Black as the Forest (All the Hounds of Hell #1)

Black as the Forest (All the Hounds of Hell #1)

By:  Lyv Aiken  Completed
Language: English
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Eveline is from a wealthy family and as been jet-setting as an ambassador for her older brother’s werewolf pack, and is learning of the responsibilities that comes with the name Devon and the reality of being the infamous Hellhound’s sister. Darren is the fourth son of an Alpha who has mor sons that he knows what to do with, and is a little adrift in life. None of them would have expected to find their mate at a political meetup of all the who’s who or werewolf society, and are forced to reconsider their future, the distance separating them, and their families, but those challenges are nothing compared to war and disaster coming their way.

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40 Chapters
Chapter 1 - Organized Mayhem
— Eveline —  I was lounging on an extremely comfortable chair, near by a pool, in my bikini, and taking in the sun. And the most marvellous thing about it all was that I’m paid for this.I was quietly enjoying a scrumptious margarita, doing my best impression of bacon, sizzling under the heat of the sun.
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Chapter 2 - In a Dark Corner
— Darren — The evening was going fairly well. I’d just escape the kitchen after the dishwasher broke down and I’d spent an hour fixing things, calling a last-minute repairman, and helping to organize things in the meantime. No events I’ve ever seen as ever gone without a hitch. That being said, if this was all that was to go awry, it wasn’t too bad. It wasn’t awesome in the kitchen right now, but it was under-control, and would be soon back to normal—no one the wiser.
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Chapter 3 - The Eyes of a Predator
— Darren — Not everyone has heard stories of the Hellhound, but I have. They say he was crazy strong, and dangerous, really dangerous. They say he’s an Alpha. Some say with a pack, others without one. Michael says he has a pack of Alphas—whatever that is—and his pack is one of the biggest and most powerful in the world. The stories say he’s also over seventy years old. Given that the man in front of me looked like he was in his thirties, either some of those stories were wrong, or he had an insane skincare regiment.
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Chapter 4 - This Is Not Hopeless
— Eveline — I was so tired that I went to bed right after my meeting with Kaden. I had half a mind to go back to the event to see Darren, but when I saw that it was nearly two in the morning, I deflated. The place was probably emptying. Actually, I’m pretty sure there was a lot less people in the room when I returned from being outside with Darren, than when I went out to meet him.
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Chapter 5 - Would You Regret It?
— Eveline — He was right, I needed to talk, and I knew who would really know what I needed to know.This time, I took the time to knock on Kaden’s door.“Yes,” he answered.
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Chapter 6 - Both Fun And Terrifying
— Ylva —  “Why am I doing this?” I asked no one in particular.“Because Kaden asked you to,” said Sam matter-of-factly. I hate his good reasoning.“He has a secretary. She’s here. So why am I doing this?”
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Chapter 7 - A Trail of Hurt And Chaos
— Kaden — Eva’s been bouncing all the way to the car. It was nice to see that silly smile plastered on her face. But I’m pretty sure, she’s going to be useless for a while. It took her ages to grow out of her teen drama, and to take anything seriously, and she looks like she’s about to gossip about her love-life with her friends until she passes out. I’m probably going to have to
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Chapter 8 - Something Else Is Brewing
— Kaden —  “Well, first I believe there are congratulations in order. I heard you kicked some serious vamp’s ass,” said David.“Thanks man, but if you don’t mind, I’d like to get this going. Haven’t slept much in a while.”“Okay, sorry ‘bout that.
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Chapter 9 - Transforms Havoc Into Order
—Eveline —  The return home was uneventful.Or so until I couldn’t contain myself.I’ve been trying so hard not to scream at the top of all the hills that I had found my mate. I was on a constant high. I needed a release, so I rushed home to find the girls.
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Chapter 10 - Fear Is The Greatest Weapon
— Eveline — “Allô, chérie!”“Allô, Laeticia. How are you doing today?”“Very well. Alpha Jean-Philippe is ready to receive you.”&
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