CHIDERA~ His Sin (A Nigerian Romance)

CHIDERA~ His Sin (A Nigerian Romance)

By:  vanessaugbomauti  Ongoing
Language: English
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Dera always thought it was normal for every girl to get married at Fifteen. That was until she realised she was the only Fifteen years old wearing a 16 karat gold and diamond marriage band. Damilayo was twenty years old by the time he married Dera. She has always been a Scared Fifteen years old Virgin to him but what happens after Six years of Marriage and he finally notices the changes. Could he trust himself not to untame her? To take her innocence?

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28 Chapters
DERA. For as long as I can remember, I always thought this was normal and it was part of God's plan for every Female to Marry at the age of Fifteen. Seeing as most of my time was spent in Church I believed that everything that has happened and still happening to me is part of God's plan for me. It only took me a while to realise that I was just simply unlucky.I lost my Parents at the very young age of Five. Infact I can barely remember the times I spent with them before they passed. My Uncle took me in and cared for me like his own that was until he also passed away. His Wife, Aunty Yetunde despised me from the beginning and made sure her Children Ben and Joe Disregarded me too. Since the very first day I stepped foot in her house, she made sure to remind me that I was an Orphan and I was unlucky. She said her Husband only took me in out of Pity since no one else wanted me. She made sure I knew i was Ugly and Unfortunate.Though she Verbally abused me she never hit me
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DERA.        By the end of the week Damilayo's parents invited us to their Wedding Anniversary party for that friday night. Just like before, The makeup artist came to transform me into a doll that I could barely recognize myself. I was on my period so when they brought the beautiful white lace dinner gown, I refused to wear it because I was afraid my pad would shift or I'd have an over flow and end up staining the dress but I didn't tell Them that. I just said I didn't like it but Ope informed me that Damilayo's Parents had sent it to me as a gift. Which made it really hard for me to refuse so I ended up wearing the dress and just to be safe I doubled my pad.   The Off-Shoulder White dress was adorned with silver sequins at the bottom from were the lining stopped above my knees and it fitted me perfectly. It's only when I look in the mirror that I realize how curvaceous my body was. I wasn't blessed in the boobs department but mine was ok fo
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DERA.   Two weeks had passed and everything was back to normal. I gave Damilayo his space. Damilayo apologized to me the next day after the Anniversary party. He claimed he was Sorry and hat he had no idea my parents were late. I know his Mother must have forced him to apologize because when it comes to his Mother Damilayo is helpless. He loves and Worships his Mother like a goddess and he would do anything to make her happy including Apologizing to his Partner.    Seyifunmi was a different story. She was being nice to me which was really weird. She even offered to take me out today. Something about a girls outing but I told her I had to take permission from her brother first.     It was a Saturday so Damilayo liked to sleep in. Ini prepared Fried rice and Chicken for breakfast. Though I don't like to eat Breakfast, I was determined to have breakfast that morning because it was the mouthwatering smell of the Fried rice that woke me up so
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DERA.    I had to beg Seyifunmi not to make me wear something too skinny nor showy. She promised to keep it simple but a crop top was a must. She put me in alot ot outfit just to take pictures.    I remember complaining all through my makeup session."Damilayo will be angry if he sees this Pictures o." I huff, flopping down on my bed."Ai. Today will surely be the day he kills me."Seyifunmi rolls her eyes. "It amazes me how much you fear Dami." She scoffs clapping her hands dramatically."You're the cause of your problem o. See fear you're giving one man. I've been saying it since but God forbid I end up like you."I roll my eyes at that. I know I'm miserable. I've been Miserable since I can remember, it didn't start now.    My first outfit was a black long sleeved off-shoulder croptop with gold sequins. It had a matching fitted skirt that ended a little after my knee. My abdomen wasn't visible in this outfit
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DERA. Throughout the car ride back home with Damilayo, we both remained silence. None of us uttered a word and the Eerie silence was killing me. Not even the radio was on and even though the A.C. was working just fine, I could feel my palm getting sweaty as I kept fidgeting.   I am way beyond sure that today is the day I die. Damilayo has never raised his hand at me before but today he might do worse than that. He could kill me and hide my body and no one would know, No one would even care. He could easily get away with it.   The familiar Entrance to our Estate comes into view and my heart races as the distance to the house got shorter and shorter until we were parked in front of the big White and grey building.   Damilayo comes out first and I follow him inside trailing behind him. He opens the door and to my surprise holds it open for me to enter. I hesitantly enter the house before I hear the door close behind me. He still didn't utter a wor
