Color Me, Black

Color Me, Black

By:  Halo Elara  Completed
Language: English
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In the pursuit of happiness, he yearns for a love uncertain and burns with a fire that sets one man's frigid heart aflame. Will this romance be broken in Brooklyn or made in Manhattan? River Kennedi's heartbreak and a new lease on life sends him neck-deep into the corporate world when a ubiquitous Sebastian Black sets his sights on his skills with numbers and strange luck with making money.

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Halo Elara
Check it out you guys!
2021-05-05 12:06:57
51 Chapters
1. Motherly Songs.
-River Kennedi’s tight curls glisten from the overhead white lights, pinching his caramel skin and low, taper-fade that stresses the chiselled appearance of his face. His eyes, like stone, blink when his chin rests against his hands atop the protective railing around the hospital bed. In that hospital bed was his mother, Rose Kennedi — still catatonic.He regards her, covered under drab white linen, hooked up to the life-support machine. A dreadful sight, even worse than it appeared weeks prior when he last visited. His mother was once so beautiful with hair as brown as pure honey, now just bland and filled with perspiration.There was nothing more River hated than visiting Pearl Grove Memorial Hospital. Not for the sake of his loathing for medical facilities, but for his fear of losing his last remaining relative. It was a place of dread and a reminder of tribulations faced in the past and present.
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2. Personal Warfare.
Twenty-two minutes after leaving the Pearl Grove Memorial, River enters the relative calm of his small, rundown apartment. Its decor is second-hand furniture, displays of amateur art, plastered in every corner, or standing on an easel. The two-bedroom, one-bath apartment is spotless except for River, the only other case of disarray against the washed out, but immaculate space. The paved tile floors cool his feet after he kicks his shoes off to free himself of its restraints. River releases his messy bun and whisks his curls out of his eyes. He takes a few awkward and pained steps towards the dark green, floral couch, sitting in the middle of the room, across from an out-of-place smart tv.The small, but frail, rectangular table sitting between the couch and the television set becomes River's only moment of peace when he crosses his feet atop it. Slowed by his own weariness, River rubs his pale knees with delicate, defined arms. A futile attempt to soothe
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3. Not Set in Stone.
The night had come and past—just like a distant memory in Sebastian Black’s mind as his dark, onyx eyes flutter open. He blinks against the assault of ultraviolet rays, kissing his vision with an annoying ebb of pain. His dark, Nubian complexion blesses the sunlight that trails against his half-naked body. Angled perfectly, yet lazily on the king-sized bed he lays in, after an eventful night of drinking wine and staying home. Before he can reflect on anything else, Sebastian swings his legs off to the side of the enormous bed. Gazing ahead, at the full view of Manhattan, and the reflection of himself in the glass. After a long, thorough shower, Sebastian grabs a pair of boxers from a hallway closet. Hurriedly slipping them on, then walking across the modestly designed penthouse living room area. Sparsely decorated with grand paintings lining the walls. Granting access to his modern condominium is an elevator that opens to his squinted view. Enormous
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4. Fools & Romantics.
--River sits up, heart palpitating so loud, he can hear it beating as if within his eardrums. With a fidgeting thumb, he opens the email. To further aggravate himself, he waits ten seconds, but nothing happens. Another ten seconds later, his patience breaks. Yet there was still nothing. He opts to wait another ten, but he gives up after three, the moment he remembers owning a laptop. The only thing in the apartment connected to the next-door neighbor’s Wi-Fi.“Crappy phone!” River curses under his breath, chucking the device on the bed.River then forces himself to his feet and begins skipping towards his uncluttered computer desk where his laptop sits, half-cracked. He opens it up, narrowing his gaze as the screen lights up and within seconds, he enters his password and smiles. He pauses for a second, even more agitated than before. Head swollen with trepidation and rising anxiety. River squeezes his two eyes sh
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5. Lovesong.
-Still out of wits after his encounter and the accident, River struggles to find his keyhole after arriving home. The commotion coming from the kitchen, however, startles River when he finally slips inside his apartment. He idly looks down on the center-table to see boxes of Pizza, stacked high, with styrofoam plates and red cups littering the center table.Smart enough to avoid James’ rowdy gang of friends, to get himself cleaned up and maybe join later, River carefully closes the front door behind him. By the time he makes it past the television, ready to turn into the hallway next to the kitchen, James pokes his head around.“Hey! Glad you’re here, the guys are killing me for your spinach wraps.” James, seemingly a little buzzed off beer and Pizza, chuckles and River raises an eyebrow.“Out of all the things I’ve made, they want the spinach wraps?”“They play football and they all se
