“So what’s your deal man? Why are you always so quiet?” Cheyenne breaks the silence as they have been walking without talking to each other for a while now. “What deal?” Daniel looks at her and quickly looks back ahead at the road. “I mean are you a runaway or something?” She asks curiously. He stays silent for a while and after a few minutes he says “Yes I am.” Cheyenne looks at him and tries to read his expressions but fails as he has none on his face.

Daniel knits his eyebrows when he sees Cheyenne walk towards a tattoo shop. The shop is dimly lit inside with a big glowing, red sign board with the shop’s name displayed on the outside of the shop. The shop is called ‘Ink Express’, the inside could be seen through the glass walls and Daniel noticed the various designs that has been drawn on the walls. Cheyenne pushes the glass door open and looks back at Daniel who is now just standing in front of the shop with a puzzled look on his face. “This is where we live.” She smiles at him. “You said you lived in a homeless shelter.” He questions her. “Just get in you will understand everything once you get in.” She chuckles and walks in the shop. He hesitantly follows her and gets in the shop as well. “Finally you’re home, you got the food?” A guy from behind the reception counter stands up and walks towards Cheyenne and hugs her tightly.

The guy is filled with tattoo, the parts of his skin that are exposed is marked with various shades of ink. Only his face doesn’t have any tattoo on it, he has a very square face; his bone structure is very prominent. “Yeah I did, where is Peter? Is he downstairs?” She lets him go and hands him her bag that she was carrying on her back. “Yeah he is, hold on who is this guy? Another one of your hook ups or something?” The guy laughs and places the bag on the counter and starts taking out the packets of food that was in it. “No he is a stray like us, he has a back story but he won’t tell that to me yet.” She looks Daniel’s way and smirks and walks towards the door by the counter and opens it and starts walking down the stairs that seems like it leads to the basement. Daniel keeps staring her way to see where she is headed to but gets startled when he feels a pat on his shoulder.

“Woah! dude didn’t mean to startle you. What’s your name man? I’m Antony, want some?” He forwards a packet of spaghetti towards Daniel. Daniel shakes his head and keeps looking around the shop to see all the machines and cool designs scattered around the room. “You sit down man, don’t be so uptight.” Antony points at the leather couch kept in the corner while stuffing his mouth with spaghetti. Daniel slowly walks to the couch and sits down on it while fidgeting with his fingers.

Zen silently stares at her and starts contemplating whether he should tell her the truth or not. He knows she will hate him for her entire life. “I understand Belle, but I don’t know where he is. I’m sorry I’m not capable of finding him out.” He slowly wipes the tears that rolled down her cheeks. She closes her eyes and rests her forehead on his and holds his hand tightly. “It’s okay, I know you must have tired your best.” She smiles a little and plants a soft kiss on his lips. He blankly stares at her, a part of him is eating away at him. The feeling of guilt is sinking in and is in the verge of breaking down and confessing everything to him.

 Isabelle was standing in the kitchen in front of the fridge contemplating on what to eat as she got quiet hungry. It is unusual for her to get hungry so late in the night but she is stressed and that can only be the possible reason for her to want something to eat. After staring at the food items in the fridge she finally decides to eat an apple. She bends down and gets a red apple from the fridge drawers and walks to the sink and gives it a nice wash with luke warm water. She walks to the counter and takes out the chopping board from the cabinet and takes out her chopping knife from the drawer.

 She starts to chop up the apple and starts to get lost in all the bad thoughts, she starts imagining all the bad things that might have happened to Daniel. Suddenly she feels a pair of hand go around her waist, she gets startled and drops the knife from her hand. She takes a deep breath in and relaxes after realizing that it’s Zen."Did I scare you baby? You were taking too long and I started missing you so badly." He says leaning in towards the side of her face from behind. "Y—yes, I just wanted some time off from you but you are so needy that you followed me here also." Her voice drops down to an octave and she tries to annoy him and it works. He says nothing and makes her ass meet his crotch, as he slowly starts grinding on it.

 "You know, if you didn't look so damn hot in this silk night dress of yours, I would have left you all alone but I can’t." He says hovering his lips over the bare skin of her neck. Her breath hitches and her mouth goes dry as she closes her eyes, slowly melting on him forgetting all her stress for the time being. He squeezes her waist hard bringing her back to the reality. "I'm sorry Zen, please don't be mad at me I didn’t mean what I said earlier." She says in a begging tone. He says nothing and licks her neck and bites down on it. More of those sinful noises come out of her mouth and she holds onto the kitchen counter tightly, trying to keep herself from falling down.

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