Bad Moon On The Rise

Bad Moon On The Rise

By:  Anna R. Case  Ongoing
Language: English
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The full moon isn't the only thing about to rise in Stillwater. Leila Dupree has been a lone wolf for the past year since escaping from her brutal pack and the sadistic alpha who turned her. Leila has had enough of wolves and men.. She never stays in one place to long in an attempt to shield her heart and stay out of her old packs' clutches. Her latest job is at the Stillwater Bar and grill in a sleepy little town near the Florida Everglades. But the uncomplicated life and solitude Leila seeks is threatened both by the dashing bar owner Sterling Mount and the murder of one of the bar regulars right outside the bar during a full moon. Leila joins forces with the charming Sterling Mount in an effort to catch a killer. Murders are bad for business but not so much for budding romances it seems.

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39 Chapters
Chapter 1
The air was so heavy inside the Stillwater Bar and Grill, it felt like it was suffocating Leila Dupree, and she could feel the sweat sliding down between her breasts. The joint was packed tonight, just like every night, as there wasn’t much to do in this one stoplight town. It smelled of cheap perfume, cigarette smoke, beer, sweat, and pheromones. Of course, ever since she had been turned, Leila could smell things more sharply. She preferred the open spaces of the great outdoors to appease the wildness that lived just beneath her surface.She paused to lean against the bar and fanned herself with a cocktail napkin. Her eyes drifted to the corner of the bar, where Grandpa Roy strummed his acoustic guitar and sang into a beer smelling microphone about losing his true love. Tonight, he had a bandanna tied around his forehead to soak up the sweat, rather than imitating one of his inspirations Willie Nelson. The old man’s button up shirt was also baptized in sweat, and
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Chapter 2
By the time Leila returned to the bar room floor, she was feeling somewhat sated, but her carnal urges had not entirely dissipated. She vowed to stay as far away from Sterling Mount as possible for the remainder of the balmy July night. Sterling didn’t make that easy. Even without him looking like he had just rode straight out of a wet dream on his stallion, he had the type of personality that naturally attracted others. He was calm and easy like a gentle, welcomed spring breeze, slow to anger and quick to smile.Sterling was something of a mystery in Stillwater, because somehow he had come from the loins of one mean old son of a gun. Titus Mount had been one hard, mean, and gruff old man. Many claimed it was Vietnam who had changed the man, and he had once been as jovial as his progeny. Lucille had remained ever faithful by her husband’s side, though rumor was she only had one child because of her husband’s hair trigger temper and rapidly changing moods. Lucille didn’t want t
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Chapter 3
The air was already hot and humid, mosquitos drawling blood on her skin, when Leila opened her eyes on a bed of moss the next morning. She groaned and swatted at the infernal bugs biting her exposed skin. She decided that mosquitos most definitely had been a part of the original plague the Lord himself set upon the Egyptians after they had thoroughly pissed off the man above.Dried blood, crusted and coated down her chin, neck, and chest just made her current situation even more uncomfortable, and her mood worse. Not that she often didn’t wake up coated in blood when her wolf took control, but really would it be too much ask for the beast inside her to go trapesing through some water after a kill?The smell of death was in the air. Along with the smell of soured, brackish waters, decay, and rot from the swamplands all around her. Leila sat up and her eyes gravitated to the carcass lying less than twenty feet away from her naked body. It was hard to tell from the mangled
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Chapter 4
By the time Leila pulled up to the Stillwater Bar and Grill with the windows rolled down in her beat up old Chevy s10 because the air-conditioner had never worked, she could already smell that Clyde’s body had been removed. Stale blood still permeated the air, and lots of it. It seemed that Clyde had been practically exsanguinated by whomever or whatever took his sorry life. Leila felt bad that she didn’t feel bad the man was dead. But she knew many others in the small town felt the same way.The gravel lot was empty beyond several police cruisers, Sterling’s Ford heavy duty truck, and Zenia’s old tan VW bug. Was it bad that the last thing on her mind should be if Sterling’s large truck was a good comparison to the size of what was between his legs? She somehow doubted he was overcompensating for something. Not that she would be in Stillwater long enough to find out.Leila lost faith in Stillwater’s finest rather quickly when despite the lot being overpopulated with law
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Chapter 5
