Of Pillows and Pampering

Of Pillows and Pampering

By:  A Thousand Reliefs  Completed
Language: English
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“Marry me? Aren’t you scared of death?”Rumor has it Eliljah Moses is a jinx to everyone close to him, that his ill fate was the reason both his sisters and three fiancees had all died.Sally Summers married him with no expectations, and was ready to embrace death should it come for her.Initially she thought she would have to care for him, but little did she expect to be pampered to the nines by him.In his words, “She’s my woman, only I can bully her.”He also said, “Whoever dares to touch my woman, I’ll be sure to make their lives a living hell.”He even said, “My woman will bear me a pile of children!”

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Meli Kelsa
why is the end so short?.........
2023-02-18 23:02:08
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The audio play stop working. It hard for me to read while driving. Can you please fix it ASAP. Thank you.
2022-12-11 06:21:43
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Syarmin Satidja
Thank You for resolving my issues so fast developer otherwise I'll be pulling my hair coz can't put my Android down ever since found this book, I've got much free time lately so to next chapters Really loves this! Awesome thanks Author ...️
2022-11-09 11:44:21
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Martha McCullough
Such a good read. this most diffently should be made into a movie
2022-10-26 22:54:34
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Rain Drops
this book of novel can't bring it down/leave when you start to read, I love it it's to interesting
2022-10-20 04:15:32
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why can't I read the book? I've paid for all the chapters!
2022-10-01 16:29:29
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Omolade Ope
Great and interesting plot
2022-06-29 06:53:09
user avatar
very good..the best i've ever read so far. love the character of FL much more the ML
2022-05-12 19:12:02
default avatar
please,which of the chapters did they start bonding(Sally and Elijah)
2022-05-05 05:42:53
default avatar
Love it It’s an adorable book
2022-03-30 20:35:18
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Riya Rawat
How to give diamonds to this book
2022-03-30 14:32:21
default avatar
just started reading..and I love it! not the usual arranged marriage plot
2022-03-02 04:20:54
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Celedonia Duyungan Erillo
The story is good
2022-02-08 20:30:16
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Deejae In
I love reading this book ...
2022-01-24 12:30:37
user avatar
ihtihas eers
good story
2021-12-15 16:22:37
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1225 Chapters
Chapter 1
“Um… Should I undress and get on the bed, or… Should I help you undress first?”Wrapped in a bath towel, Sally Summers cautiously asked as she stood at the bathroom entrance.Tonight was her wedding night. Further away from her, a man with a black silk ribbon over his eyes sat in a wheelchair. He would be her husband from now on. It was her first time seeing him. Admittedly, he looked better than his photos. The man had angular facial features, a sharp and high nose bridge, densely dark eyebrows, a tall and slender stature. He was the physical embodiment of her Prince Charming. Unfortunately, he was a blind man who was confined in a wheelchair. Some said that Elijah Moses was born a bringer of misfortune. At nine years old, he jinxed his parents’ death; at thirteen years old, his elder sister died. After he became an adult, he brought misfortune in the form of death to his three fiancées. When Sally first heard about these rumors, she was scared too. However, her
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Chapter 2
Sally was confused. “Would you be able to wash if I leave?” He was blind, would he be able to see anything? The man did not say anything.Yet, the air temperature between them fell a few degrees lower. It seemed like she had finally noticed his anger. Thus, Sally timidly picked up the bath towel and left. “Be careful! Call me if you need anything!” Sally could not stop fidgeting after leaving the bathroom. Her eyes kept darting back in the direction of the bathroom. The bathroom was a slippery place. What if he slipped and fell? What if he was unlucky enough to die from that fall? She just got married. She did not want to become a widow that quickly. As she was feeling uneasy and anxious, her phone rang. It was her bestie, Evonne Turner, who had sent her a video. The video came with a tag that said ‘Learning Materials!’ Learning Materials? Sally opened the message while grumbling internally about how it was still way too early for their finals. Why
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Chapter 3
After saying that, Sally turned around to head back into the kitchen. The two servants hurriedly stopped her. “There’s no need, Madam.” They were employed to cook breakfast in the Moses house every day. If Sally did everything they were supposed to do, and Mr. Moses was to find out about it, would that not mean losing their job? “Madam.” One of the servants started talking in a dissatisfied tone, “Aunt Leigh and I are in charge of breakfast here. With all due respect, you’ve just arrived here and a stranger to Mr. Moses’ eating habits. Please refrain from messing things up.” The other servant went along immediately. “That’s right. Aunt Zelda is right. Please refrain from cooking, Madam.” “Mr. Moses would not eat breakfast like this.” Aunt Zelda looked at the boring and tasteless breakfast made by Sally in contempt. “A person like Mr. Moses has always had milk, ham, and sandwiches for breakfast. Madam, don’t you think that the porridge and pickled vegetables that you pr
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Chapter 4
The man’s voice was as cold as an unforgiving winter. The atmosphere in the entire dining room nearly froze. With a plop, Aunt Zelda fell straight to her knees. Redness bloomed around her eyes. “I… I shouldn’t have said that to Madam…” Elijah was usually calm and forgiving as though void of any form of temper. However, if someone made him angry, nobody could withstand him. “But Sir! I didn’t mean any ill. I just didn’t want Madam to trouble herself with breakfast. It’s quite tiring…”Elijah smiled. He lifted his head to throw a light glance in Aunt Zelda’s direction. “So… Does that give you the right to simply ruin the breakfast a newly-wedded wife made for her husband?”Silence covered the living room for several seconds. Elijah’s words did not just manage to shock Aunt Zelda and Aunt Leigh. Even Sally stared at him with her eyes wide open. Elijah was… defending her? Aunt Zelda could not stop trembling from the shock. “Didn’t… Didn’t ruin… “We didn’t throw awa
