My Mate From Another World

My Mate From Another World

By:  Lovella Novela  Completed
Language: English
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Adeline Galdur is a 20-year-old alpha’s daughter who doesn’t believe in a mate bond. She has a boyfriend and plans to get married, and mark him. She’s smart, strong, and also the pride of her pack. Kaiser Heroux is the fierce, strong, and powerful alpha of the Blue Moon Pack who enjoys intimate relations with different she-wolves, even as he waits for his mate. During one of his encounters, a witch placed a curse on him, decreeing that he would only find his mate in another world. Initially dismissing it, he continued with his life. When he encountered Adeline and suddenly disappeared, he remembered the curse the witch had placed on him. However, he chose to ignore it, attributing Adeline’s vanishing act to her intentions, which left him infuriated. Despite his feelings for her, he engaged with other she-wolves even more when he felt her infidelity. Adeline wasn’t sure what was happening—being pulled and pushed into Kaiser’s world. She couldn’t smell him yet, so she remained unaware that he was her mate. Consequently, she continued her relationship with Mike, causing Kaiser's unbearable pain which he get used to. When the Blue Moon appeared in Adeline’s world, she found herself back in Kaiser’s realm and finally smelled him. However, the sight of him engaging intimately with another she-wolf sparked her anger. How will they navigate their interdimensional bond when they have no idea when and how Adeline will come and go from Kaiser’s world? What challenges will they face when Kaiser’s counterpart in Adeline's world is an adversary she must confront, and when Adeline’s counterpart in Kaiser’s world is being used to separate them? Why do their paths cross when they hail from two different worlds?

