By:  Iandra Taylor  Ongoing
Language: English
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Newly Edited with new content! Ophelia is a girl who most in her home town would quickly look over and never know that she was there. Her parents don't really acknowledge her and her sister hates her for a reason she has yet to figure out. Her family moves to a new town where she will find her first friend and possible even her first love. The only problem is will that love really be what she thinks it is or is there a secret that could ruin it all. Will her hope of getting away from her family be enough to get her through something that she thought would only happen in books?

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Nada Noujaime
Really good story, not too long. Even made me cry at some points.
2022-02-10 08:53:12
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Melissa Sherron
loved this book wish it was a series to find out what happens to all the other guys
2022-01-18 07:07:19
user avatar
laura pullen
hope this will be the start of a series. please let us know
2022-01-10 07:40:59
user avatar
laura pullen
nice little story worth reading. parts are heartbreaking so be warned
2022-01-10 07:40:10
user avatar
Jessica Collins
I dont intend to read any further then I have. Feel very disappointed with the storyline. I think the writer has potential but personally felt as the story was going in one direction and the it went another way. Thus causing the excitement I had reading the story to fizzle out.
2022-01-21 10:27:14
34 Chapters
Chapter 1
OpheliaMost people see moving as a new beginning or the end of something, a fresh start in life. I see it as more of the same old same old. Moving is not going to make me more popular with kids at school. It’s not going to make my parents stop favoring my sister more, and start remembering my existence. It all boils down to we’re are going to be living in a new town that’s it.As I follow my parents, who are following the movers, I know that nothing will change. My sister will still be a spoiled brat, and I will be the one who picks up the pieces of everything she burns in her path. I can see her lounging in the back of my parent’s car talking on her phone without a care in the world. As cliché, as it sounds the girl, does live to make my life a living hell. Before we moved I had finally met someone that I liked a lot. We had begun to talk and had a date planned.I had only ever held the guy's hand. I haven’t had my first date or my first kiss, so this was a big deal for m
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Chapter 2
Ophelia As I followed my GPS toward the store, I notice just how small this town was. Most of the stores are located in the town square. It looks almost like something out of a fairytale. I laugh a little at myself for thinking that. I have always been an avid reader, and sometimes I think it is to my detriment. I try to stay in reality because my life is certainly not a fairytale. It is without a doubt as boring and unhopeful as you can get in some opinions. I still have hope though. I hope that I will get into a good college and will escape my family. I don’t think my parents hate me. I think they're easily influenced by my sister. Even after all this time, I still don't know what changed in my family. I get out of my car and start to walk around looking at all the different shops. There is a small house goods store, a book store, grocery, and even a clothing store. They all have the name Henson in the title. I am guessing that a rich family started thi
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Chapter 3
OpheliaGetting ready the next morning my thoughts were jumbled up. At my last school, many of my teachers had to make special curriculums for me because I was more advanced than most of the kids in my school. The area I grew up in is not one known for producing many scholars. I try to not let on to my family how well I do because I don’t want it to come back and bite me in the butt later. I just hope that my principal did as he said he would and sent all the information that the school would need so that I will hopefully be able to still be on track for scholarships and to get into a school that I want.My dream is to teach college literature and I’m hoping that my track record so far will put me on that track. At a young age, I discovered my love for books. It was a chance for me to escape all the cares of this world and to find peace in a story. I often used to sit and imagine myself as the characters in the books in hopes of making myself happy.
