Beyond The Boundaries

Beyond The Boundaries

By:  _serxein  Ongoing
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Living her life by the rules and limitations because of her disorder, Hailey Leigh Alvarez, a 17-year-old girl with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) wants to be free. She wants to experience being able to live. Living for her is being able to shout whatever you want without worrying about the side effects. On her 18th birthday, she made a decision that made her life different. She met people with the same desires as hers. Painting. That summertime, she decided to let go of all her worries and live her life as if she'd die tomorrow. What awaits Hailey beyond her boundaries? What will happen to her if she finds out something that turns her life upside down? "You are not living. Living is different from just existing."

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8 Chapters
"Hailey Leigh Alvarez." I stood up and pasted my widest smile on my lips as I walk towards the stage. Seeing people here feels surreal, I never imagined I could be here after all the things that I've been through. Despite all of those, I came this far. I breathed out when I am already in the front of so many people clapping their hands on me. The people that once treated me that I could never get in here. That I could never fulfill something by myself. As I look at my parents who are in the very front of the stage now, I tried to smile at them but I just can't make it real. I still hold grudges to them because of all the things they have done but I must also thank them. If they didn't do what they did years ago, I wouldn't be here. I wouldn't prove my worth. "Thank you for being an inspiration to others and also to us. Thank you for being brave enough to survive even if
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1: Two Different Worlds Of Two Different People.
Hailey's Point of View.Looking at the sunrise from my window is part of my daily routine everyday. I always look forward for another day, for another sunrise. "Rise and shine, Hailey!" I exclaimed after sighing. I already started another day. Another day of my cycle. "Hailey, are you there?" I heard Yaya's voice from outside of my room. I am still looking to the sun that just rose. "Yes, Ya. Let me get ready first. I'll just go downstairs after." I answered her and turned my back to look for my robe. "Your robe and things to get you ready are already in the bathroom. I'll wait for you downstairs. We'll leave by 2 pm. That time is your schedule for today." Yaya said as if she red my mind. I nodded to myself and walked to the bathroom. "Oh, wait. Where are we going, Ya?" I asked her when I got what she said earlier. I don't remember anything that I plann
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2: Will They Really Meet?
Hailey's Point of View."I told you to stay in the car, Hailey. What if something happened to you there?" I heard Yaya said when we got in the car. I bowed my head because of embarrassment and sorry when she started scolding me. "I'm sorry, Ya. I just really wanted some new things for painting. I didn't mean to make you worried. I'm sorry." I said while still bowing my head in front of her. The car already started to move. "It's okay, okay? I was just worried about you. You don't need to bow your head, Hailey. It's just that you already know the situation between your parents, right? I won't scold you if you want to buy new things but do it with me. Do it without letting someone see you." She said with her calmest voice. "Also, you already know that you have a weak immune system, right? There's so many bacteria transferred by just interacting to a person with no alcohol. I va
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3: Registration Desk.
Hailey's Point of View."It's Wednesday!" I exclaimed to myself after I watched the sunrise. I walked to my table which my calendar is on. 'Wednesday. Second check up day of the week.' "Hailey, I already put your essentials needed to get ready. It's in the bathroom. After you get ready, just go downstairs. I am also done cooking our meals." I heard Yaya said from outside my room. "Okay, Yaya. I'll go downstairs after I take a bath and change!" I responded gladly to her. "Don't be too excited. You might slip in the bathroom. Be careful, okay?" She said before I heard her footsteps walking away from my room. After the other night, I told myself that I won't cry because of painting anymore. I told myself that I'll pursue on finishing an artwork when I am really ready. I won't push myself into that situation anymore. I also red about
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4: Her 18th Birthday.
Asher's Point of View."You guys haven't eaten yet, right? Why don't we grab something to eat before going there?" Dara said when she caught me looking for foods. "What? You haven't eaten before you drove to our house?" I asked them with my eyes wide open. "Inez was so excited. She called me so early just to say that she's already in the studio so I had no choice but to go there early." Dara was the first one to answer. "Same, bro. I got a call earlier. I guess it was just 5 am by then when I got a call from her. I was also shocked and hurried to go to the studio. I had no time to eat." Cassian answered after Dara. After I heard Cassian, I turned my gaze to Inez who's smiling awkwardly at all of us now. "I also didn't eat breakfast. Hehe. I'm sorry." She said that made all of us shrug our shoulders. "I got too excited, yes! Who won't? This is the first
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5: Now or Never.
Asher's Point of View.So, what am I going to text her? Uh... I want to paint with you, please join our group. No. That's too demanding. What if she doesn't know me? I might sound like a creepy man. What about hi, I saw you in the registration desk earlier. Are you still up for the competition? Nope. Not that. It's too... I don't know. "What are you doing there?" A voice of a girl suddenly asked me from my back that startled me. I almost threw my phone because of that. "You startled me! I am busy thinking!" I exclaimed and saw that it was Dara. She sat on the grass beside me and peeked to the phone I am holding. "What are you doing? Thinking? Of what? You're just spacing out, typing something on your phone and then back to spacing out. You're being weird, Ash." She asked me and I was hesitant to tell her what I am really doing but I still did. "I am thi
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6: Bonfire of Secrets Part 1.
Asher's Point of View. "Hi." She said and then waved her hand to us that made me stare at her. She's really Hailey. Her eyes says it all but why can't I see the same eyes that I had seen years ago? She seems so... different now. Is she really the Hailey I met years ago? I expected so much from her. It's not like she disappointed me or what but I don't feel the feelings I want to feel towards her. I don't know why. "Hailey! Are you coming?" I heard Dara asked her loudly when we are all ready in the van. I saw her smile and then nod. She ran to us and I move aside to give her space. I still am shocked because I finally meet her but it seems like she can't remember me? Or is it understandable because it's been years? I don't know. Hailey's Point of View."Do you want somewhere to stop by or what before we really proceed to the venue?" I heard someone asked
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7: Bonfire Of Secrets Part 2.
Hailey's Point of View. "What is life for you?" Inez asked after pulling out a piece of paper from the fishbowl in front of all of us. It made me stare at the bonfire for a while. What is life for me? I don't know? "Honestly, I don't know. I've been imprison in my own house since I can't remember when it started. I haven't lived the life that all of you probably is living with. So, I don't know." I answered while still looking at the bonfire in front of me. I smiled before looking at them. "What do you mean by that, Hailey?" I heard Dara asked me and I just let out a deep sigh as a response to her. I was about to answer her but someone stopped me from doing so. "She's done already with your question. I'll go second now." I heard someone said that made me look at who it was. It was Asher. He got the bowl from the front and pulled a piece of paper. He then gave it to Inez
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