The sun was starting to set, the firefly’s twinkling, the crickets and frogs playing their melodies, not a cloud in the sky, the moon and stars peeking out, and the night not too hot, but just right. With Sterling in her arms, it felt almost romantic. Like the perfect set up for some hot, steamy kiss full of pent up sexual tension where the girl and guy realize they are right for each other and no longer deny their sexual chemistry. Leila looked up into Sterling’s blue eyes, and he looked down into hers. She drew a bit closer towards those luscious lips of his, until the beam of a high powered flashlight blinded her. Leila tried to clear away the spots, and drew back from Sterling’s strong, corded embrace. If looks could kill, the deputy holding that damn flashlight in one hand and an evidence bag in the other would have dropped dead on the spot.“Sheriff I have something you’ll want to see,” said the deputy, out of breath.It was clear the man had run out the back door
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Chapter 6
Sterling lived in a charming little, Spanish inspired white bungalow with an orange slate roof, the type which seemed just perfect and cozy for two. The main section of the house was accessed through a cute little courtyard behind a stone arch. The courtyard was a garden with a variety of colorful flowers, a stone bench nestled in the middle, with a view of the bird bath. A hammock swayed in the breeze. Leila’s imagination got the best of her imaging herself tucked against Sterling on a balmy night like this one, gazing at the stars. And perhaps both of them wearing nothing but sweat.Sterling eyed Leila as she took in his home and garden. She was surprised a bachelor pad had such a well-kept garden. Not surprised the lawn and home itself appeared well maintained and taken care of. Just like the owner himself.“I don’t have a green thumb. This is all my mother Lucille’s doing,” explained Sterling with a grin. “I tend to kill plants. And small animals unfortunately. Not i
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Chapter 7
Leila stowed her ratty old duffle bag on the seat beside her and said a thanks to the man above when her Chevy started on the first try. She had stuffed everything she cared to bring along in the tattered bag, and left her apartment keys in her mailbox. She wanted to put plenty of miles between herself and Stillwater before the sun can up. She didn’t have a clue where she was going, her plan to just get in the truck, pick a direction and drive. Let the wind take her where it would.She ignored the heavy feeling in her chest as she put the truck in reverse and headed towards the only highway out of town. Her phone rang on the seat beside her. She glanced at the screen, and drew in a deep breath when Sterling’s name and number flashed across the lighted screen. She sat the phone back down on the seat and continued to drive. She had made her decision. The call went to voicemail.Her window stuck and refused to roll down. She cursed and drove on towards the only gas station
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Chapter 8
Leila had planned to lie low that day, stay at home, and just wait for Zenia’s call tonight when it was time to head to the morgue. She had showered off the swamp, burnt her bloody clothes from the night before in case the Sheriff came poking around, and tidied up her apartment.She hadn’t been able to help herself from calling to check on Sterling that morning. He hadn’t answered, but sent her a text saying he was being interviewed again. She hated the Sheriff even more at that moment, as poor Sterling had barely been given any time to rest.But by early afternoon Zenia called to ask her to come to the bar. Lucille Mount had marched into the Stillwater Police Department with a lawyer in tow, and several minutes later her son was released from police custody, with no charges filed so far at least. Lucille had spent several hours fussing over son, as she had just arrived back in town for a church sponsored ladies retreat and nearly had a heart attack w
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Chapter 9
                 As Leila headed in the front doors of the morgue, she got another ping on her phone. She read the text from Zenia quickly, autopsy room is straight down hall on right can’t miss it. Mike and I are in the coroner’s office. Don’t worry I’ll be loud. She wondered how she was to gain access to the morgue after hours, but nearly laughed when she noted that Zenia had somehow propped a tampon at the bottom of the metal door so it didn’t latch properly.  Leila took a deep breath and slowly and quietly slipped in through the door.         &n
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Chapter 10
Once the adrenalin had worn off, Leila found herself exhausted. She dragged herself into her small apartment and ran a warm bath into the claw foot tub. The apartment had been designed for a soul occupant or a couple. It was one large room with a curtained off area that served as the bathroom. The bathroom sink was one of those antique deals that mounted directly into the wall with its metal plumbing exposed underneath. The bathroom walls were tiled with those white subway tiles and had a checkered floor. Shelves were built along the wall for storage.                The kitchen however had left the nineteen fifties behind and moved into the seventies. Dark brown cabinets, a green oven mounted between some of the cabinets. Green plastic laminate countertops, a small cooking range, and dingy linoleum flooring. At a yard sal
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