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Chapter 4
Ophelia After the teacher gives us instructions, she tells us we can scatter throughout the school and find a place to sketch. Without saying a word, Mason takes my hand and leads me out the door and out into the courtyard of the school. He takes a seat leaning against a tree and motions for me to sit as well. “So you are the famous Ophelia?” I look at him like he has just dropped a bomb, and he chuckles at my look. “Maggie didn’t shut up about you when she came home. I was visiting Cole and heard her.” I shake my head in understanding. “Cole is her brother.” “Oh, so that is the one that everyone is trying to sink their claws into.” I laugh at this. Mason smiles at me like he completely agrees. “Maggie was amazing last night. That girl won herself a spot in my heart.” I smile at him. “So, mind if I start first?” “No, go right ahead. Mind if I talk while you do?” I shake my head no letting him know he is free to talk. “So you seem different from your s
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Chapter 5
Ophelia I have never been so thankful in all my life for someone to walk into a classroom. The teacher I have for English was embarrassing me with all his praise for my grades and writing. My old school had sent over some of my writing, and Mr. Nash thought it was great. He was encouraging me to think about a job in literature. I told him multiple times that I wanted to be a literature professor. There was nothing wrong with our conversation, it just bothers me a lot when people overly praise me since I’m not used to getting that much praise. My old teachers had figured that out and made sure to keep the praise to a minimum. I quickly sat down and felt eyes staring at the back of my head. I turned around and saw the most gorgeous creature God had ever put on the earth. His dark brown hair was slicked back, and he was covered in tattoos. He had piercing gray eyes that held something I couldn’t place, was it mischief, curiosity, or something else entirely. He suddenly
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Chapter 6
OpheliaAs I sit down to eat Dominic and Pearce follow behind and sit at the table with me. I notice all of the whispers, and I notice Katherine walking in with a squad of look-alikes. I knew that she would find a spot right in the middle of the popular kids. The girls walk over to the table where Cole and Mason are sitting with a couple of other guys. I watch as Katherine tries flirting with Cole.I feel my heart hurt, and my stomach drops. The scene in front of me makes me look away. I can’t sit here and watch, as once again, she takes something I want. Wait, did I just think that I want Cole? That’s impossible. I just met him, and he is an arrogant man-whore.“I see she wastes no time going after what she wants,” Pearce says with a snarl. “I had a feeling this would happen. Some of the guys at this school go for the quick, easy lay. Cole is one of those guys. He just sleeps with a girl and moves on. I have never seen him date som
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Chapter 7
Ophelia As the bell rings, I make my way out of the room and then the school. I don’t want to be in her path, so I beeline for my car. I decide to call Maggie and see if she wants to hang out. I don’t start work until tomorrow, so I need a distraction for tonight. “My darling Ophelia, I was hoping you would call and give me all the details of the first day!” She giggles, and I can tell she is very happy to have gotten my call. I laugh, and I feel like I finally found someone that I can trust. “Well, are you free for dinner?” I am praying that she doesn’t have any plans. “I’m free. Meet me in the town square.” As we hang up, I see Katherine come storming out of the school, and I know that she is looking for me. She wants to make me pay for what happened in that class, and I know that she will be looking for anything she can use against me. As I begin to pull off, I see Cole and Mason walk out of the school looking as if they are looking for someone. As
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Chapter 8
Cole Today did not play out the way I had hoped. It's going to take a lot of hard work if I'm gonna get her to trust me or hell even like me. She didn’t outright say she hates me, but I can tell that she is far from falling for me. The usual technics I use to get girls to do nothing to her. The smirks, the stares, and the bad boy routine did nothing. The only person that I can think of that can help me is Maggie. I don’t want the lecture that will come along with her advice. Dominic and Pearce were able to hold a pretty decent conversation with her at lunch, and I’m dying to know what they said to her. She seemed to be very responsive to Pearce, and I can tell he has a thing for her. To be honest just about every guy in school has a thing for her. She's completely different from any girl in that school, and I think that's what is attracting every male in the school. There comes a point in time when the easy lay doesn’t do it for you anymore. I think most of us are at
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Chapter 9
Ophelia The next morning I get to school around the same time as Katherine. I witness the thing that I was scared of seeing. She saunters over to Cole, and I can already see by the look on his face that he got what he wanted, and he's done. I shut my locker just as Pearce and Dominic walk up, and we all turn to watch what will be a show for the ages. "This isn't going to end well is it?" Dominic asks. "I don't think so, man," Pearce says. “Hey, baby. Did you miss me?” Katherine purrs and flutters her eyelashes at Cole. She is rubbing her hands up and down his arms, and I see the irritation flowing off him in waves. Katherine is oblivious to all this. “Who told you that you could call me that? Better yet, what the hell do you think you’re doing? I just slept with you once, that doesn’t mean that we are a couple or that I even care about you. You were just an easy lay. No one claimed you, so I just took what I thought might be a good time. Turns
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Chapter 10
Ophelia "What are you doing this evening, my beautiful Mae?" Mason asks as we work on our drawings. Today is the last day of our project, and I hate to see it end. Mason is fun to hang around. I have been able to let myself relax and have fun while working on this. He makes me laugh and seems to get it when I don't want to talk about something. I don't see him in any romantic way, but I will admit any girl of his would-be lucky. He seems to be a caring and fun guy. "I'm most likely going to be reading. Why?" I raise my brow in question. "I was hoping you would join me and the guys tonight. We thought about going to see a movie and thought you might enjoy coming." He has that hopeful yet puppy face going on. "I don't know. With everything that happened with Cole and my sister, it may not be a good idea." I do my best to not look at him. "You can't let their problems keep you from having fun. It's not like you are going out on a date wit
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