A Scandalous Love

A Scandalous Love

By:  Kiera Barker  Ongoing
Language: English
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Lady Nicole Bradshaw was born to one of the wealthiest families in England and had an arranged marriage since before she was born. She had never laid eyes on Lord Francis Ravenport but she was assured he was a handsome fellow. He had recently moved his company to the West Indies and she wouldn't see him until the wedding. When she gets to travel to London with family friends, she knows she will never lay eyes on the Marquess as her husband. Austin Duncan was not a special man. He was the third son to an Earl and gave everything up to be in His Majesty's Army. He never dreamed of marriage or finding a young lady due to him being a soldier. In 1789, it was a questionable time and he could never marry to just leave a woman widowed. While in London on assignment, he knows he will throw everything out the window. One glance at Lady Nicole and Austin knows he will never be the same. Nicole sees him and thinks for sure being an only child is surely unfair and she would risk her reputation for a few moments alone with him. Could a Scandalous Love bring them closer together or tear them worlds apart?

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Line St Pierre McDonald
I love it would love to read more like this one
2022-07-26 01:09:18
22 Chapters
The Daughter of A Duke
The Duke and Duchess of Havenshire were known as one of the wealthiest families in England. Only the royals were above them in class and they were well respected. Duke Henry Bradshaw had much to look forward to in his life but when his wife, Lady Anne Bradshaw, gets sick during her first pregnancy, his life changes. She delivered early and found she was to have twins. One girl, Nicole, and a boy, James. Much to the Duke's displeasure, the boy did not survive. After the Duchess was given the news that she could not conceive again, she felt like she had let the Duke down. Henry assured his wife that he loved her still and they had a beautiful baby girl. With her dark brown wisps of hair and honey-colored eyes, she was a perfect vision. Henry knew he would make it work as she had been promised to Count Ravenport's son. The boy was now only three but was encouraged to visit his baby bride anytime. Francis thought it interesting that he had a bride already. Over the years, however, he be
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The Third Son
The Earl of Berkshire was fortunate to have four sons. Vincent Duncan and his wife, Amanda Duncan, lived out in the countryside south of London. Their closest neighbor was the Marquess of Reading. They lived with their only son, Francis. Robert and Julia Ravenport took pride in their appearance and never socialized with those lower than them. It was no surprise that Francis was promised to the Duke of Havenshire before she was born.  The Earl was happy with his life and prided himself on his sons. Amanda loved all four boys equally, even though most of them acted like their father in some way or another. The eldest, Jason, was to inherit everything of the earldom and was to marry a fine young lady to be his countess. Next was Lee, he was carefree and spirited and loved to talk about traveling the world one day. Then there was Austin, his mother's favorite. He never saw a point in learning the skills his father pushed on him. He knew he'd never need them but he learned t
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No Choice But A Red Coat
Jason found Austin and Lee with a broken nose and a few other broken bones. Poor Ronald was going to need a hospital and for a long bit, it looked like. Austin had defended Nicole to the fullest without killing him and only hoped she knew what kind of hold she had on him already. He had to admit after dancing with her, she carried herself differently. She didn't act like the normal spoiled child. She was the only daughter of the richest duke in the country yet she was best friends with a lord's daughter, who he heard worked for her father. He needed to tell Austin what happened after he left. Rebecca said some nasty things and he needed to know. "So, how was Miss Rebecca?" "Not seeing that one again." "What? You looked like you were into her." "A little and then she did something." "Like what?" "She insulted Lady Nicole." "What did she say?" "Easy Austin." "What was said?" "She said she was disrespecting
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New People, Same Love
Nicole was upset at Austin's departure but knew he would make an excellent soldier. She kept in touch with him but she knew he was being sent out and prayed for his safe return.  Meanwhile, she stopped going to balls with Marie and they talked for hours when she got back. After only two meetings, Marie knew where Nicole's heart was and felt sorry for her friend. Francis wrote to her even though she had never seen him. One letter had her upset and she feared for her future.                                                               My Dearest Fiance,     I bring the sad news of my father's death. Sickness has taken him rather suddenly. My mother is beside herself. I am now the new Marquess and hope to see you soon. I want to tell you that my father and I had plans of taking our busi
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Francis Ravenport
