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A beautiful princess arranged to be married to a prince from a far kingdom. All her pleas seem to fall on deaf ears. She wanted love but her fate was decided. Frustrated, she disguised herself and went to the market in hopes of escaping the prison she called home.Little did she know that what awaited her in the market would change her life.. Find out what happens to Dawn and follow her in life-changing adventure...

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Sonia Somorang
beautiful! hurry with the next chapters. please!
2021-04-18 15:16:36
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Dawn Cobern
Love reading all the books.
2021-04-10 10:14:57
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mercy jepkoech
I love it from,the characters, to plot and the story line, it a good read
2021-02-11 04:32:18
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If you want a taste of royal romance... Then this book os just what you need.
2020-10-29 19:40:53
user avatar
This book is intriguing and it pulled me into it right in the first chapter. The author has done a great job and the characters have been well portrayed. Thank you author for such an awesome book.
2020-10-27 02:32:23
user avatar
It would be great if conclusion was good.
2021-05-12 11:20:41
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The morning sun shines into the room and lighting the room. She blinks and slightly yawns.. The most beautiful girl in the kingdom, one true to her name...  "Princess Dawn... It's time for your royal bath" said her Lady in waiting from outside the room,  behind the closed door. She talks to herself... "Can't a girl have her pretty sleep. It is just eight in the morning". "I'm sorry your highness but you really need to wake up." "Elsa... You're disturbing my sleep".  Replied the drowsy princess. "Your highness, please you have a pretty tight schedule today. And her majesty would get pretty angry at me if you don't wake up now. Please don't let me lose my job".  Pleaded the Lady in waiting. "I love it when you beg Elsa... " she giggles."Okay, that does it, princess. " Elsa signals the guards standing outside the princess's ch
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After her bath, she applies her oil on her skin and gently massages it into her skin. Soon the room was filled with the all too familiar scent of olive mint and lavender.She sighs as she inhales the scent. She put on her under garments and wears her gown with the assistance of two other maids. Onr fastens the halter belt,  while the other gently raise her hair. She is escorted to sit at her dressing table, where Elsa awaits her. She sits and they all get to work on her hair and applies light make up.When they were done,  she opens her eyes to see her reflection in the mirror.. And as usual she was breathtaking.Each day,  she she's a finer version of herself from the smooth touch of her maids. Her hair was let down, and the corners weaved and where they meet at the centre, was carefully pinned using a beautiful hairpin,  keeping the curls in place. Her eye shadow, dark blue matching the colour of her dress. Her
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The News 3
"Patience, patience my jewel,  we would have a ball to celebrate your twentieth birthday and  your title as the Crown Princess of Grendel" her father said with smiles written all over his face.  Dawn thinks to herself again " Phew" she sighs. "I'd thought he wanted to say marriage. Thank goodness he didn't. " She smiles and look at her parents "thank you dad, mum." "That's not all Dawn" her mother replied wiping the corners of her lips with a handkerchief and putting it on the table. She signals for the table to be cleared, two different maids came and clear up the dishes and left.  Another set comes with some fruits and plates. There were grapes,  strawberries, blue berries,  apples and pear. Elsa serves Dawn,  as did the queen's lady royal Gracie.  Isabel sat there rather impatient, tired of her mother's silent torture. But none of these
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Meeting 1
She got to the throne room, the guards announced her arrival and opened the doors, she walked in and curtsied before the king and queen, as did her lady in waiting. "Your majesties". "My princess" her father stretched his right hand in front if him to her, she walks closer to him, takes his palm in her hands, held her gown with her left hand and curtsied to him. He lightly kisses the back of her palm and she goes to sit at his left hand side near his throne. She turns to her head to face her mother and with a bow of her head she spoke "Mother, you are stunning as usual". "Thank you dearest" she gave a slight nod to her daughter. Her mother was dressed in a beautiful light purple gown, with the sleeves at her elbow and a similar gloves in design to that of her daughter but light purple in colour to cover her fingers up to her elbow. Her gown hugged her breast and fled do
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Meeting 2
