Chapter 04

 Sarah's pov

 “Marry me?” I laughed so hard that my ribcage began to ache,which did not really take longer because the car that had hit me had obviously broken some of them.

 “Are you done yet or do you want to keep on going?"

 ” Actually I think I'll keep going because this has to be one of the funniest jokes of the century...“

 Hayden Smith, one of the most notorious Playboys of the country, wanted to settle down and of all people he chose the rejected heiress. It was really worth cracking a few more ribs.

” Is this your way of mocking me?“

 ” Do I look like a man that plays around? I am being 100% serious right now?"

 I tried to sit up but my body ached too much to allow me so I just lay down again, blinking at him with utter astonishment.

 “Your reputation aside, we don't even know each other!”I said to him and he just sighed.

 “Are you saying that you don't know THE Hayden Smith?"

 Wow this guy is really full of himself wasn't he? I had thought.

 ” Well I know who you are from the news and the several articles that come out about you, and what some business partners have said about you...But this is the first time I am even talking with you; they are basically strangers.“

 He didn't even seem like he was slightly troubled by my complaint and they just seem to go over his head in such a casual way that it astonished me.

 I had always wondered what this man would be like because I always heard about him but I never got the privilege to meet him in person, and now that I finally have it's easy to confirm that he's actually just crazy.

 ” Marriage is not some game that strangers can play together, it's something that only two people that love and care about each other can even think about-“

 ” Just the way your fiance loved and cared about you?“

 I thought the remaining color in my face immediately drained out after he said that and then anything else I wanted to say was choked down in my throat as I struggled not to cry.

 ” Miss Lane, you are a business woman so you understand how this thing works. I have something you want and you have something I want so let's help each other...“

 Looking away from him so that he would not see the tears that were bubbling up at the side of my eyes I asked him.

 ”And what exactly do you want that is making you go so far?"

 “That...”,He paused," none of your business, Miss Lane, what should concern you is how to get back at the people who hurt you... Of course I can't force you.“

 Suddenly I felt something soft dabbing on my cheek. I turned to see him putting his handkerchief in pocket.

 ”But I advise you to think about this, Miss Lane.“

 And now he was looking at the contract with a satisfied expression.

 ” You have made a good choice...“there wasn't a smile on his face but I guess that's as far as he could get.

 ”...My dear wife.“

 There was a way he said it that sent shivers up my back, and he carefully folded it into his front pocket.

 ”Won't you finish your food?"he asked with his usual monotone voice.

 He reserved an entire 5-star hotel, they're just for me to come here and sign the contract. This place was almost impossible to reserve and despite her wealth in my family it was always a battle for me to grab a table here.

 Yet, he had reserved the whole place with such ease.

 Even if I had not been rejected by my family, their wealth would have been nothing to him.

 The same question that always troubled me came to my mind again; what would this man gain from marrying me?

 That night he drove me to his mansion and then he said to me,

 “I'll be going on a business trip now.”

 A business trip? Now of all times?

 “Aren't we supposed to be planning now? You promised me that I would be able to get my revenge..”

 He groaned with his full chest, as if he wanted to throw me out of the car.

 “You won't be able to do much like this...”

 He said looking down at my crutches.

 “So you should be focused on recovery now while I'm on my business trip,”

 He made a good argument and I could not say anything against it, I couldn't imagine myself dramatically walking back into their lives with crutches.

 “So when you are fully recovered and I'm back from my business trip then we can begin to really plan.”

 He suddenly cocked his eyebrows.

 “Do you have any other issues with my idea?"

 ” Well I still don't understand why you are helping me with all of this... And even if it's in my favor it's really troubling me,“

 Suddenly silence took over the car as he just looked at me with” piercing blue eyes '', it was as if the air in the car was being sucked out and I was finding it hard to breathe.

 “I believe I have already told you that that is none of your business,”

 I could see that he was trying to intimidate me but this was not something I could allow to rest anymore.

 “Well, you also said that our relationship is basically a business transaction and when you are transacting in a business, both parties should obviously be aware of what the other is gaining. That's what I'm just curious about...”

 He didn't reply immediately, as if he was weighing his answer then he spoke.

 “Has anyone ever told you that you are too sharp for your own good,"

 ”Maybe a couple of times.“

 ”Then I'll tell you, but not now..."

 “When then?"

 He leaned over and whispered.

 ”On our *official* wedding night."

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Karola Modenesi
I love how the plot thickens and he keeps saying that at this time she will not get answers to this question.
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Far out that was crazy
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Steven Wayne White
a really good chapter

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