CAGED: In the dark embrace of my Saviour

CAGED: In the dark embrace of my Saviour

By:  dayyyyydreamerrr  Completed
Language: English
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What would happen when an innocent girl is sold to a brothel without her consent? Would her saviour provide her the freedom she wants or would she just tumble into another hell? ~~~~~~ Her life would take another turn when she will find out that he has a secret baby and will be forced to be his surrogate in return of her freedom ! ~~~~~~~ (Recommended for 18+)

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110 Chapters
**Warning** The story contains violence and 18+ content. You have been warned. It is a mixture of dark and sweet romance. It is a rollercoaster ride of hate, love, and emotions. If you like this kind of story then move ahead you won't be disappointed. Any resemblance with the character's name, personality, or place is completely a coincidence. As this story is fictional and imaginary so it has nothing to do with real life. Happy reading :-) ----------------------------------------------- ANANYA KAPOOR My name is Ananya Kapoor, and I am 25 years old. I am an orphan, my parents died in a car accident when I was two years old. My uncle and Aunty are my guardians. For my entire life, I have yearned for love. My Aunt's behavior was never good to me. I was nothing more than a burden to her. Although my parents left enough money for me to live a decent life, she took everything from me and claimed that she had done me a favor by teaching and nurturing me for years. My uncle and aunty
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Ananya Kapoor I prayed to God not to let him into my room. Looking at him in this terrifying form worried me to my core. I'm not sure what he'd do to me or how he'd punish me. My hands and knees are trembling, and I'm not sure I can face him after what happened in the stable. It could also be my last day of life. When I heard the door click, my heart fell to the pit of my stomach. I can't see his expressions because the room is dark, but his physique exudes hatred, rage, and wrath. He took predatory strides towards me, and I took the same steps back. When my back hit the wall, I came to a halt. I wished the wall would eat me right now in order to save myself from this terrible man. I close my eyes tightly, and I can feel his breaths fanning my face, indicating that he is extremely close to me. I was just pleading with God to save me at the time. "Open your Eyes." In a low but frightening tone, he said. I didn't even flutter my lashes. "I said open your eyes." He pinned my hands
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1 | Birthday Surprise
Ananya's POV "Happy birthday, Ana," one of my friends wished me."Happy birthday cutie""Thank you" I'm celebrating my birthday for the first time in my life, and I'm overjoyed. They have done a great deal for me. Although it is not a large party, it means a lot to me because no one has ever done anything for me.After cutting the cake and receiving sweet wishes from my friends, I gathered all of my presents and placed them on a table."Cheers," everyone said as they clicked their wine glasses together."Ana, what happened? Why aren't you having a drink ?" One of my colleagues at the company where I work inquired."Umm...I don't drink""Oh really? Please say you're joking" She burst out laughing."No, I'm serious." "Girl, you're 25 years old and you've never tasted wine?" In disbelief, she inquired."She is our cult girl, shy and religious." Shanaya, my roommate, told her, laughing.I smiled "But today you have to drink," to which she replied, "NO!""Only one sip," she was about to
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2 | In the Hell
Ananya's POV I awoke in a different room after I don't know how many minutes or hours, and my ears were filled with the sound of crying. I looked around and noticed that there were a lot of girls around me. They'd thrown me into a room full of girls. They appear to be very young to me, and many of them are minors. Almost every girl's face was filled with fear and dread. "Hmm, so you're finally awake, Barbie," the man who drove me here said. I'm not sure when he entered the room or if he was already there. I simply stared at him. The way he referred to me as "Barbie" sent shivers down my spine. "Please don't call me Barbie!" I yelled at him. "Fiesty much? Huh?" He stepped closer to me, raised one of his brows, and touched my cheeks. "Don't come near me!" I yanked his hand away from me. " know I like wild cats. And I hope you're just as wild in bed as I am. Your attitude is turning me on so badly that I want to take you right now in front of these girls" he said with
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3 | Meeting Him
I don't know from how many days I am locked in this room. There is no source of sunlight in the room so I don't know when the sunrise and sets. I guess two days back one man came with food and water but I refused because they put the offer that I have to remove my clothes for the inspection. But right now I am in dire need of water. My throat is completely dry and I am not able to even open my eyes properly. My body is giving up slowly. If I didn't get water soon then I will definitely die. It is getting hard for me to move even my legs and hands. Suddenly I heard the sound of the door opening. The ray of the sun entered the room and hit my eyes. I closed them instantly not able to face the light and then slowly opened them while blinking many times adjusting my eyesight to the sunlight. The man who took me here stood in front of me with a glass of water in his hand. "Water," I said with a cracked voice. "So now you want water. But you said that you want to die" I looked down moist
