Accidentally Pregnant With The Unknown Alpha

Accidentally Pregnant With The Unknown Alpha

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As a daughter of Alpha, Amelia Cambell has a bright future. A wealthy family, a best friend in school, and a handsome boyfriend who is the dream of every girl - Ben Harwood. Though her parents didn't like Ben, Amelia was so in love with Ben, and she deeply believed that they were meant to be together. Even sometimes she feels like Ben has almost control over her life, but she ignores them like a girl in love. With her bestie Emily's influence, she decided to give her virginity to Ben at the night of Emily's. birthday party. However, what she didn't expect is that she accidentally slept with another man. Even worse, two months later, she found out she got pregnant by that stranger. At last, she got to know about Emily evil plan and her being ben mate. But Amelia got broke when her own father banished her from the pack. Six years later. Without anyone help, Amelia raises her twins Alec and Ethan by working as a service worker at a 5-star chain hotel. Today, the hotel manager informed her that there will be a Vip customer having business lunch at the hotel, so all service needs to stand by at 9 am. Due to being late for work, the manager ordered her to serve alcohol to the VIP room rather than prepare the dining room. When Amelia knocked on the door for room service, the Alpha had just finished a shower. They both found out they are mates. At the end, the Alpha marked her and then reject when he knows about her children. But what happen when he turns out to be same Alpha with whom Amelia lose her virginity year's ago.