Francis was always told he had to help the family. His father was always power-hungry and so when he could arrange for Francis to wed Nicole, he didn't hesitate. Francis grew up resenting the idea and even when he met her as a baby, he didn't agree with it. As he got older, he prided himself in knowing much about the opposite sex. He did have the occasional visits and each time he did, she got lovelier. He considered that she would make a beautiful bride and if he were going to marry her, he would do it for himself and not because that's what his father wanted. Over the years, she seemed to have a good upbringing and she was respectable. He knew she knew of the agreement, so when she turned sixteen, he kept a close watch on her. At the first ball she attended with Marie, he heard of Ronald and he was ready to storm out before he was told that his neighbor Austin handled it, even put Ronald in the hospital. Then he heard of Rebecca and grew furious someone would insult his fi
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A Chance Worth Taking
When Henry saw Austin step out of the carriage with Marie and Nicole, he was skeptical. When they walked in, Henry asked to speak with him in his office. Austin agreed and smiled at Nicole and followed Henry inside. Once inside, Austin was very professional. "How are you, Austin?" "I am well, My Lord." "A Lieutenant-General now?" "Yes, My Lord. It is a great honor." "One you earned?" "Not in the way I want to earn it, My Lord." "Tell me." "While in Scotland, a war chief was gathering forces in secret. I was on patrol and happened across him seeking through the woods. I followed and uncovered their whole operation. I told my commanding officer and unfortunately, it ended with us killing about fifteen of them. I feel responsible for their deaths." "But you uncovered an entire rebellion." "Yes and that is why I was promoted." "So, you like Nicole." "Yes, sir, I do." "You really broke
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The Sacrifice
Once back home, she walked in the door, and from the look on her father's face, they both knew it had gotten back here. Henry looked at Austin and scowled. "In my office, now." "No, father. I made my choice." "I know. Things need to be sorted out, my dear." Nicole watched as Austin walked into the office. She wondered what would happen and when Francis would show up. She went with her mother to the parlor and she told her everything and that the kiss was unexpected for both of them but it was the best thing she had ever experienced. "I don't know if it makes sense, but when his lips touched mine, my heart felt like it was dancing." "It makes sense to me. I got the same feeling with your father." "Really?" "Yes, But there is something I must ask you." "What is it?" "Austin is in the army. At any given moment he could be called away and it could be the last you see him. I do believe it's why he let you go
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In Trouble
Nicole had walked out of the shop and was waiting for the maid Claire had sent with her. She turned around to look for her when she was snatched from behind. Panic set in as she didn't know what was happening. When she was tossed into the carriage, she took the moment to turn and she paled as she saw Francis. The ride to the docks was rogh as she was tied up and left on the floor. Francis didn't say a word and didn't even look at her as they rode. Once they got to the docks, he pulled her out and took her by the arm and led her onto his ship.Once on the ship, she was thrown into the cabin and the door was shut and locked. She walked over to the window in the cabin and watched with sickening fear as she watched England get smaller and smaller and she feared the worst.   Austin arrived a day early and when he showed up at the Birkshire mansion, the authorities were everwhere. Lee was deep in his cups and Jason was trying to calm a hysterical Claire. They were ques
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In order to bring Francis and his crew to justice, his ship was towed behind Ryan's. Austin chose to stay on Francis' ship, unable to face Nicole. Not only was he not there when she needed him most, but he failed to protect her. One of his biggest fears was that he was unsure if he was unable to protect her virtue.  Nicole woke up in Ryan's cabin and panicked. She didn't know this man sitting in front of her and she looked for Austin. The doctor came in and checked her over, day after day. The doctor finally advised she have no visitors. Her wounds had healed and he confirmed her virtue was intact. He did report that when he told her where Austin was and why she began to cry. She understood that Austin felt like he failed and she could have comforted him about that but what really got her was that he felt shamed by her without even asking her anything. As she thought more about it, she grew angry. A man just kidnapped her but what he cared about was if her virtue was in
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Is It Possible
Nicole sat in her window and kept watching to see if Austin would return, but after two months, she gave up hope. Maybe he had moved on and that was what was best for him. How could she ever make him happy if he constantly saw her as the worst possible version of herself? She would've come down to him the day he was here, but she couldn't do it. She couldn't see the looks of pity, shame, anger, or even guilt if he had it. She kept herself locked in her room and refused to come out. Food was left for her at her door, but not even Marie had seen her. Nicole told her what happened and why she couldn't face him, even when nothing happened. It was the sting that he thought it did and it hurt. Even if she gave her word, would he believe it? Would he force her to go through an examine and humiliate her just to prove she would be a virginal bride? She didn't dare ask and she didn't want to know. Night after night, she cried for hours. Some nights, she only shed a few tears, and others, her
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