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82 Chapters
Chapter 1
AdelineI'm Adeline Galdur, a twenty-year-old alpha daughter of the Nightingale Pack. I am known for being intelligent, vigorous, and brave, and I step out of the limelight and out of the shadow of the night. I grew up with my brother Daniel, who taught me self-defense, which I took seriously. For me, being a woman was never an advantage; however, I couldn't say it was a disadvantage either. I join the warriors and fighters whenever necessary and will never run to the bunker for safety. I was outgoing and wild; my defiance toward my father was evident and known to everyone.None of the pack members disliked me, no matter how hard-headed I was. My helping hands were known to the folks, which made them love me no matter what. Luna's duties had been on my shoulders since my mother died, and I had done really well.Although I love my pack and am happy about every member who successfully finds their mates, perhaps I just dislike the idea of mates. I want the feeling of falling in love; it's
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Chapter 2
Kaiser“Alpha!” my beta Ryan said as he entered my office. I was keeping myself busy with paperwork that piled up while I was away on vacation. I felt like I was exhausted and wanted to find release because of the previous incident in the pack. Now I had to deal with these reports from my patrol guards that don’t give me anything but headaches.“What is it?” I asked angrily. I didn’t want to be disturbed, especially when I didn’t like doing what I was doing, yet I had to.“The patrol mind linked me and told me that we were needed at the southern part of the border. They found the dead body of one of our own," he said. In an instant, I got up from my seat and ran to where he said the body was found. We ran out of the pack house and shifted so we would be able to get there a lot faster.“Alpha,” the patrol greeted me and made way for me so I and Ryan could pass as the other patrol guard handed us our shorts. And there we saw the dead body of one of our young pack members. A girl, who I
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Chapter 3
AdelineWhat the fuck? I looked around and found that I was still in the woods, minus that man who claimed me as his mate. What the hell was he talking about? I don’t even know him. Naturally, I won’t be able to know whether he is telling the truth or not, since the blue moon is four months away, and that’s the only time that I will be able to smell him. But how the hell did he know that I was his? Then I remembered what he looked like.His striking figure stood tall and confident, his presence commanding attention despite the simplicity of his attire. Dressed in nothing but a pair of form-fitting, charcoal-gray shorts, his physique was on full display, showcasing a body sculpted through dedicated physical conditioning and an unwavering commitment to fitness.His broad shoulders and chiseled chest were proof of the countless hours he spent in the gym or training. I don’t know. But each muscle was well-defined and purposeful. His veins traced paths across his arms and forearms, accent
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Chapter 4
Kaiser“Find her!” I shouted. What the fuck happened there? I was about to reach her, and she vanished. Is that even magic? Is this what a witch's doing? Then I remembered that witch who was so into me and wanted to become my chosen mate. Because I didn’t agree with her, he put a curse on me for having a mate from another world. I didn’t think about it or give it much thought, but after the incident earlier, I think I will need to talk to her. That is if I ever find or see her again. I don't have any idea where she is now.“We left you there, Kaiser,” Ryan said in a low, calm voice. I’m sure that he was only trying to control the annoyance he was feeling towards me. But I will let it slide since he is also my friend. He even called me by my name, so he was indirectly telling me that he was serious as hell.“I know, but she just vanished right before my eyes, even before I could touch her,” I replied.“How do you expect us to find her when she disappeared right before your eyes, and
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Chapter 5
AdelineFor days, I felt relieved that I stayed in the pack. Nothing unusual had happened, and I recognized everyone I saw. It only means that I never transported or whatever that is called to that arrogant and egotistical Alpha. Yes, for me, he is every woman's dream. But that's all. I don't feel anything special about him.Mike and I engaged in sexual activity and repeated the incident several times. I do not feel remorseful for it, as I do not perceive any attraction between the arrogant Alpha and myself, which precludes us from being mates."Are you listening, Adeline?" Dad asked. I looked at him and found all eyes on me. We are in the middle of the meeting to discuss Alpha's daughter from the neighboring pack who has been found dead. And up until now, no one knew about what had happened or who the criminal was."Yes, Dad," I replied. I should focus on them since we are talking about something important. We can't just ignore this case because no one in their right mind would attac
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Chapter 6
KaiserThat bitch has been playing with fire wherever she is. I'm just thankful that I am strong enough to handle the pain. If not, I don’t know what could have happened to me. Since I found out about her, I don’t feel like fucking anyone anymore. But after what she did, even after telling her that she’s mine, I don’t think I still need to be loyal to her and let her feel and suffer the same as me.‘Alpha, you know that you have your mate already.’ Ryan said through our link when the alpha’s daughter, who was with me now, and I bumped into her on our way to my bedroom. I’m sure that Ryan was only reminding me, but I don’t care; it has been a month since that bitch showed up, and I didn't hear or find anything about her. I don’t even know whether she was still alive or not. Who knows? Maybe the pain that I felt the last time was when she was killed. ‘Grrr..’ I heard my wolf growling at me. ‘I’m just kidding.’ I told him, then I got back to my beta.‘At least she would know that she’s n
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Chapter 7
Kaiser“So what now?” she asked while she sat comfortably on a couch opposite mine. There is a side of me that wants to sit beside her; however, I want to know what is going on. And believe me, I won’t be able to find out if I'll be sitting next to her because I’m not able to hold myself back and do whatever I want to do to her the first time we meet. “I think you better answer quickly since I have no idea when I will disappear again," she added, and that made me fall out of my trance.“What’s your name?” I asked, obviously poking.“Secret..”“Fuck! Can’t you be serious?”“Is this the look of a person making a joke?” she exclaimed. “Haven’t your parents taught you not to tell strangers your name?"“I’m not a stranger! For goddess sake, I am”I couldn't finish my words, which I knew would backfire on me at the end. So instead of continuing, I gave the discussion up and just introduced myself first.“I am Kaiser Heroux, alpha of the Blue Moon pack; this pack is where you are right now.”
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Chapter 8
Adeline“Kaiser,” I said, only to realize that I was back in Mike’s bathroom. I sighed heavily. I know that this is not going to do any good with me or with Kaiser. I went out of the bathroom just as Mike came into his room, smiling. How can I hurt him if he is this sweet?“Just in time. Food’s ready, so get dressed and follow me to the dining area.” I nodded my head, smiling in return. Mike is the sweetest person I’ve ever known; a compassionate and caring man. He was proud to the point that he wanted our relationship to be publicly known, but I always stopped him for the reason I was afraid of what my dad would do to him. Not that Dad will physically abuse him, though. More like because I knew my father very well than others. He's an alpha, of course, he has many ways to use just to separate us if he wants to. With those thoughts in mind, I decided to turn to the closet and get a pair of jeans and T-shirts.Yes, I have clothes here, and I do not have any idea what Dad will do if h
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Chapter 9
Adeline“Dad,” I said as he approached me. I looked at him and acted calmly while he looked at me as if something were off. “Is there anything wrong, Dad?” I asked.“Adeline,” he said, his voice low, and I detected hesitation. Why is that? It’s the first time that he approached me like this, so I don't know what to do. He was always dominant and powerful, and he approached everyone with authority. Although he's at ease and relaxed when he's around his beta and gamma, I can still detect superiority.“Dad, is there something wrong? Is there something you wish to tell me?”“I want to ask you if there was a time that something unusual happened to you." Why is he asking me that? Did my brother tell him about Kaiser?“No. Nothing, why?” I answered after I gathered all my courage to lie to him. I had to keep myself calm since he is good at detecting someone's uneasiness. He said before that he has the ability to hear heartbeats, so he knew whether someone was lying to him or not.The werewol
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Chapter 10
Kaiser Adeline has not come back, and I had no idea when she would be back as well. According to her, she had no idea either. I had to know what kind of phenomenon this was. “Kaiser, are you listening?” Misch asked, and that made me finch back to reality. We were in a meeting, and yes, my mind was somewhere else. We were inside the warm vicinity of the meeting area next to Alpha's office. Usually, I conduct meetings in my office; however, today's agenda needed all the pack’s elders, and we wouldn’t be able to fit inside, so the best decision was to hold it here. “You’re not thinking about any alpha’s daughter to fuck with, right?” One of the eight elders asked. He is the oldest in the pack and has gained our respect, so he could talk to me that way as well. “I’m not,” I replied, and I heard Ryan and Misch laugh. “What do these two idiots laugh about?” the old elder asked, confused. “Just ignore them. You know how immature they are at times.” I answered before I looked at the t
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