Consumed By Darkness

Consumed By Darkness

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⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ DARK ROMANCE AND MATURED CONTENT. "I like your hair—" he murmured. "—your eyes and your..." he trailed off, his gaze dipping down to my lips, lingering there for a beat too long. "Keep your hands to yourself!" He chuckled a dark sound that sent a tremor through me. He was bad news. "My apologies, doll. I didn't mean to be handsy." He said a mischievous smile on his lips. He didn't look sorry one bit. If anything, his smile was telling me he was going to keep doing it. "It's difficult to resist when something beautiful catches my eye, especially when it is a person playing hard to get." Once a predator locks onto its prey, there's no letting go! Leah a woman trying to please her mother-in-law who is a thorn in her flesh and her husband who ignores her in bed runs into Aiden Kingston, the caporegime of the Kingston family, a crime family that has ruled the underground for years. She knows he is bad news. She knows she should flee, but she is stuck with him when she gets into trouble with the mafia and ends up in a trap he sets just to save herself. Will Leah escape the darkness, or will she be consumed by it?

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16 Chapters
Leah"Why didn't you tell me you were coming?" Liam said to his mom as he leaned down to hug her."Do I need permission to visit my son?" His mother joked while running her hands through his back.I stood behind them waiting patiently for the mother and son to finish their greetings. It would be better if they continued without her noticing my presence. I hated it when she visited. She never stopped reminding me that I haven't given her a grandchild. She forgot that it takes a man and a woman to have a child. If Liam doesn't want a child then how was I going to have a child, immaculate conception?"You know that is not what I meant, mother.""Welcome, mother." I smiled cheerfully when they broke their sweet embrace.She turned to me not hiding her disgust with my presence. Two year ago when I was still dating Liam she always cherished me, acting like she would be the best mother-in-law in the world. Who knew not having a child would make her change her attitude towards me quickly? Or
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002~ I WAS
Leah"Then what do you mean, Leah? I can't have my mother breathing down my neck for a grandchild, and my wife, who is supposed to understand me, demanding sex from me every time like she is starved of it." "Starved of it? When was the last time you touched me, Liam? Because I don't say it doesn't mean it isn't obvious that you are ignoring me in bed. I know you love me, but I still have sexual urges, Liam. Why are you making it seem like I am asking too much?" I said, trying to hold back my tears."Goddamit, Leah, you act as if you don't know what I am going through. Well, I don’t blame you, your parents are wealthy and you don't have to worry about anything except sex!" "Liam," I screamed, feeling hurt by his words."Fuck this!" He said, and walked away slamming the door behind him.Silent tears ran down my cheeks as I was left alone in the room. I shouldn't have said that. I should have just endured like I always did, and maybe it wouldn't have escalated. I sounded like all I ca
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LeahI hated Mondays. They were the most stressful and demanding day of the week, and today just had to be the board of directors' meeting. "...we dominated the market not only in this city but several other cities surpassing last year's sales over the past quarter," I concluded, and the board members, started clapping, smiling, and nodding to me"A 15% increase in revenue compared to last year this same period is wild, Leah. I am glad we made the right choice choosing you." The chairman said with a wink.He looked more pleased than everyone in the room as he stood up clapping. I felt satisfied with the result of my hard work. I made a promise when I was chosen not to mess up and make sure the Chairman was not disappointed in me, even though I doubt he would ever be.After the meeting, the Chairman approached me with a warm smile as I gathered the documents before me. I returned the smile, turning to face him. "Should we have lunch together, Mrs. COO?" he teased, and I chuckled, sha
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004~ TO FLEE
Leah "Leah," the stranger repeated, my name as if tasting it. There was something about the way he said my name, like a secret whispered in the dark. "Please call me Aiden," he said, extending his hand for a handshake. I stared down at his large hand that could easily hold two of mine, hesitating before looking up at him again. What harm could taking his hand do? I forced my hand into his, and they felt rough and strong against mine. He gripped it firmly and slowly. While holding my gaze, he lifted my hand to his lips. He placed a soft kiss on the back of my hand, the warmth of his breath caressing my skin, sending sparks up my arm like a live wire. A gasp escaped my lips as I pulled my hand away from his. A low rumble escaped his lips, and I was certain he was aware of the effect he was having on me. This was dangerous. "Nice meeting you, Leah." He said, his eyes shifting to my hair. "Your hair looks more beautiful when you let it down," He reached out a hand, and before
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005~ FROM,