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Chapter 5
After recovering from her thoughts, Sally scrambled to pick up her phone and squeezed out a smile at Javier. “Senior… You work here?” A smile flashed across Javier’s handsome face. He extended a hand fondly and ruffled Sally’s head. “How old are you now, and still as clumsy as ever?” Sally answered him earnestly with beaming eyes. “Twenty years old.” The man turned his head to the side as he laughed. “Why are you here at the hospital?” She pointed to the consultation room behind her and replied, “My friend is chatting with her cousin.” Javier lowered his gaze to look at the time. “It’s lunchtime now. Your friend should only come out after a while.”“I’m about to have lunch. My treat?” Sally pursed her lips as she considered his offer for a while before knocking on the door to inform Evonne. “Let’s go.” Javier led the way with a smile while Sally followed him silently. Sally’s crush on Javier started when she was in Year 2 Senior. That year, her grandmoth
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Chapter 6
The atmosphere in the villa grew tense.Elijah scanned the bottles of medicine that were arranged on the table. His eyes were several degrees colder. “So, Mrs. Moses did that for me. It is I who have misjudged Mrs. Moses.”Sally was not an idiot. She understood the insult as clear as day from Elijah’s words and his eyes.The man simply gave the butler standing next to him a gesture.The butler jogged over hurriedly and removed all of the bottles.Sally felt somewhat guilty. “You asked the butler to take all of them… It is because you don’t want to eat them?”She thought he was unhappy.The corner of Elijah’s lips curved upward in a smile that did not look like a smile. He said, “Eat first.”His voice was low and piercingly low. Sally felt like the air surrounding them became cold. It looked like he was truly angry.Sally held her right hand in her left hand anxiously.Considering how it was just the second day after they got married, was it inappropriate for her to get him
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Chapter 7
Before Sally could come up with an explanation, Elijah’s extremely thin lips pressed onto hers.He locked onto her arms and had her imprisoned in his iron embrace as he willfully kissed her.Sally was dizzy from his cold breath that invaded her space.She almost thought that her soul was about to get sucked away by his kiss.He released her and smiled wickedly. “Mrs. Moses, was that to your satisfaction?”Sally’s heart twisted into a bundled mess.She struggled to break free of his grip, only to get imprisoned by him once more.The distance between them was too close and too dangerous.Sally continued her struggle in Elijah’s unending grip.Eventually, Sally ran out of energy.She pouted. “How are you so strong…?”Before marriage, Grandpa Moses had reminded her time and again that Elijah had a weak body and was prone to illness. She should take good care of him.Hence, Sally expected Elijah to be a sickly figure like her grandmother.Yet, now, her thoughts were proven to b
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Chapter 8
Wendell’s gaze made Sally feel uncomfortable in all sorts of manners.She inhaled deeply and forced out a polite smile at Wendell as she pushed Elijah in his wheelchair. She was thinking of making her way around Wendell to get through the entrance.As she neared Wendell’s side, Wendell extended an arm to stop her.“Sister-in-law, why the rush? Are you scared of talking to your brother-in-law?” He crossed his arms around his chest again. Although Wendell’s eyes were full of nothing but disgust and disdain, his voice sounded friendly and caring. “Elijah, your wife seems to be avoiding me here and there. I think there’s an eighty percent chance that she married you for another purpose.”As Wendell said that, his shrewd eyes seemed to be peering at Sally.Sally frowned and turned her body away subconsciously.That was when his eyes got more wilful. There was even a ruthless smile in the upturned corners of his lips. “Elijah, Grandfather is old. He might not be able to see through a
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Chapter 9
Lucille froze.When Aunt Zelda got dismissed from the house, Lucille merely understood that Elijah did it for Sally. She did not know the reason behind that.The truth was that Aunt Zelda had insulted Sally?!She pursed her lips. If she knew that this was the reason, she would not have brought this up!Daniel lightened the atmosphere with a small laugh. “Elijah is a man.”“Sally is a daughter-in-law to the Moses family, nonetheless. She mustn’t be made fun of by the servants!”Lucille lost the argument. She huffed coldly and retreated into silence.Grandfather Moses shifted the topic smoothly into catching up with Sally.It was then that Daniel’s phone rang. Glancing at the number on the phone, his face turned pale drastically. “Excuse me, let me take this call. Please continue chatting.”Elijah’s voice was indifferent with a hint of coldness. “Later, Uncle Daniel.”Not long after Daniel left, Wendell walked through the door in an uncouth manner.After looking around the liv
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Chapter 10
Sally’s hands shook as she gripped the handle on the wheelchair.After hearing Elijah’s words, she suddenly recalled that not a single servant had spoken to them the moment they stepped into the Moses family house.Under the moonlight, she looked at Elijah’s chiseled face and pitied him.His elder cousin, Wendell, continued to berate Elijah for being a disabled person and sexually harassed Elijah’s wife before him.His uncle and aunt were sarcastic and spiteful to him. They had never looked him straight in the eye.His grandfather…Before this, Sally was convinced that his grandfather must have loved Elijah a lot. Otherwise, he would not have been concerned with something as important as his marriage.Yet, just now in the family house, Grandpa’s cold indifference made Sally feel like Grandpa did not like Elijah that much.Sally felt soured by the thought.Elijah had lost his closest family members since young and his other relatives mistreated him. He must feel… unbearably pai
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