Bratva Queen

Bratva Queen

By:  CityKim  Completed
Language: English
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Lissa is a beautiful, innocent eighteen-year-old.She is the youngest of four. Abandoned by her three older brothers when their parents died.Thrown into the world of the Russian Mafia by chance.Luca is the Bratva Pakhan, handsome and deadly.Used to getting whatever he wanted.Luca wants Lissa.Can Lissa live in the Mafia World?Can Luca tame this wild independent beauty?Others are watching.Columbian Cartels, Italian Mafia. Chinese BaronsLissa needs to learn fast.Luca needs to compromise.Will their love survive?

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81 Chapters
Chapter One
‘Mylene come here and look at this’ Lissa’s best friend walked over to her with a bemused expression on her pretty face. ‘What are you watching?’ She said peeping through the crack in the door and seeing a girl they knew slightly, Kelly, on all fours sucking one man’s cock and being fucked by another man’s. ‘Fuck Lissa look what they are doing to her’ ‘Oh my’ Lissa was fascinated watching Kelly expertly work the cock in her mouth, she had never even seen a guy's cock let alone sucked one and she could only wonder what it would feel like to have a man’s rock-hard member fuck her desperate pussy. ‘Wow, she’s such a lucky bitch, how hot is that? Look at those two guys, I wouldn't mind having those two, they are gorgeous.’ Mylene grumbled laughing, she was twenty and Lissa had just turned eighteen, they had snuck into this club, Neptune’s with a group of well-dressed twenty-somethings who had been hanging around outside. It was a private members club, and only those with invitation
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Chapter Two
She had gasped and then laughed pulling Lissa close so she could stare through the gap,‘This will help your sex education a lot more than my explanations.' Lissa had been utterly shocked and then fascinated watching an older girl they had known slightly from their school as she had paraded around in her underwear flaunting her body and then having sex with the two men when they demanded it. Apparently, she was very willing at least she sure looked like she had been enjoying what those two hunks had been doing to her, Lissa had exclaimed and Mylene had laughed at her innocence. 'It's probably some sort of BDSM club.' She had said and Lissa had been too embarrassed to ask her to explain exactly what that was. She only had a vague idea of such t
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Chapter Three
The Guard beat Francesco viciously and his friends were not left out as the other guards beat them to a pulp before all three were thrown out of the back door of the club into their waiting limousine,‘Tell your Boss if these guys ever come to this club again I will kill them’Nikita snarled at the driver as he threw him into the backseat and slammed the door shut behind him, the terrified driver shot off taking them quickly back to their compound to his very angry father, who just happened to be Luca's arch-enemy, the Italian Don.Lissa had collapsed to the floor when Francesco released her shocked and frightened by what had happened her legs turned to jelly and she trembled trying to draw air into her lungs then to her horror her stomach roiled and she heaved up the contents of her stomach‘Come, let me help you.’A gentle voice said and she was lifted into strong arms, she was far too scared to protest and rested her head against the solid chest of the huge man who had picked her
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Chapter Four
He took her hand and led her down the back stairs and out of the club,‘Nikita bring the car, Dmitri and Mikel I'm leaving you two in charge make sure you lock up the club before you leave.’He strode confidently, a Leader, issuing orders and taking command, Lissa followed him silently not knowing what else to do a little afraid of the step she was taking but also excited, she wanted this, just for a change, she was always the good girl but being with this enigmatic dangerous man would be the polar opposite. At the door, he turned to Mikel,‘Make sure that little tom cat Anton brings his new friend back to the compound, I need him to keep her there so I have a bargaining chip’He said indicating the beautiful young woman in front of him and Mikel smirked his boss always covered every base he watched him place his hand on the small of Lissa's back and usher her into his huge limousine. She settled herself into the plush warm seat looking around her wide eyes she had never been in suc
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Chapter Five
She backed away frowning this was not what she had expected,‘Thank you but I have a perfectly good room back at our hotel, I really don’t need another one. I’d like to leave now please’She turned back toward the stairs and began to walk away but he caught her easily spinning her back into his arms and pushing her against the door kissing her possessively. Lissa gasped at his actions and he took advantage his tongue invading her mouth. Claiming her expertly he deepened the kiss and she was lost unable to resist the pull between them she melted against him his touch setting her body on fire as he picked her up carried her into the room and kicked the door shut behind him.‘You are staying here with me little Zaya. Now I have found you I am not letting you go.’ He laid her on the bed and pinned her beneath him kissing her over and over again leaving Lissa breathless her whole body burning with a desire she had never felt before. All she could see was him,
