Meeting The Bestfriend


"Good morning Rix," nurse Joana greeted me.

"Good morning too."

Several other nurses greeted me as I walked down the hallway. Carrying the bouquet I had bought from the florist that I passed. 

I went to Andrei's room.

It was on the second floor of the building. When I arrived, I found the nurse watching over my brother's condition. She's fixing items inside Andrei's room.

"Good morning, nurse Josi," I said.

She also greeted me back. I put the flower on the table next to the hospital bed.

"How is Andrei?"

She smiled at me, "He's okay, Rix. He'll get better soon as long as he continues his medicine."

I smiled at what I heard. 

"Thank you."

We talked a little more before she said goodbye and that she still needed to do more rounds with other patients.

I approached my brother after the nurse left. Compared to his appearance when I first brought him here, he is in good condition now. He is no longer that thin and pale.

“Get well, Drei….” 

I caressed his forehead. It's been almost six months since I brought my brother here. He is only eleven years old now. When he came home from school, he was hit by a truck but the truck escaped. The damage to Drei's body was quite severe, so he is still comatose.

"Your sister is sad, you know, that's why you need to get better soon." 

Please, Andrei… Wake up…

When that happened, I wasn’t at home. I wasn’t even working at the bar at the time. 

I worked as a saleswoman in the market, and I went home every afternoon. My salary is small, but it's enough for us. He is also not luxurious, and he knows the value of money.

Our parents have passed away. First, my Dad who died due to lung cancer. The next one is my mother. She got into a fight with our neighbor while drunk. She fell from the building, and that is how we became orphans at a young age.

It's been four years since they died, so I'm acting as Drei's parents.

Since Drei was hospitalized, I immediately looked for another job, and since I didn't finish school, I couldn't apply in the corporate world. 

But I met Charis. She took me to the small bar that she also entered before going to Madam Glo. She's the reason why I'm able to get the money to support Andrei's hospital bill.

I stayed in the hospital for a few hours before I decided to go home.

"It's tiring!" I dropped myself on the couch.

I advanced a budget for Andrei from the bonus I got from madam Glo. According to this, the VVIP guest was happy last night and gave a big tip. Madam kept her promise of giving me twenty thousand.

I remember that man again!

He's causing me to shiver with displeasure! Who would depart less than five minutes after exploding his sperm? Is he in his right mind?

What's worse is that he didn't utter a word, as in nothing! He left me there on the table with my legs up.

That is why I was in a bad mood all the time last night. 

He's yummy, but he looks moody. I'm still annoyed with how I feel about the man, but I can't help wondering if he'll ever return to the bar.

I didn't realize that I had fallen asleep.

The sun was shining brightly, so I got up and prepared something to eat.

I decided to go to Charis; we were on the same schedule as her at the bar, so she was probably just sleeping now in the apartment she was staying in.

After eating, I tidied up a bit before leaving. She was not too far away from me; just one ride, I immediately tracked down her house.

"Charis!" I call the girl.

No one came out on my first call, so I repeated it again. After a few calls, the woman came out looking like a witch.

"What the heck is with that look, girl?" I laugh while looking at her.

Her hair is tangled, her clothes are ripped, and she still has foul spit around her mouth.

"Who is yelling here this morning?"

She frowned while walking towards the gate to open it.

“What morning are you talking about? It's afternoon! It's almost three o'clock! ”

"Is it already afternoon?"

We just laughed while talking like crazy. 

When I entered, the chaotic place opened up to me.

"Oh god, until now, you still haven't been able to clean?" 

The interior of his room is very chaotic, left and right with garbage. 

There are clothes on the floor. Even Charis' underwear is lying on the floor! Tell me, is she a girl or a reincarnated man?

"Hey, I've cleaned up. Those are new," Charis defended.

What an excuse. 

The last time I went there, there was some clutter so I thought that until now she still couldn't clean.

"It's good then."

She removed the scattered scrap from the seat and left to take a bath. It'll take her two hours to take a bath, so I decided to open Instabook first.

I enjoyed watching and didn't realize that Charis had just finished taking a bath.

"You smelled good, huh?" I praised her.

She just stared at me and went to the kitchen.

"What's up? And why are you here?" she asked.

I faced her before answering, "Nothing, I just want to leave the house."

When other people have an issue at home, that's the only reason why they left home but I'm not like that. Whether I have a problem or not, I leave home and go somewhere.

"How is Andrei?" she asked.

"As long as his treatment is continuous, he will wake up soon."

"It's good."

Charis is close to Andrei because she is also one of my brother's guardians. Sometimes, she delivers him to school or otherwise picks him up.

"Let's eat."

I looked at what Charis cooked. It was pancit canton and eggs. I just remembered now that the woman doesn't know how to cook, so she only eats instant food or ready-to-eat foods.

Even though I just ate lunch, the pancit canton is so delicious! I couldn't stop eating.

While eating, she asked what happened last night. The other worker at the bar knew there was a VVIP who came last night, and I was the waitress assigned. They also know that the man left a tip, so everyone is curious about him.

I told her the whole story. The witch screamed loudly and ignored the part about the man's departure without saying goodbye. We continued the conversation when someone suddenly called me.

Nurse Josi is calling…

Charis and I looked at each other. She was also familiar to the caller. What is the nurse's intention? 