Aiden "Goddamit," I tightened my grip around the club as I watched the bloodied man sprawled on the ground, his breath ragged and shallow. "Give me a fucking name, bastard!" I grunt, swinging the club and striking his side. He jerked, then lay still on the cold floor of the basement. The basement smelled of blood and sweat. I have been here for two hours trying to get this bastard to cough up the name of the bastard who sent him to steal from me but he kept his mouth shut till the very end. This was getting on my nerves. How dare they steal from me? I guess I am not as scary as I used to be in the past. They should remember that no one messes with me and lives to tell the tale! "Hey," I said, nudging his face with the end of the club that had his blood on the surface, but he remained still. "No way I am letting you die without giving me a name," I growled, bending down to slap his face. I put a finger under his nose and felt a faint breath. "Take him away. Make sure he does
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006~ THAT IS
Leah,Friday finally came! My mom agreed to the dinner right away as if she had been looking forward to it for a long time. The only time they got to see each other was at social gatherings, so I understand that this was more intimate since it would be only the family present."Why don't we plan a date for two of them?" Aria, my second sister who lived in another city, suggested that morning over the phone.That was a great idea. I know my parents still loved each other despite them denying it. They haven't been in a serious relationship since their divorce, and there is this tension between them whenever they are in the same room. They just needed a push to realize that.The hairs on my arm and neck prickled like tiny needles as a hand grazed my bare arm. I didn't need to look up to know who it was. The smell of his familiar cologne hit me before he spoke. It was weird that I knew the smell of his cologne when we only met twice."Mr. Carter," his rough deep voice greeted, and I shiv
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007~ WHAT
Leah,I felt the weight of his head rest on my shoulders as he murmured, "Is it me, or were you running away from me?""If you don't mind, I'd like to get in my car and go home," I shivered when his nose brushed against my neck."I find this part of you cute," he said. "The part that acts like she isn't scared."I removed my hand just as he was about to slam the car door shut, jerking back in panic, my body pressing against his. His chest vibrated against my back from a chuckle, and I took a step forward quickly, turning around to face him."What the hell are you doing?" I yelled, my voice shaking despite my best effort to hide my fear.His amused eyes stared down at me, a smile curling his lips, knowing that he had me cornered just like he wanted.Fuck! I hated this."Just trying to fulfil a promise," he shrugged. "I don't like the idea of breaking a promise.""I told you I was married," I bit my lip, looking anywhere but at him."And I made it clear I didn't give a fuck, doll." He c
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008~ YOU ARE
Leah,I was yet to realize the gravity of the situation I was in. I didn't understand fully what it meant to attract the attention of Aiden Kingston, a caporegime of the Kingston family. The strongest crime family in the city.A man who was under one man and above many others. Normally, I wouldn't be searching online for him, but the situation called for a background check, and the news wasn't giving me much. Heck, the news didn't mention anything about them being a crime family!They had everyone starting from the politicians down to the police and business owners at their finger tips. So it wasn't surprising that there was no article about their illegal activities.The Kingston family ran a hotel, club, and casino business, but we all know that is not all it is. It was just a cover-up for their illegal business. I needed to know who I was dealing with and avoid him at all cost, but who would I ask. My parents would become suspicious if I asked about it.It was frustrating how on g
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009~ TO ME.
Leah,Liam: I won't be attending the wedding with you. Something urgent came up! Send my greetings to John. Love you ☺️I stared down at my phone as I reread the message. I should have known he was going to do this at the last moment! He even bought me a dress and acted like he was so excited about going for a social event with me.Maybe something urgent actually came up!I drove into the hotel where the reception was being held. The name 'Ceaser's ' was written in bold letters on the hotel. It was one of the biggest hotels in the city, and I should have done my research before coming. That way, I wouldn't be as shocked as I was when I ran into him.The valet, a young man with a charming smile, took the key from me as I got down from my car.As I walked through the hallway heading for the ballroom, I ran into one of my dad's business partner."Mrs. Carter," the man with grey hair called.He was with a younger woman who supported him by holding his arm."Mrs. Walsh," I corrected the ma
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Leah,Some guests were on the dance floor swirling to a slow waltz that played as we walked in. Those sitting around tables were too busy watching the dance, discussing or eating to bother with I, and Aiden plus, the lights in the ballroom were dim."Hey, don't you think it's time to let me go?" I whispered as he led me through tables occupied by guests."Almost there, doll," he leaned down and whispered back. "And we won't stay for long, I promise."His eyes lingered on my lips as he spoke, and he smirked when I pressed them together.He steered me towards a table in a corner of the hall. The three chairs around the table were empty, the fourth occupied by a man who stood up to greet, Aiden nervously.He pulled a chair out for me, gesturing for me to sit. I scowled at him but ended up sitting on it since there was nothing to gain from creating a scene."Good girl," he said, brushing a strand of hair away from my face. "I am itching to let your hair down.""Don't," I warned, leaning aw
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