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50 Chapters
Chapter:- 1
Amelia laid the stick down on the bathroom counter, where it was surrounded by four others, the plastic clattering softly against the dark marble. Knees weak, she backed away from the counter and sat heavily on the closed lid of the toilet.When she closed her eyes, the pink plus signs swam in her mind. Five tests—four positive, one negative.Amelia was, most definitely, pregnant.She buried her face in her palms, her lips quivering as hot tears brimmed in her eyes. Her lips parted with a tiny sob and a sniffle.She was pregnant.She really was.And she had no idea who the father of her child was.Flashback (two months ago)"This place is awesome, isn't it?" Emily grinned. "I've been dying to take you here.""Yeah, it's great." Amelia scrutinized the club before turning back at Emily and smiling. "How did you know about this place?""Ben had suggested it." Emily lifted up her glass of martini to her lips.Amelia followed Emily's action and drank her own, even though she didn't like it
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Chapter:- 2
"You called me Alpha." Ben said as he and Emily both entered the Cambell mansion. Amelia, who is standing with her mother, tries to give Emily any kind of signal so she can look at her. She tries to call her many times, but she doesn't receive her call. "Well, we understand it's necessary for all of us to talk about your and Amelia's relationship," replied Brandon, sitting up straight. "Sorry, sir, but what relationship?" Ben replied with a small smile, "We already broke up." Jen looked towards her daughter in confusion but didn't find any answers. "I think it's not wiser for an Alpha like you to leaves your unborn child alone," said Bradnon, looking at the young Alpha. "You need to take responsibility, young man." "Ben dear," Jen starts, "I understand that we are not ok with your and Amelia's relationship, but now. Now things are different." Both Ben and Emilly look towards Amelia in confusion, who shook her head and tried to give them a short signal. "Ma'am, sir, I really do
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Chapter: - 3
6 Years Later: "Alec, Ethan, wake up, darling. Mama needs to dress you up so you can meet Ady." Amelia chirps with fake excitement in the silence of a very cold Tuesday morning. She looks down at her watch, sighing at the thought of being late for work for the third time that week. "Babies, please?" Amelia starts to give up when she barely gets any lucid reactions after ten seconds pass. With another longing sigh, she surrenders. "Fine, I'm letting you two sleep some more, but promise me you have to wake up in a few minutes, okay?" There's the shame Amelia knows she'll endure when she arrives at work and judging stares are shot her way by her office mates. All the looks dig deep into the skin of her face. She leaves the room to pack her lunch and Alec and Ethan's daycare backpack. Since she's working until five in the evening, the sweet omega next to her block, whom she calls Adria, takes on the responsibility of watching her two hearts while she's at work. Adira doesn't really c
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Chapter:- 4
The elegant but heavy-looking oak door is staring judgmentally at her when Amelia stops in front of the VIP room.It's not like she's never faced VVIPs before; it's just impossible considering she works in the hotel.She drags her feet with faltering speed, obviously taking her time before knocking on the door, while 101 reasons and fears cloud her mind.Knock. Knock.Before she even thinks of knocking again, like any other normal person would do when they didn't get an instant response, she hears a low grunt followed by a deep voice asking her to come in. Amelia twists the knob with her sweaty little hand, not even daring to peek in her headfirst, and just quickly steps inside before turning her back towards the person she is about to face, facing the door while carefully closing it.Then it hit her, and the scent hit her."Mate."Amelia was startled by the voice; she quickly looked towards the owner of the dominant voice.She gaped at the handsome man in his robe, who was standing i
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Chapter:- 5
Amelia tries hard to stop the Alpha when the Alpha is going to give her the final bite. The high alpha just ignored her and continued to lap her tongue over Amelia's skin, the deep growl grew louder, and he pumped the last few drops of his saliva into Amelia. Amelia was panicking and speechless because Alpha didn't tell her anything about mating. Fuck. What is she going to tell her children's when they saw the bond mark, even they don't know about it they will still ask questions."Sebestian, stop it please."The alpha finally pulled out from her neck, heavy breath dropped out through his nose, chest heaving and eyes starting to become clearer than before signaling his rut had come to its end. He blinked rapidly while looking around, eyebrows rising at the shaking and crying Amelia, all confused until his brown eyes fell on to the red moist on the area next to Amelia's shoulder."What the fuck?!""Sebestian...""Oh god, I'm so sorry, I'm so so sorry. I didn't mean to do that. I-"Amel
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Chapter:- 6
3 hours later: -Amelia wipes her threatening tears and quickly gets herself together before continuing to exit the building. She literally has no time to think about the insult and the broken bond when she has another problem coming up, after leaving the Alpha room the first thing she did is take shower and cry her hurt out.As much as she wants to leave the building soon, she can't go home like this.Her eyes widen as she looks down to her watch when it shows her it is one minute before the last bus starts to leave. There's no way she could reach the station by then, but she keeps running anyway. The busy street only makes her steps harder and soon as she reaches the bus stop, she sees the bus departing, leaving a stunned Amelia far behind in the middle of the street crowd.No.No. No. No. This can't be happening.Seriously, what did she even do to deserve such a shitty day? Everything has gone wrong since the morning and if Amelia thought the universe didn't hate her that much when
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Chapter:- 7
"I've never thought someone as stern as you could offer those kind words, but thanks again." Amelia jokes, amused.Steaven James always stays professional and cold but look like today is full of surprise for Amelia."Eh, looks are deceiving they say." Steaven winks, smirking as the blush on Amelia's cheeks darkens. "Anyway, I'm bringing you home, are you fine with that?"Amelia hesitates at first, but since she has no choice, she agrees."Mr. James, can we stop at the pharmacy first? I need to get Alec's and Ethan medicines."Steaven nods before adding, "You can call me Steaven, we're outside of the workplace and I hope you don't mind if I call you Amelia.""Oh, sure, S-Steaven." The alpha smiles in satisfaction at the mutual agreement and soon, the engine of the black Bugatti roams loudly as they glide on the road.They arrive in front of the flat area when the digital clock of Steaven's car strikes 8:00pm, the wheels halt on the dark tar that covers the parking lot bringing them to
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Chapter:- 8
"Amelia?" Steaven carefully calls as he sees how Amelia is whispering to her son's, afraid that he might scare both of them even more.The omega quickly looks up and motions for Steaven to continue as she straightens her body before turning to properly face to him."Would you like it if I give you a day off for tomorrow? I mean, you obviously need it to look after your poor boys, and Alec and Ethan probably want their mama to be with mama, am I right?" Steaven smiles when he finally gets the attention from Amelia's sons as the little boy's looks up to him, clearly curious as to why their name is being mentioned.The alpha's grins even wider when both of them nods, agreeing with him with a little smile, but for Steaven it still counts considering the boys was being a bit hostile to him at first. Alec then reaches out to touch Amelia's arm, silently pleading for her to stay at home for tomorrow."Mama, can you please not go to work tomorrow? I don't like to feel lonely when I'm sick." h
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Chapter:- 9
They weren't expecting someone, not like there's anyone ever just casually visit them without informing Amelia through a phone call first. Even her evil aunt would tell her at least three days prior to the day she'd arrive in city, but that only happens twice a year due to their packed schedule with her aunt working as a doctor.Revelation is a drop of a bombshell once she opens the door just to face the one and only Steaven James. The man is standing in his glorious work outfit, Amelia can literally smell the thousands dollar worth of famous designer touch that is smugly cloaking his sturdy, muscular body, screaming alpha. Face smirking at the gaping look coming from Amelia, a slight upward quirk to his lips when he greets, "Good evening, Amelia.""O-oh, hi. Good evening, Mr. Steaven." A surprise squeak coming from Amelia is what makes Steaven quickly state the reason for his arrival."Sorry to bother you but I just want to give this to boys." He holds out a transparent bag full of w
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Chapter:- 10
"Well, you're right. Uhmm, I'm...gonna go now.""Well, drive safe. And again, thank you again for stopping by, and boys' gift, and... the flower." She walks Steaven through the door, biting her lower lips to suppress a large smile."You're welcome. Goodbye, boys Goodbye Amelia. See you when I see you.""Bye, nice Steavy! See you when I see you too!" Both adults let out a laughter as the boy's continues to look at Amelia's phone screen.The alpha leans down to hug Amelia, pulling her into his embrace and instantly bringing a shock expression to the omega's face. Amelia can smell the cinnamon earthy pheromones coming from Steaven's neck, almost drooling at the alpha's scent. She, once again, flushes with a very hot face once the taller man pulls away."Take care." And for the second time of the week, he left Amelia with a skipping heart, and this time with a coy wink.God.The weekend slipped away faster than Amelia was hoping that she couldn't help but whine a little on a warm Monday m
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