everything a human does. The only thing different about them was that they needed human flesh to survive.Most humans saw ghouls as parasites, most ghouls saw humans as walking live stock; the usual. The ghouls were exactly like the humans internally and externally so they hid in plain sight, some even being so passive that they lived just like the humans did, devouring off dead flesh instead. Those were known as the paci
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Dark Alley
 The harsh wind whipped around Blaise’s silver hair against his temple as he walked down the street beside his twin sister, Mia. He tightened his fist, his face twisted into what appeared to be a permanent scowl as he observed his surroundings.   data-p-id=0fd34bc69ff7b557cd4ec6c811a64c20,This whole place was infested with humans. He hated them, with a burning passion that could rival the burning heat of a thousand suns. He loathed the
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Well Aren't We In A Pickle
   Caitlynn felt her head throb and her eyes sting. She struggled to open it, but to no avail.  She was being carried, she knew this because she was floating . . . but who was carrying her?
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It All Changed
The tension in the air was so thick even a chainsaw high powered would have trouble slicing through it. 
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