I can't forget how many times I prayed before answering this call. 

Please, let it be anything but bad news!

I answered the call. "Hello, nurse?"

"Rix!" I pulled the cellphone away from my ear, and nurse Josi's voice seemed to grow louder.

“Why did you call, nurse?” I asked, still praying.

The nurse's surroundings seemed chaotic, the surroundings were a bit noisy, and there appeared to be many people talking. I got nervous.

“Nurse? What is going on !? ” She did not respond immediately. Concerned, I looked at Charis.


I can’t answer it. I also don’t know what’s going on.

A few seconds later, the nurse spoke again.

I could not move.

"Rix, it's about Andrei!"


“Drink some water first.” Charis handed me a bottle of water.

 “I don’t know what to do anymore Charis…” I said softly. 

She waved one of her arms at me before saying, “What are you talking about, don't think of anything else, Rix. It's just another test. One more thing, your brother is strong! I’m sure he won’t give up and he will come out of that room safe. “

 I don’t know anymore. I hope Andrei will soon recover. 

It’s exhausting that I just came here this morning and here I am again, but this time my purpose is no longer simply to visit him. 


We waited quietly outside of the operating room, when we arrived earlier, Andrei was already in the OR.

 The nurse just waited for us outside, my brother had been inside for more than two hours so I couldn’t stop being nervous.

 “What if something bad happens to him?" 

"What are you saying, Andrei won’t give up, he loves you.”

 I don’t want to lose Andrei, so I will do anything just to heal Andrei.

 “He’s my only family…” I couldn’t stop sobbing. Charis comforted me but it still didn't stop me from overthinking.

What if something happened to him?

What if he leaves me?

What if he chose not to be with me anymore?

What will I do? I am not ready to be alone in my life. I don't want to be alone. If there is someone hearing this, please help me…


Don't let Andrei die. I will do anything, I will endure everything just to be with him again…

I can feel my body losing its strength, but this will not make me stop waiting for Andrei to get out of the operating room safe and sound.

That's right, this much is nothing to us. We've been through a lot and this is a challenge that will just make our relationship better.

I need to trust him, that is all I can do.


We waited for a few hours but there's still no Andrei coming out of the operating room.

"Charis, why is he not coming out?"

She caresses my back.

"You don't have to worry, they are doing their best to save Andrei, trust them."

I looked at her, I couldn't feel the same way as before during Andrei's first operation.  

No, I shouldn't be thinking this way… 

I will trust Andrei because I couldn't trust myself anymore. 

I can't stop overthinking. 

"This won't do, I will just go to the restroom."

"Do you want me to accompany you?"

I shook my head. 

"No, you should wait here. I can go alone. I'll be back."

"All right, take care."

I know that I need to unwind, I need to get some fresh air because I think I would go insane if Andrei still didn't come out of that room.

I went to find the restroom, I am walking sloppy because there's no strength in my body anymore.

I feel like I need to cry, no, I want to cry.

I get to the restroom and lock myself in a cubicle there.

As soon as I sat on the toilet, Tears started to fall on my eyes.

Please… hold on to your promise Andrei…

You promise me that you will never leave me, right? 

That, we will live forever together.

What will I do if you die? What will I do if you leave me? 

Please Andrei, keep your promise…

 I couldn't stop myself from crying, I feel like all the pressure and feeling that I am keeping comes out.

 I know I shouldn't be like this because I am the only one who is looking at Andrei but what can I do if I can't stop overthinking?

 I need to go back. That's right.

 I got out of the cubicle but my eyes widened when I saw a man holding a gun outside my cubicle and pointing it towards me. 

He looks like he's in his forties, he has a high build and he is taller than me. He looks mad because I don't know the reason why.

 I couldn't move as if I was stuck on where I am.

I couldn't open my mouth in shock. 

What is this? Why is he pointing his gun towards me? Did I do something wrong? My life flashbacks to me instantly. What did I do to him?

Is this related to the bar? But I could not recall having an enemy there.

 What is all this?

 I couldn't do anything, I am just staring at him while he is also staring at me.

He is not moving but his gaze is staring directly at me. 

Should I run? But if I move, what if he pulls the trigger?

That will instantly kill me!

What will happen to Andrei if I die ? I don't want to die, I want to be with Andrei!

Is there no one around here? This is a public restroom. Why's no one coming? 

A sweat started to fill my whole body. I need to scream. I need to ask for help. 

But what if he shoots me instantly when I open my mouth, what should I do?

We've been like that for a few minutes, no one's talking as well as moving, we are just staring at each other.

What does he want? I like to ask him but I am too afraid that he will shoot me anytime. There's just a few inches between us because the restroom is small.

Should I ask him what he wants?

I could feel my body trembling when I heard the door of the restroom open.

Someone's here!

Help me please!

I am waiting for that person to show up but my hopes crumble when I see that person holding a gun.


"You should tell me you'll play here." He said with a baritone voice.

He looks younger than the man in front of me but he's giving this superiority compared to this man.

What is happening here? Why are they holding a gun? Is this allowed here in this hospital?

"Let me go and I will not shoot her.

Said by the man in front of me.

What are they doing?

Is he making me a hostage? I didn't do anything wrong! 

Why don't they play outside and not here taking someone!?

"You can kill her if you want, I don't care."

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