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Chapter Six
She dragged her friend into the room towards her Capo who was gazing at the pretty redhead appreciatively, he stood up and held out his hand,‘Hi Lissa, Mylene has told me all about you, come sit here with us, are you hungry?’He took her hand gently and then held out a chair but Lissa was so scared she was trembling wanting nothing more than to bolt back to the bedroom, Mylene smiled at her, 'Come on, it's okay you have to eat Lissa.' She said practically not noticing that everyone was looking toward the door, ‘Lissa is with me’Luca’s voice was not loud but it silenced the room as all eyes turned to him except Lissa's she jumped at the sound of his harsh masculine tone knowing it was her fault he was in a bad mood her heart started beating wildly and with a soft cry she fled away from them. Running out of the side door in a pani
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Chapter Seven
Luca walked to the main table and sat down pulling her onto his lap,‘Are you hungry my little Zaya?’He nuzzled her neck making her blush deepen, he signaled to the servants, and plates of food were placed in front of them but Lissa was so shy her stomach was in knots. She turned into his chest far too embarrassed to eat because she knew they all knew what he had done to her,‘You must eat my little Zaya, I need you to keep your strength up’His voice was softly cajoling as he lifted a beautiful fat strawberry to her lips and her stomach rumbled in protest when she refused to, open her mouth, he stroked it along her bottom lip trying to entice her to open her mouth. The sweet juices trickled into her mouth and it tasted divine but she kept he mouth resolutely closed Luca frowned, she was a stubborn little thing but he had ways of making her do as he wanted. He pressed the strawberry on her bottom lip and growled, 'If you d
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Chapter Eight
She lowered her eyes and whispered,‘I've never even seen a man’s err you know .. ‘She waived her hands shyly blushing to the roots of her hair and he caught her chin and made her look at him,‘It's my cock little Zaya, say it, don’t be shy with me, you are going to be getting very well acquainted with it’He stood up and removed his pants and boxers taking her hands he made her touch him,‘Go on explore my cock again, don’t be afraid of it, you will make it grow and you will enjoy it in your tight little pussy’He stood still while her hands stroked over him smiling as she gasped in shock when he began to grow under her touch,‘Oh, gosh, I’m sorry have I done something wrong?’She let him go and sat back her eyes wide with concern as he continued to harden under her scrutiny,‘This is what you do to me little Zaya, your touch, your kisses, your body, you drive me crazy with my desire to have you, to possess you and bury my cock deep inside you. You have this power over me little Zay
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Chapter Nine
It was incredibly beautiful to look at and a couple of the Capos touched it as they walked past her watching it ripple over their hands. Lissa stirred but did not wake and Dmitri scolded them,‘Do not touch the Pakhan’s woman if you wish to remain alive, you all know how possessive he is, you are asking to be shot.’‘Of course Sir, it's just that her hair is incredible, it changes color when you touch it and the length, wow, not many women grow their hair like that these days, we've never seen anything like it.’The Capos whispered awestruck by her beauty and Dmitri smiled at them, they were young new recruits and they would have to learn that anything that belonged to the Pakhan was out of their bounds,‘She is very beautiful, I can see why she caught the Pakhan’s eye but you must not let it distract you from your work, get back to your posts, and forget her she is not for the likes of you.’He told them sharply and watched them leave the main reception and head out for their patrol
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Chapter Ten
She looked at the floor wriggling self-consciously on his knee and he gripped her tightly leaving her in no doubt of what he was feeling his cock was hard against her ass but he needed answers and he asked,‘And? Go on little Zaya I need to know it all.’His voice was now commanding and she had little choice but to tell him everything,‘Your Chef told me off, and he had every right to do so. He found me rooting around in his fridge I was in the wrong I should have asked him first. He, er, he scared me, he's very intimidating and I did the only thing I could think of, I ran away. I was so stupid, eating those berries, I know I should have washed them it was all my own fault. I won't be making that mistake again.’She wrinkled her nose prettily and he leaned down and kissed it then she placed her hands on his chest and stroked him gently then she leaned forward and licked him making him shudder with pleasure he pulled her up and brushed his lips over hers then let his hand slide into he
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