Dawn gets to her chambers and was so happy. She had a big smile on her face as she sang. Meanwhile  Elsa just stood by the door looking at the princess. "Come on Elsa, sing with me, or dance with me". "I thought you didn't like to dance". Replied Elsa. "I like it but I love archery and swordsmanship more. ""So what now? The Ambassador would still come,  this evening or tomorrow morning your highness. ""Well yes,  tonight at dinner,  would try to convince my parents once more". "And if they don't agree? ""Well then, I would cross that road when the time comes. For today, I'm going to enjoy my freedom. Tell me what should I do? I feel alive, but something is missing. " she ponders in her mind. "You can go for archery lessons"."Ummm,  no, I'm not feeling it" replied Dawn. "You
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Meeting 3
"You,  you are going to pay for that bread" the baker said in anger. The enraged baker walked close to Dawn glaring at her. "Me,  what has this got to do with me? " asked Dawn. "You had that scoundrel and you let her go with my bread. " he grabs Dawn by her collar hard, making her hat fall off. "How is that my problem, I only helped her get up" explained Dawn."Perhaps you are in this with that brat". "That's ridiculous, I don't know them". Elsa who was admiring the goods turned and saw someone holding Dawn up. "Oh my God,  this is bad" she hurries to meet Dawn. "You either pay for the bread or I hand you over to the soldiers." "I don't have any money". Dawn said trying to free her shirt from his grip. "Then soldiers it is." Just then some soldiers passes and the baker
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Meeting 4
The royal physician talks to the queen "Your majesty I'm sorry, but she is still not responding." "What?  Do something, my daughter had Ben unconscious for three days. Don't let her die".  "She is having a fever, and if this persists there may not be away to.. " The door suddenly opens and a small girl runs inside surprising the queen and the royal physician.  "She would survive," the little girl said cutting the royal physician short. "Dawn will survive, the princess is a fighter. She won't die, she would wake up soon" the small girl was crying heavily. "Right? Dawn would survive and play with me,  she would be okay".  The queen smiles and pat the little girl's head. "It's all my fault, I wanted to eat some apples,  she offered to get some for me, I should have stopped her. I didn't." "You didn't know she couldn't c
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Meeting 5
They continue running as the soldiers chase after them. The girls both run up to a house top, Dawn jumps to the next house and she gestures for Elsa to follow her lead and jump but she hesitate. "Come on El, you can do it, just jump.""I'm scared Dawn. I can't ". "Sure you can,  come on the soldiers are on their way" persuaded Dawn. "Stop right there, in the name of the king halt". Shouted one of the soldiers. "Elsa, jump, take a leap, hurry,  they are coming". "No I can't, I would take the long way down. Go on without me,  I can manage, I would distract them" she smiles at Dawn. "What nonsense are you talking about, come on El, you can do it". "No, that's you, you are brave. I would meet you at the forest. Go on Dawn. I would be fine. Bye". "You better not let them catch you El. P
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Can I Know You?
"What was that for?" the young man complained."For calling me a psycho, not believing princess"."I'm getting it wrong, you are a psycho, not trusting, terrible, unreasonable, hard to deal with young lady".His statement infuriates her and she launches with the stick straight at him, but this time around he holds the stick and spun her around, with the stick in her hands, now close to her throat as he holds her in place."There, there, easy there. Steady"." Steady?" She scoffs. "Do I look like a horse to you dimwit? You're impossible ". She struggles and breaks away from his hold.He only laughs after looking at her for some time."What's funny? " Dawn asked him."You are," he said and took several steps forward, getting closer to her."What are you doing?" Dawn asked, already in a fighting stance."I think I should be asking you that, you're in a fighting stance." He arched his brows at her, gesturing at her stance.This girl was simply unbelievable."Well you are coming close
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Meeting The Ambassador 1
Nick and Dawn continued talking for a long time. "I feel happy, I don't know why though". "Well Diane, I think it may be because we are both here together. I have always come here alone. This is the first time enjoying this serenity with someone else. And you are a nice company ". Complimented Nick. "Thank you, that was a nice thing to say. Well I guess you are right, although I do come here with my m... I mean my friend. " "That's true, where is she? " "She decided to lure the soldiers away and told me to go on without her". Dawn said sadly. "Why are you saying it like that? . You are sad. What is the matter? " "Its nothing, its just she sacrificed her time for  me to relax". "I can see,  she's a good friend.". "My best friend actually. Well time has gone. I've got to go". 
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