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BOOK 1 Oscar suck my breasts as if it was a lollipop, Raymond fuck me as if he was a beast while Noah fuck my mouth with pleasure and I was a moaning mess because of the pleasure they are giving me. I didn't know foursome was very sweet. Oscar, Raymond, and Noah Black, also known as the Wolves, are Mafia leaders who control the cities of Spain, they are ruthless, strong, agile, deadly, and born predators. They seek revenge against Aleksandr Vladimir a dangerous Mafia who has committed atrocities in his country Russia, killed his family members, murdered his wife, subjected his daughter to emotional trauma, and offended other Mafias including them because of his greed for power. Penelope Stewart, Aleksandr's Vladimir daughter works as a waitress at a bar owned by Matthew, a man with ties to the criminal underworld. Unknowingly to Penny, her boss has a debt to settle with the Wolves, and she becomes a pawn in their transaction. To pay off the debt, Matthew offers Penny to the Wolves as a settlement. Desperate to escape her situation and avenge her mother's brutal murder and her traumatic past. Penny makes a deal with the Wolves, she agrees to help them take down Aleksandr in exchange for her freedom. As they collaborate, the Wolves and Penny navigate a complex web of loyalty, betrayal, and violence. Amidst their quest for justice, romantic feelings blossom between Penny and the Wolves, adding a tender dimension to their dangerous mission.πŸ”žπŸ”žπŸ”žπŸ”žπŸ”ž Will they succeed in capturing Aleksandr easily, or will their pursuit lead to a bloody confrontation making the streets of Spain a mess? πŸ”žπŸ”žπŸ”žπŸ”žπŸ”žπŸ”žπŸ”žπŸ”žπŸ”ž

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48 Chapters
Debt Exchange For Her
PENELOPE STEWART Blondy, bring me another beer! I heard the scream of one of the men who was at the table called, As I walked to the bar, there was Lia, my friend, and my sister.She gave me a look of compassion while I filled the beer glasses, I placed them on the table perfectly then balanced them on my arm and I walked to the table where the men was.I placed the four beers on the table and picked up the empty beer bottle without lifting my head.As I turn, a man hit my butt, I clench my teeth hard but I don't say anything, just keep going.If I fight with him, it will get worse and Matthew will kill me.This is how my evening goes until the bar is empty, and then I help Lia clean the tables.I heard that Matthew owed someone money but I ignored her, help me clean the tables over there, Lia tried to say something else, but I told her to go.Matthew came down the stairs and approached me.Penny, I heard that you have a good day today smiling, showing his yellow teeth that are full
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Feisty Blondy
OSCAR BLACK POVAs soon as we enter the disgusting bar, where the idiot who owes us money runs,we hear music Suddenly people recognize us, they know who we are and they fear for us, and that makes me smile internally.We went upstairs to the second floor, and my brother Raymond broke down the door with a kick and the guy behind the desk jumped, his face turned into a grimace of horror when he saw the three of us enter his disgusting office.Hello! Hello!! dear Matthew, Noah exclaimed sarcastically as he was the most talkative of the three of us.Matthew panicked in his chair making him tremble, with fear in his eyes, which made me smile mockingly." There is nothing I like more than people's panic when they see us" Noah and Raymond surround Matthew,Raymond takes Matthew's chair and moves it backward, in such a way that I sit on the desk in front of him.I will pay the money, I swear, I just need a little more time Matthew exclaims with his voice breaking.Really? - Raymond asked sar
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Force Kidnapping
PENNY POVThe guards take me to a special basement, where there is only a small disgusting mattress with some dirty clothes, I assume have blood on it.They left me there closing the door, there is nothing else here, just a small camera in the corner of the room.I sat on the mattress while hugging my legs when the ventilation began to cool the room and I started to feel cold.My tiny shorts and this top couldn't help when the cold started.I don't know how long I've been here, maybe a couple of hours when one of the wolves enters the room.Brown hair, tall, somewhat dark skin, his arms are covered in tattoos, even his fingers, although I can see the clear scars on his knots from the multiple fights in which he has surely participated. He has a piercing earring in his eyebrow, several in his ears, and one in his nose.He stared at me, as he approached slightly towards me, like a wolf stalking his prey.He tries to see any trace of panic in me but I don't let it show.One of his hands
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She Is The Daughter Of Their Enemy
RAYMOND POVI can't stand her, I can't be damned around her.My insides scream with fury, I continue looking for some sign for the past fifteen years.Blondy, we all have a fucking weakness and I must find out yours, although I don't know it.For someone who is without a record, was it hidden?What the fuck are you hiding Penny?When I reached downstairs I saw Oscar, come on let's go to her apartment, I said.We got into one of our cars with Frank, and we left for the Blondy house.What happened down there, Raymond? he asked and I frowned.What are you talking about? I asked.Come on Raymond, you haven't even touched a hair of the blondy since she came.We don't torture innocent people Oscar, I said.Of course, we do, you know that Raymond.Only when necessary, I said.I don't see it necessary, not until I'm sure his words are recorded in my mind before tormenting her.We arrived at one of the poorest communities in Murcia, we got down from the truck and we went to the building where
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They Make A Deal
