Billionaire's Innocent Wife

Billionaire's Innocent Wife

By:  singhalayushi17  Ongoing
Language: English
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Michael Patterson, an embodiment of a playboy.Jennifer Miller, an epitome of innocence. What will happen when destiny will bring them together? Let's join the Hot-shot Billionaire Michael and the Sweet-innocent Jennifer in their journey, a journey of love, heart-break and redemption.

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11 Chapters
Chapter 1
Michael Patterson I gulped the remaining content in my glass and grinned at Harry, who was swaying his hips with his new-found love interest. Someone is getting laid tonight I guess. I looked around, THE CITY NIGHTS, one of the elite clubs of San Francisco, a place best known for its booze and brunettes. The DJ plays one of the most popular hits, making the crowd yell in excitement. The sequins catching the disco ball light that twirls above — launching every shade of rainbow into the darkness. The smell of sweat, perfu
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Chapter 2
Jennifer PattersonI ruffled the hair of the kid, who was grinning at the box I just presented him, while his mother Emily looked at me warmly. She then shifted her gaze to her son and patted his shoulder. “Leo don't you think that you are forgetting something?” The boy looked at her confusingly, while I shook my head knowing very well what was coming on his way. I must say she is a dutiful mother. No wonder Leo is such an amazing kid. Leo pouted his lips for a while but soon it got converted into a beautiful smile. “Thank you so much aunty for the cake and blueberry cake is my favorite”&
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Chapter 3
JenniferI love you so much dear husband. I caress his face in the picture, still lost in the moment, when a strong hand got wrapped around my waist. “I love you too my dear wife” I yelp in surprise, hand flies over my chest. This man will be the death of me someday. “Michael you scared me” I looked at him annoyingly. I and annoyed over him? Come- on it is just a facade to get myself out of this embarrassing situation. Otherwise, he will tease me to death.&nbs
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Chapter 4
JenniferI kept my mug aside and looked at the phone that was kept on the table, vibrated and displayed “Husband”. I smiled looking at the caller ID and looked around. “Emily your phone is ringing”. I chuckled when she in an Usain Bolt speed came outside from the kitchen and started looking for her phone. I signaled her towards the table and again got engrossed in my magazine. I looked at Emily who was now blushing and chit-chatting with her husband.Lucky girl! Her husband calls her at least one time a day. And here my husband hasn't even replied to any of my messages from the past
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Chapter 5
JenniferI wore the dress, it was a dark blue, halter prom dress with a deep neck. The dress fitted me perfectly like it was made for me only. I then tied my long hair in a messy bun and applied a little amount of makeup, as I like to keep it natural and elegant. Once I was done, I came out of our room to look for my husband, who was sitting on a couch dressed in a black Armani suit and was occupied with his phone. His dark blonde hair is styled in a messy way, like he frequently runs his fingers through it. As he still hasn't recognized my presence, I took this chance to adore him. He has an athletic figure, that doesn't have an ounce of fat, other a perfect ripped body. I can never deny the fact that he has got that l
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Chapter 6
Jennifer I knew my Mike won't leave me alone like in this condition. I sigh in relief as he was holding me from shoulders otherwise I was feeling so weak that I would have dug my face in that basin only. I rinsed my mouth with the  water and without even looking at his face I hugged him tightly, digging my face in his chest. I felt him caressing my bare back. But today there was something different in his touch. Maybe alcohol is taking a troll on me. Soon I started losing my senses and I shifted my body weight on him. I was caught off guard when he crashed his lips with mine. My sixth sense screamed to me to recognize the touch. His hand made their way up to my breast when I didn't give him entrance. He roughly squeezed one of my bosoms, making me gasp in shock as well as in pain. He invaded my mouth and started kissing me hungrily. I whimpered as
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Chapter 7
MichaelI pushed her slightly and ran my hands on my face.Only if I knew bringing this woman with me means inviting trouble for myself, then I would have locked her inside the four walls of my room.“Mike” she softly called out for me.I turned my back towards her and forced myself to suck in a breath and close my eyes, my breaths soon becoming steady.I know I have to tackle the situation very calmly.  My anger will only worsen the situation.“Jenny listen-”“Mike I-” She cut me off. I looked at her and my eyes widened as she slowly stood up on her feet, taking the support of the slab.When did she fall? I murmured to myself.When you pushed her off idiot! My conscience mocked.&nb
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Chapter 8
 JenniferI sat silently on my seat as I watched the car move on the silent, dark road. I kept my eyes out of the window as he drove in utter silence. I made sure to keep my eyes glued to the window, not to spare a single glance to Mike. The way to home seems never ending. As if we were driving on a road that doesn't take us anywhere. Our destination wasn't far yet I felt like I was in the car for hours, slowly suffocating from inside. I felt wordless unable to speak at all as I felt my voice box shatter along with my fragile heart. A feeling which made me gasp for air and beg my heart to cooperate with me, beg for it to stop this pain and give some relief to my burning soul. But it was too hard. I wasn't able to stop the ghost tear that slipped out my eye and down the cheek. I turned my face fur
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Chapter 9
Jennifer My eyes opened on their own accord and I groaned - the sky was still dark outside. My alarm couldn't have gone off. Then why did I wake up? And most of all, why does my heart feel heavy? And then the events of last night dawned upon me - the last night's insult and pain was still fresh in my mind. Tears stung my eyes as the events of the last night flashed in my mind again - How can he stoop so low for a deal? Does my dignity hold no importance in his eyes? And then I felt something pressed against my bladder and I realized that my filled bladder was the reason I would have woken up all of a sudden. I turned to get up from the bed, and that's when my eyes fell on the sleeping form of my husband besides me, with his arms wrapped around my waist, a
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Chapter 10
Michael We both sat silently as the car ran on the busy streets of San Francisco. The way to the hospital seemed like it never ended. Our destination wasn't far yet I felt like I was in the car for hours suffocating from inside. I wasn't able to hold the ghost tears that slipped out of my eyes and down the cheeks. I was silently praying for Pearl's well being. Mom's words were ringing in my ear like an alarm. I just can't afford to lose her. I love her so much if anything happened to her then I will never be able to forgive myself. Within a few minutes We reached the hospital and I ran to the ward assigned to her.My heart skipped a beat when I saw Mom, who was crying uncontrollably and Jennifer's mother was trying to console her, whereas dad was just sitting on the bench without any emotion. His eyes were moist and I can guarantee that there is going to be a storm in his heart. "Mom how is Pearl?" I whispered. Mom slowly raised her puffy eyes. The moment she saw, she ran towards me
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