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DERA    Twelve days of misery. The only time I left the house was on Sunday and Tami came with me. Normally Saturdays and Sundays were his days off but now I think it's just Saturdays now.   The only reason I get to go to church was because just like me, Damilayo's parents are Christians and they never fail to attend Church on Sundays. So Damilayo couldn't really stop me from going to Church. While they attended The Elevation church, I'm Strictly Catholic. My Father and His Brother; Uncle Onyeka. Were raised as Catholics. My Uncle said I've always been Catholic and my parents would have loved to see me receive my first Holy Communion.Since Aunty Yetunde attended a different church with her Children, Uncle Onyeka was used to going to church alone. He loved that I showed so much interest and was always happy to take me to church with him. I can't really remember the times I spent with my Parents, I have little to no
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DERA. Literally.I did die or I think I was about to. But I felt it. I felt the air leave me. I couldn't breath anymore and I wanted it. I wanted it all.So if I felt all of that and I died. Then why am I staring at at the White ceiling of a hospital. Except this is Heaven and it's just normal for it to smell like drugs and alot of other things.   I couldn't understand what was going on. I felt numb and all I want to do is leave here. I've only been to a Hospital once and that's when my Uncle was dying. Just being here made me nauseous.  Seyifunmi came in and I practically begged her to take me home. I regretted it when through out the car ride she kept lecturing me. Asking why I tried to kill myself. She also didn't forget to mention that nothing on earth is worth taking away the life God gave me.   She's right. Nothing on earth was worth taking my life.Getting home I didn't see Damilayo s
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DERA. "The Doctor said you have Peptic Ulcer. Have you not been eating well?" That's the first thing Damilayo says to me when I woke up few hours later. At dawn as he promised he took us home and let me sleep for awhile before breakfast."Ulcer isn't a big deal. Right?" I ask letting out a yawn. I place my palm over my mouth as I yawn. What does it matter to him if I've been eating well or not."Don't answer my question with another question." He says staring down at me with a stern look on his face. I slowly brought myself to sit upright. "How many times do you eat in a day?" "I don't know." I utter.There was an itch on my head and I tried but failed to not scratch it. I let out a sigh as I keep running a finger up and down a particular parting between my braided hair. "Fine. Let's go have breakfast. I ordered us something Since Ini still hasn't resolved her issues." He tells me and I frown flopping back down on the bed.
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DERA.   I spent the rest of the day in bed that was until Someone started ringing the doorbell. Ope was still around and she went to answer the door and about few minutes later she comes up to my room. Telling me Some Woman wanted to see Damilayo and it was important. At first I thought it was Damilayo's  Secretary, I always forget her name. But when I managed to get downstairs With Ope's help, I see it's not His Secretary instead I'm staring at a tall slim woman. She was dark in complexion and had the kind of body I would kill for. She didn't have any makeup on and though her few pimples were visible she still looked beautiful. She had on a Pixie short Wig along with a plain blue dress that hugged her frame perfectly. She looked simple and sexy while I looked like a typical housewife. Since I was in one of my many short butterfly house dresses and my go-to Wig. By that I mean my straight Long wig that I know no matter what I looked good in it.She looked o
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DERA. Damilayo seemed off for the rest of the week and the next. I should have been happy since he was giving me the space I asked for. He was going back to ignoring me. That's what I wanted but if I'm being honest with myself then I don't think that's what I want anymore. The thought left me sad maybe even worse. Melancholic perhaps.   He even went on a business trip few days ago and was suppose to come back today. Normally when he goes on these trips, I help him pack his bags but the night before he didn't come to ask me to help and the next morning, I was shocked to see him with his Secretary in the car. It was the first time he was travelling with someone. I tried to convince myself it was normal to bring his Secretary along but even I knew that wasn't the case.   Before he left I offered to cross check his luggages to make sure he had everything with him which he didn't. Not only did he almost leave his Phone and MacBook charger behind but he
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