Assigned to Her

Assigned to Her

By:  Serena Light  Completed
Language: English
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Marco Regnante knows what it means to have led a hard life. Taken away from his family and sold to a cartel. Then forced to fend for himself and fight in an underground boxing ring before his teens, only to be thrown onto the road and left to die. He survived due to one reason alone: a group of boys saving his life. Nearly fifteen years later, adopted by the Regnante family, he has grown to be one hell of a man and the protege of the world's most ruthless Mafia Boss. Marco is a man for casual flings to sate his carnal desires, whereas his friends constantly attempt to set him up. Something which he finds irking because it's "Always flings. Never commitment."Now, throw into the mix, the 22-year-old Sofia Giordano, the Mafia daughter who was almost sold as a sex slave, and saved by the enemy, then thrust onto Marco as his responsibility; a direct order from The Boss. He is a man that leaves for work at 9 a.m and returns late at 11 p.m, and all he wants is peace and quiet to help him unwind for the day. But with Sofia around, he can wave peace goodbye, that girl dragging chaos with her wherever she walks. Something...which tests patient Marco's limitations--which happen to be wearing thin. After weeks and months of spending time together, they manage a routine and start to warm up to one another, and just when they think that things couldn't get any better, what happens when they find out Marco isn't who he claims to be? That he is not the man he thinks he is? That his reality is far worse than it actually seems? Forcing him to choose between what is right, and what is most dear.

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I enjoyed this book. Loved the family bonds. Be prepared for different emotions as you read and keep a box of tissues close by because you will need it.
2023-10-02 09:37:21
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This book was awesome. Great writing and storytelling.. Love the connection and continuity of the other characters from the previous books..The relationship between Marco and Salvatore is heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time
2020-12-22 01:26:37
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trixyee this story..I was getting worried about Salvi and Marco’s (Aleksander) relationship...brilliant writing❤️❤️can’t wait for the rest of the story
2020-12-21 22:25:33
user avatar
Love this story so much!
2020-12-17 21:36:08
41 Chapters
He was far too young to remember when it all happened or to remember where he came from.All he knew was that he had been a slave of the Mirko Cartel and that he was standing naked in a row of boys – all ranging in age – as a man that smelt of money walked before them. Inspecting them with beady and scrutinizing eyes, turning over his shoulder to talk to their owner, referring to them as ‘the package’. His riding crop dragging against the floor behind him. He stared at the muddied ground, splotches of red scattered on the tiles, and held his breath when a pair of glinting black shoes, the ones like he would never own; stopped before him.
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Chapter I: Death wish
Soft moans infiltrated the dim interior of the room, followed by muffled grunts as a gasp resonated against the four walls. “Shh…” The person above her silenced with a hand over her mouth, sweat beading their foreheads. “We don’t want people finding out we’re here, now do we?” He asked with his lips trailing down her jaw and her neck, feeling her shake her head at the words.“No, we don’t,” He smirked, trailing his lips lower before a soft knock sounded on the door, the man instantly stilling and clamping his hand over the girl’s mouth
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Chapter II: Sofia Girodano
The last few months had been hard on everyone. The vendetta was in full swing now and Salvatore had retaliated to Luca’s attack by burning down Jayson’s warehouse. His counteract had been a major setback for Jayson’s business, but that had been the main purpose of it. The mafia boss had increased the security measures around the estate, other than that, nothing else had happened, they were all on edge about Jayson’s retaliation, but that didn’t stop them from continuing their work. “So we’re going to the Giordano’s?” Marco asked his brother in Salvatore’s office while the latter flipped through a pile of papers. “But Mrs. Giordano has been gone for five mo
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Chapter III: Birthright
Sofia struggled to wake, her head pounding and her mouth dry with eyes burning. A warmth enveloping her along with a masculine scent. With a startled gasp, she sat bolt upright, feeling the mattress beneath her bounce, before looking around her in confusion.This was not her room, as a matter of fact, it was not even her house.
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Chapter IV: Nightmares
Sofia was sure it hadn’t been more than a month since she began living with the Regnante heir. But one thing she was certain about was the fact that she didn’t like him, grateful for the fact that they hardly ever crossed paths given his routine of jogging, working and then whoring away the night. Yet despite that, they saw each other around breakfast, and she couldn’t help but exact her revenge on him for his behavior at the estate. She treated him like a speck of mud beneath her shoes, simply riling him up just so that he’d lose his temper and retaliate to her fancies. She saw that this Regnante had little to no control over his tongue when angered, and pointed out that it would be his downfall
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Chapter V: Dinner
“What the fuck are you doing?” Salvatore jumped out of his seat and saved himself from the murky brown liquid soaking his desk and paperwork. The contents dripping by his feet as he looked up at the man beside him. “Marco,” He pinched the bridge of his nose and took a deep breath. The Mafia Boss’s brother who stared at him with bated breath and an ashen complexion. “I-I-I…” “Piero, have someone clean this up and bring me the backup copies of all this godforsaken paperwork,” The boss directed his words to the man standing stoic across from him, watching as Salvatore pic
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Chapter VI: Day with the Girls
The week Salvatore had given him off seemed to be exactly what Marco needed: managing to catch up on some much needed sleep, and teaching Sofia how to make dinner, clean, do the laundry, and even play chess. Overall, he managed to get back on his feet, as well as help Sofia become a more independent person than when she had arrived.
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Chapter VII: Inevitable
Marco twisted and turned on the spacious mattress, throwing away pillows, before pulling another to his chest, shuffling beneath the covers in an effort to get some sleep. His eyes closing and opening without his consent before he groaned to wake up for the third time. Feeling like he hadn’t slept at all despite having gone to bed early. He knew he didn’t have to be up until eight, but gave up trying to fall asleep at five. Cursing into the ceiling, he kicked off the duvet and trudged to his washroom.
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Chapter VIII: Vendetta
Serafina has been in an accident. The words echoed in his skull as the chill outside felt like nothing compared to the ice traveling down his spine. His breath stuck in his throat as he lowered the phone from his ear, his eyes unable to focus on what was in front of him while his mind raced with all the thoughts. His thoughts about the extent of her injury, about his parents, and Salvatore, about Alessio and her kids, about Jayson, and the vendetta.His heart thundered hard against his chest and his knees trembled at the words. Grasping the cold railing in front of him in an effort to try and remain standing, trying to clear his head so that he knows what he should do next.He didn’t receive any orders, he had to take matters into his own hand.The sound of the balcony doors sliding open behind him had him straight
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Chapter IX: Birthday
As Marco had promised, he had come a week after having moved to the estate.Entering their shared apartment, he had let out a surprised sound to be tackled in a hug by Sofia, who held onto him for dear life and buried her face into the crook of his neck. Not her proudest moment, she had to admit, but it was exactly what Marco had needed when he held her just as tightly.They had sat on the sofa and Marco had explained the situation as best as he could without endangering her life.   But all that had been over a year ago.Sofia hadn’t seen him over the last year, and the only assurance she had of his wellbeing was their short text messages. Her question of “Alive?” being responded by his “living”.It made her embarrassed to know that she missed him over the course
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