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6. Picking Up the Pieces.
-Sebastian Black falls back into the inviting, silky-soft sheets of his bed. A sound of pure pleasure, enraptured in his deep, guttural grunt.Two smaller hands, manicured to perfection, roam his chest. The hands of Kellie Cardin, a bombshell blond with more silicone than morals. She sits atop Sebastian and straddles him. Bouncing, moaning, gasping, and groping at his light mat of chest hair. An irreverent session of sex. Sending long, raucous waves of ecstasy between them. In seconds, they orgasm with simultaneous moans of pleasure. Both too drained to speak, or to even breathe properly.Kellie climbs from atop him, falling down into the softness of the bedding. Panting and sweating. Pleased and irrevocably satisfied. Her body clings to Sebastian’s, like milk being poured into coffee. Soft, tiny fingers roaming his chest, leaving tingles on her fingertips. She shifts her weight, turning to lie on her side. Her nakedness glowing u
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7. Do It Again.
-River quietly reminisces growing up on the streets of Brooklyn, as he drives down Jay Street. A time when he had more friends than he could count, even when they slowly began disappearing into a distant memory. Overwrought with stress and hardship, he had to deal with his mother’s using from a young age. As he grew older, he learned that focusing on his studies and biding his time would help him succeed. He had even he forgot how to be a teenager until he wasn’t anymore. Losing his childhood, not knowing what a normal life for people his age-group was. He had traveled a road of trials and tribulations that failed to break him, for he rose above expectations and made himself. Four years of studying business and human resource management prepared him to experience what pleasures he could find. To prepare himself to further his education and chase the most sought after merit. River had high hopes fo
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8. The Version of You.
-"I want to experience the world of finance and accounting. To delve into the cluster of the national and international world's financial services and its significance to investment and its investors. Stock exchange was my main focus, but as for my internship, I'd like to be involved in analytics." River speaks with conviction, aware that Sebastian keeps his gaze glued to him.He had been watching River with the same calculating expression on his face, since the moment the young man had walked in. So unreadable, yet he knew exactly what he was doing. He was studying River, reading his body language, reading all of his languages.Grace nods with a smile at River, who already grew on her. "A marvelous choice indeed, your resume-,""Hold on." Sebastian leans forward, palms clasped together atop the glass table. "What are your views on modern day comparisons?" Sebastian queries, capturing both River and Grace's attenti
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9. Birthing New Paths.
-“Sebastian!”Sitting at his desk, lost in thought, the shout pulls Sebastian from his reverie. “Here we go.” He grimaces, waiting for the door that bursts open with a fuming Grace standing behind it. “I take it you aren’t pleased, Grace.” Sebastian speaks after watching her saunter into his office with a displeased look plastered on her face.“You turned down an orphanage, Sebastian. You can’t even leave this building without being hounded by the media.” She taps the top of his desk, disturbing the clean, polished glass with fingerprint smudges.“Screw the backlash. The company is growing into something bigger. Just give it some time to get back to charities. We already fund twenty-two of them statewide, and twenty-nine worldwide.” Sebastian throws up his hands, befuddled by the media’s spin on him turning down a charity for children.Sebastian was always good at ignoring hi
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10. Just Say Goodbye.
-While he stands in the center of a spacious living room, James scans the integration of wooden, metal and marble furniture. The entirety done in colors that remind him of mocha coffee’s eclectic shade and tone. The wooden floors are glossy, with a hint of tile and granite, forming crown moldings against walls of paneled dado. It was a ballroom by night sometimes, when parties get hosted at Jameson Manor. Its source of light, an exquisitely crafted chandelier that glistens like diamonds.“You might like this house if you take me up on my offer to give you a tour.” Anton Boleyn walks into the vast living room, dressed in his expensive slacks and loose, tan button-down shirt.A handsome man that had barely aged after becoming thirty. Blessed with chiseled, dark features, matching that of his equally elegant son who bears a striking resemblance to him.James lets out a grunt, then says. “It is a delightful
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