Billionaire's Revenge
Billionaire's Revenge
Author: Bar Bie

Chapter 01

 “Are you going to sign it or not?"

 I could feel his heavy eyes on me as he spoke, my fingers grip the pen I was holding as my eyes fell on the contract scanning it for the millionth time.

 ”This is absolutely crazy, you know?"

 The words escaped my mouth before I could even think it over, and my fingers shook with hesitation. I expected him to snap at me again but he just shrugged his shoulders.

 “It is...”

 “Why me?... I have literally nothing to offer you wouldn't it be better if you give this to another woman?"

 There was silence for a moment then in his usual calm,monotone voice he said.

 ”It's exactly because you have nothing to lose that makes you perfect for this job.“

 He was right, I thought as I finally placed the pen on the contract and in a few moments my signature was looking back at me.

 What had I done?I had just made a deal with a monster.

 If someone had told me over a month ago that I would be in this situation I would have laughed in their face but that was because I didn't know yet that my life was about to fall apart.

 I was the beloved heiress in my family's company and in a few weeks I was supposed to say ”I do“with my highschool sweetheart Clark. Life was as beautiful as it could be and that I never saw what was coming until I was hit, hard.

 ”Ugh! Where are my keys?"

 I was looking through my bedroom for my keys and then my fiance rolled on the bed staring at me with sleepy eyes.

 “Where are you rushing off so early in the morning?”

 Still ransaking the room I answered him.

 “I'm sorry I got a call from the office today that there's an emergency and I need to attend to it.”

 I said to him then finally turning and asking;“By the way have you seen my keys?"

 ” You mean this?"

 He said holding them up and I smiled;"Yes, please give it to me I need to get to work ASAP."

 As I reached for it, he swiped it away from my grasp.

 “Didn't you say we were going to spend today together?No work?”

I sighed.

 “Well Clark that's what I planned too, but like I told you before it was an emergency.”

 “You know what? I'm not even surprised at this point."

 He pouted and just threw the key to me.

” With you, it's all“

 I sighed again holding the keys.

 ” But you know exactly why I'm taking this so seriously. I am going to be the next CEO of the company. I can't slack off like other people....“

  ” Well the movie tickets don't have waste, you can take Becky...“

 ”Your annoying little sister? I'd rather go alone or not even go at all...“

 Another heavier sigh left me, sometimes Clark could be such a charmer and some other times he was like this. I pecked him on his forehead and he didn't react and I just left. As I was passing the living room I saw my sister slouched on the couch and watching TV as always.

 She was practically allergic to hard work, and I seriously don't know how she graduated high school. The only thing she cared about was that she was receiving her allowance to spend thoughtlessly.

 ”Becky... I'm going to work, please try to keep Clark company.“

 ” Why are you always leaving me with your annoying fiance?“

 ” Clark is going to be your brother-in-law soon so you better just lump it in or like it."I told her and she just scoffed.


 She was so hopeless. A quick glance at my wrist watch showed me that I wasted more than enough time and I quickly rushed out to my car. 5 minutes later when I was almost at the company I remembered that I forgot some essential documents at home.

 Which meant that I had to go back and get it. I'm sure that when I get home Clark and Becky will probably pounce on each other like cat and mouse. And in a way I was right.

 As I was heading to my bedroom I was hearing heavy moans and a wet slapping sound from my bedroom, my stomach twisted up. I wondered if Becky had brought one of her boyfriends to my bedroom again.

 But then as I was approaching the threshold, I heard a voice that made me immediately freeze up in my steps.

 ”Agh, baby you're so f**king tight!"

My heart sank to the floor as I shook my head with denial, it couldn't be...there was no way that... I took one unsteady step after another until I reached the open door. They had not even bothered to close it properly.

  There was my fiance and sister humping each other like wild rabbits. My heart shattered into uncountable pieces, how could they?and just a few weeks to the wedding.

 How long had they been sleeping together behind my back and pretending to hate each other in front of me?

 I felt so humiliated and embarrassed, how could they do this to me? They had to pay both of them.

 So I took my phone and then I began to take pictures of them but the mistake that I made was that I had not turned off the flash and then their eyes came to me.

 “Sarah...what are you doing here?"

 He really had the audacity to ask me.

”What am I doing here, what the hell are you doing with my own sister?!"I barked like a wild dog, charging at him and then he landed a hot slap on my face that sent me straight to the floor with a stinging bruise.

  “ slapped me?"

 I whimpered as tears rushed down my cheeks, I didn't wait for an answer as I got up and rushed out of the bedroom looking at the pictures I had taken of them.

 ”Clark, I'll make sure you regret this."

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