A Key to the CEO's Heart

A Key to the CEO's Heart

By:  Danwoods_Cavan  Completed
Language: English
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Minerva, the biggest architectural design company in the country, once belonged to the Iverson family. Years after it was acquired by the Peyton Group, Henry Iverson decided to retake the company. Henry's friend, Vivi Baby suggests Henry to become close with the CEO, seduce him, and retake the company. Henry changes his name to Henrietta, disguises as a hot blonde, and becomes the secretary of the current CEO——Jamie Lee Peyton. Everything is going smooth with their plan, yet what Henry does not know is, he has always been mistaking the gender of Jamie. Everything starts to slip off their track and goes terribly wrong. Well, let's just hope that Jamie won't find out about Henry's real identity and their horrible plan.

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Chalala BingALing
Love the ending... Find someone who loves you and changes for you like Henry... Love the cat too haha...
2021-12-12 17:05:54
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It's unique. It's a light-hearted type of book, hard to find around here. If you like less heavy story, this will be great. It's funny to read. I like it.
2021-05-16 01:21:36
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Tham Wai Chong
Great storyline,it's very unique,original and captivating. Can't put it down once I started reading it! I really loves the interactions between Jamie and Henrietta. It's so fun to read! Obviously the author has a great sense of humourXD. Cant wait to see the plot development! Highly recommended!!!
2021-05-15 08:34:53
216 Chapters
Chapter 01: Prologue
April, 2004. Seventeen years ago. It was pretty late at night when I walked into a huge mansion where everyone around me was eating and talking to everyone. I took a look around the mansion, there were colorful balloons and presents laying everywhere on the floor, there were fancy cakes and pastries all around the hall. The wall at the back was covered by a fancy backdrop with a sentence stroke across horizontally. It says——Happy Birthday to Andrew. I figured it must be an expensive birthday party Andrew’s parents threw for him. He was the first son and the descendant of Peyton Group, he was born to be in the family on top of the aristocracy. Everyone envies him… Well guess what? But I don&r
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Chapter 02: the Heart
There was a huge fountain in the middle of the garden. The neatly trimmed bushes and scrubs formed low hedges that made up the perfect circulation leading the people through the greenery world. I couldn’t stop exclaiming in my heart as I walked deeper into the garden, and that was when a gazebo next to the fountain suddenly entered my sight. The gazebo was distinct from a traditional one, it wasn’t built round nor hexagon, it was built on a rectangular concrete base. The thick wooden pillars stood by the four corners holding the rectangular frame up on top, the rafts laid horizontally on the frames, while the thinner one laid closely to each other on top of the raft structuring the roof. With the same materials, the corner brackets added essential supports to the structure. 
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Chapter 03: Henry Iverson
April, 2021. The sound of chaos in this hectic city pulls me out of a dream that I never wanted to leave. To be specific, it has to be said as an old memory of mine. I live on the top floor of a penthouse in the city. I wake up to the same noises every morning. The noises of the traffic——the cars, the motorcycles, sometimes the river cruises, for the tour across the DuSable Bridge; and the morning people——citizens, office workers, and tourists. This is the most north-east part of Illinois, built along one of the edges of the Chicago River——Michigan Avenue, Chicago. I get out of my bed as soon as I am awake. I put on my red bra and pantie after I cleaned myself. I fill the empty br
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Chapter 04: Minerva
Minerva, the largest architectural design company in the USA, initially belonged to the Iverson family, it was named after the Roman goddess of wisdom, learning, art crafts and industry. My parents were fine architects, Jack and Lea Iverson, they started everything with this company, they developed their industries and soon built their own empire——the Iverson Group, they became one of the leaders of business in Chicago. Since young, I dreamed of becoming a great architect like my parents, I read my books about the history of architecture, I played with building designing simulators, I visited every museum, gallery and exhibition about all the architecture in the world, I even did my research about the best architecture school in the world so that my dream would come true. 
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Chapter 05: Project CAPTURE
The project brief of the competition was to build a contemporary art and cultural gallery at any existing site within Chicago. To have a deeper understanding about contemporary art and culture, I visited the state library to do an enough amount of research and information collection. After that, I travelled through Illinois to visit every art gallery that could be found, especially in Chicago, in order to study the visual and sensory impact that the inside and outside spaces brought to both the environment and the people. I listed down a few key points to the spaces I wanted to present in my project. Afterwards, trying to find the perfect site for my project, Victor and I travelled to everywhere within the first week of the competition duration. After we set our boundary in
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Chapter 06: Jamie Lee Peyton
A week after we received the invitation, we attended the awarding ceremony of the competition right at one of Jamie Lee Peyton’s properties in Chicago——the Blue Horizon Hotel. Victor dressed himself in a slim fit pink suit with a floral shirt and a white tie inside, while I dressed up in a navy blue suit with a classic white t-shirt underneath. We chose a seat not too close to the front to keep ourselves low profiled, while not too far away from the stage so that we could take a good look at Jamie Lee Peyton’s face. As the ceremony started, the CEO of Minerva——Jamie Lee Peyton, was invited in by the host to give an opening speech. At the moment as he stepped up onto the stage, Victor and I finally had our opportunities to fetch his true appearance in sight. 
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Chapter 07: Henrietta Chandelier
“If you’re paying attention, like you should, because you’re a man too.” Victor mentioned, “A man like Jamie Lee Peyton, the CEO, decent on the outside, but on the inside, he is just as simple as every guy on earth!” My face turned blank, “What do you mean?”  Victor clicked his tongue as he slapped his forehead with his palm, “I’m telling you, Henry Baby, unless Jamie Lee Peyton is a gay like me, he won’t be able to resist the seduction of a hot pretty lady!” I sneered, “And... so?” “So!? Seriously!?” Victor sounded a little furious. Before I could realize w
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Chapter 08: Crossdresser I
After deciding my female name, Victor began my makeover session first thing next morning. First, he took me to the beauty treatment. I was forced to undergo hair removal treatment, they plucked my facial hair and nose hair with tweezers; they waxed my armpits, chest, legs, and even my private part! Believe me, you won’t want to know how painful that felt! After the hair removal treatment, they gave me a relaxing facial and spa treatment. Glad it was free of charge. Afterwards, Victor took me to the malls he often shopped to get me some essential clothes and accessories for Henrietta Chandelier. We went to the office lady session right away. Victor chose plenty of clothes in different styles and colors with the
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Chapter 09: Crossdresser II
Victor came to me and put his hands on my shoulders. He looked into the mirror as he exclaimed, “You are a Goddamn sexy hot blonde, Henrietta.” I chuckled, “I know.” hell I am. There, Victor swept my hair to the back and hooked them across my ear. He touched my left face and laid his fingers at the spot right below the tail of my left eyebrow, where my only mole on my face is. “This mole is the most sexiest trait on your face, use it wisely as I would say.” After finding myself a perfect wig, we chose a pink leather handbag on our way to our next stop. For our next stop, Victor took me to the cosmetic department. Before c
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Chapter 10: The Way In
April, 2021.   Today, the time has finally come. After I ensure I am one hundred percent prepared to step on the route of my revengeance, I set off from my penthouse for Minerva.   As I arrive at Minerva, I look up to the beautiful contemporary high rise building that my parents built.   It was a long time ago I last had the chance to take a glance at it. It now looks a little bit different from what was printed in my memories, but I think it is alright for now, because once I take Jamie Lee Peyton down and take over the company, I will turn the building back to how it looked like during its earliest days.   Deeply, I take a breath. Once I pick up my courage, I take my step and walk into my battlefield.
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