PENNY POVThe blond guy helps me sit up while I finish recovering my breath.I think he doesn't like me at all.It's not that, Oscar is something explosive.Oscar is the last of the Wolves, he is tall, with black hair, gray eyes like cold metal, his arms full of tattoos with the wolf on his neck.I tried to get some sleep after that, but I couldn't do it, because they must have gone to my apartment to find some kinship between Aleksandr and me given that I have registered my surname as my mother's last name, Melissa Stewart.Vladimir's never fit in my name because he never believed I was worthy of bearing his disgusting last name.It wasn't that I cared much either.I wanted to go to sleep before two of the guards entered the room and they took me to a tiny bathroom where they told me to shower.Claiming that the Wolves are waiting for me in the dining roomThey delivered a change of clothes, clothes that I recognized confirming my theory of who was in my apartment.They take me to th
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Learn How To Fight/Attack
PENNY POVOkay, this had been a bad idea, what the fuck was I thinking?I'm in the gym in the mansion because I had already given the location of his first property to the Blacks and they had decided that if they wanted to catch Aleksandr I should be up to par with them.Get up barbie! he yells.Philip is the one they just assigned as my bodyguard and teacher, he told me to get up while I'm still lying on the ground.Philip is not giving me any respect, I feel the metallic taste of blood in my mouth and my body needs sleep to add more effort when exercising With the blows I have received, I have accustomed to pain, but I have passed more on the ground than standing in this stupid training.I snort annoyed as I sit up slowly, the mass of my muscles weakening, Philip smiles at me mockingly when he attacks me again, getting impacted with my body and sending me to the ground, laughing at my unfortunate spectacles, doesn't he understand that I'm a beginner?"At this rate when the bullets w
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They Destroy The Warehouse
PENNY POV I followed them closely, trying not to let them notice me much for any bullet that might be directed at me because of that, I ended up hitting him with my forehead and although Philip had taken care of my butt, I didn't trust him completely.I didn't know what to expect when I walked in, there were bodies on the floor, blood that splattered to the walls, and remains of brain cells.Raymond dismembered a body as if it was nothing, his body covered in blood and blood dripping from the hand, and marked everything Oscar ordered.The men painted an Ace all over the wall with the blood of the bodies that Raymond dismembered and they waited for their bosses to approach the wall.The brothers' brand LA WOLF.Each of the brothers carried a black wolf representing tattoos, the same as the one they tattooed on their neck, but their hands were stained with blood they used to write their brand, ACE.Each one signed with a different one although I had not yet deciphered which was it, if
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To The Basement
PENNY POVAs we were going back to the mansion Oscar didn't say anything about what happened in the warehouse office, as soon as we arrived, I went to my room and listened as Raymond carried his new toy to the basement.I tried to get some sleep at first but I couldn't later I fell into a deep sleep.Dreaming about the memory of me and my mom on the chain beam while my father's men desecrated her body in such a way that they wanted to force me to look."Someday you'll be like her, girl stupid""Your mother is dead, she will never come for you, monster"The image of my bloody mother on the floor with a hole in her forehead, her blood staining my little hands while I shook her hard trying to wake her up."You're just like me, Penny."A monster," my father said.A scream of horror escapes my mouth and some hands shake me hard.They managed to wake me up, but I screamed in horror and I turned away.Blondy Take it easy! No, no, no, he will come for me, he comes for me, I sob, picking up m
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kill The Man Who Rape My Mom
PENNY POV I was down here when he screamed, he explained, you can stay here if that's what you want, maybe it will make you feel better seeing that he will receive some of the pain that he caused your mother.I analyze his words, is it ok for me to know that he wants me to stay and see how he suffers? see how he returns all the pain he caused my mom.But I don't care, no one will know what happened to him, he is all alone, the poor idiot but I dig in the hands of the wolves, no one will know that he was on his deathbed.I nod and a faint smile settles on my face, Raymond frozen a little after looking at me then he walks to the table where he puts all his instruments on one side of the table without prior notice, then places his hands on my waist and sits me down on the table.which makes me remain at the same height as his face, given that the table is quite high and my weight is not heavy, It seems to be no problem for me."He smiles slightly when he notices that I have been charmed
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She Wasn't Scared
NOAH POVI play with a glass of whiskey in my hands, Oscar does the same next to me while we keep our gaze fixed on the stairs, waiting for the blondy that goes up with Raymond.I hope she comes out crying, or Raymond has to drag her down but what appears leaves me static.Penny and Raymond come down the stairs both laughing about something with Raymond's hands full of blood.Oscar and I were shocked by the scene in front of us, and I preferred to skip how amazing the blondy looked with her body covered in blood.looking at the awkward moment in the room, She excuses herself by saying that she is going to take a bath and sneaks over to Philip who guides her to her room.We motion for him to take a sit, we should think about putting her somewhere else in the mansion.You know she is not one hundred percent prisoner after everything.What the hell happened down there? Oscar questions.I thought she would come... different...I added.Yes, shaking or crying, not laughing like she was rid
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