Human nature, what’s human nature? The most common human nature is when a human is told not to do something that “something” becomes more interesting and enticing for them to do. That’s exactly why Daniel is standing right in front of Belle’s house in spite of being told not to come here, he still came. A part of him knows this could jeopardize her well being but he just couldn’t stay away.

It has been two weeks since Belle and Daniel last met, ever since then Daniel couldn’t keep the thought of her out of his mind. It was driving him crazy, he lost sleep waiting for her; waiting for her to just once come to him and he would take her away from the entire world and runaway.

So here he is standing right where he belongs closer to her. Where they breathe in the same air, he knows they belong with each other. He knows they are meant to be each other’s, he knows she is his soul mate. He grips the strap of his backpack closer t

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Waiting on updates too. They’re irregular but so worth it when you check and there is one
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Jen Edmonds
is there another book?
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Lezina Muzaeva
Update plzzz

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