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4 | Punishment of escaping
Left with no other option I slowly moved my head up with closed eyes. When I was face to face with him I opened my eyes slowly and found him directly looking into my eyes. The moment our eyes connected the world around me stopped. My heart skipped a beat and my breath hitched in my throat. I lost my senses and my mind stopped working. We continued to look into each other's eyes. I can feel the electricity between us. It is happening with me for the first time that I am so spell bounded by someone that I am not able to move or even blink my eyes. He was too staring deep into my eyes without blinking like he wants to dive into them. I got goosebumps all over my body and all the blood rushed to my cheeks heating them up. I can feel the outflow of heat from my ears. My knees were wobbling and legs were becoming weak because of his deathly stares. Then after a minute which felt like an eternity, he blinked and moved his eyes from my eyes to my forehead then to my cheek, nose, chin, and f
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5 | One Nightstand
Two weeks have passed since that strange man came here. In these two weeks, 3 more men came for the virgins but I got lucky that in the first week I was in my periods, and in the second week they didn't select me as I stood in the last and they choose one from the starting. Whatever it is, the thing I know is that I am safe. At least they are not taking me with them. And as far as I am safe from the hands of those filthy men I don't mind. But I know I cannot stay safe for long. "Hey girl, stop your daydreaming and stand up. We have to get ready for the evening" one girl jerked my hand. I huffed and stood up unwillingly. I got dressed and they painted my face with makeup. As usual, I stood at the end of the line hiding my face with my hair. The man entered and started to step in my direction without giving a glance to anyone. Oh No! God please don't send him to me. I moved a little back and looked further down on the floor. My heartbeat picks up the pace and my palms turned cold. I g
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6 | Savior or destructor?
I tried to move my body to take a turn but I felt a huge weight over my body which restrained my movement. I opened my eyes slowly and found a man sleeping over me. The memories of last night came to my mind. I can still feel the pain at the back of my head as it collided with the headboard when he threw me on the bed. Oh, God! I lost my consciousness when he was about to take my dignity by force. Did he....did he took the wrong advantage of my situation? OH NO! I gulped down in horror. I was too scared to move my lashes and look down. After hearing his light snores, I can say that he was sleeping peacefully on me and he had a very good sleep. I can feel his breaths fanning my neck, his right leg was caging my both legs, and right hand encircling my waist in a possessive grip. His body was radiating heat giving me the right quantity of warmth. But he was too heavy for me as he was crushing me under him without cari
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7 | Caged In his Dark Embrace
He left for his car without saying anything further. He talked on the phone while looking at me. It felt like he was talking about me. You are overthinking Ananya! why would he talk about you? I shrugged. He sat in the driver seat waiting for me to sit.Should I go with him? Can I trust him? What if he kills me? These thoughts came to my mind. I am thinking like I have any other option. I have promised him to do anything if he makes me free from the brothel. So I have to go with him. I have to fulfill my promise. I cannot show my back to him. Let's see what he wants from me. I moved towards his car tried to open the gate of the back seat. "I am not your driver, come and sit on the front seat" he ordered and I complied without looking at his side I opened the gate of the front seat and settled myself in putting my bag on my lap. "Fasten your seatbelt" he ordered again and I co
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8 | Contract and the Rules
"It is a contract it says that you have to stay here as my mistress and work for me and fulfill my every desire for three years. I will not pay you anything but I will set you free after the decided time" I took the contract with shaky hands and looked at it. The world around me stopped for a moment and the ground below me slipped. After a minute of utter silence, I broke it. "What kind of work it would be?" I asked collecting enough courage and collecting whatever energy was left within me. "Nice question. I thought that after giving you beauty God forgot to give you brain" he chuckled. I ignored his comment as at this time I was more interested in what he was going to answer. "As the amount is huge so do your work. You have to work hard to repay the debt. You would be my personal maid taking care of my each and every need and desire. You will also go to the office wit
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