Contradicting Twins Love

Contradicting Twins Love

By:  Mabel Osagiede  Ongoing
Language: English
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Meet Thelma Logan and Theresa Logan. They are twenty-five years old identical twins with different personalities, on a mission to save their father's business. Thelma is the sweet, calm, reserved, peaceful and kind-hearted one while Theresa is the logical, unconstrained, gregarious, and confident one. They set out on their mission and met Alexander Roger, a twenty-seven years old man with a broken soul. He sees life in a different way and uses a cold demeanor as his shield. When the twins fall in love with their boss, Alex, who is also their enemy, questions arise. Will they be able to mend his broken soul? Will their mission be successful? And who gets him? It's a choice between family and love. It's hard to decide.

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Wendy Opurum
creative piece of writing. can't wait to start reading?
2020-09-28 19:01:03
18 Chapters
"Never!" Mr Roger yelled. He clenched and unclenched his fists as his eyes blazed with pure rage. He won't agree with Mr Logan. "You have had your way for years but not today," he added. His eyes still sending daggers."I just asked for you to increase my commission 2% above my previous one," Mr Logan shrugged. His gaze darted to the floor-to-ceiling window in the conference room.  "What are you doing for this company? Absolutely nothing except to snatch our profits into that greedy pocket of yours" Mr Roger fired back in defense."Hey, mind the way you talk""It is the truth, Mr Logan. It is the truth, my friend"."Do not call me your friend. We started this business together. I invested. You too. And now I asked for a little increase. You are raining insults on me," Mr Logan barked. His forehead creased as he glared at Mr Roger. He wanted that increase. He wanted more m
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"Miss Theresa the great!!  Please go in first. You know you love to do things your way" Thelma said jokingly as she bit her lower lip. You could tell from her expression that she was nervous.Her eyes gazed at the huge building before her. They were at the front of the R&L building and construction company. It was time to fulfill their father's promise.For years, their father had always told them that they had a company of their own which was stolen from them by the Rogers. The twin both studied business administration to come back for a sweet revenge.Now it was their turn to do their part. They were to go into the company and look for a way to take ownership of it. They had gone for the interview. Thelma was employed as a personal assistant to the CEO and Theresa got the job of the sale manager."Theresa, go in" Thelma urged."Oh please!" Theresa stretched and adjusted her dress.&nb
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Alex stared at Theresa like she was an irritating piece of item. A line drew between his brows as he snarled. This was one of his expression that frightened his employee. The one in which his face was as hard and vicious as a dangerous predator."Don't stare at me like that.  Who pushed me to do it?  Next time when I greet you, you have to answer me" Theresa flipped him off. "Are you sick in the head? Firstly, you came into my office late without a watch and now you are trying to provoke me" he grabbed her arm and with force, pulled her towards himself.He hollered, "Do you know how easy it is for me to fire you? It wouldn't take me a second to destroy your career"."Late? No way! I am the sale manager of this company. Watch that mouth of yours!" she hissed. Alex's grip on her arm was tighter than ever. Theresa whined, "Ouch!".    "Sale manager? You are
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"Give me that remote control!" Theresa  commanded. Thelma sighed in reply."Please, can you allow me to just watch this one. Please!" Thelma pleaded.They were in a hotel room. Actually, they lived far away from their home in Pennsylvania so they decided to stay in a hotel. They came to New York City, the city that never sleep. They were in Belvedere Hotel. The room was wide enough for both of them and it was classy. Theresa had made sure it was of her taste."What are you watching?""Hmm... Okay! I will tell you. I am watching... Barbie!" Thelma faltered."Barbie? At this age? In fact, go... go away. I am so disappointed. Leave that television alone," Theresa taunted."Oh, come on! Don't you have any texting or chatting to do?" Thelma suggested, flailing her arms. "You can even take selfies. You look extraordinary pretty but please let me complete this".Th
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Theresa's reply left them baffled. The light brown-haired guy walked up to them."I believe I know her name, Brat!" he glared at her.Theresa rolled her eyes, unfazed by his words. She looked at him from head to toe."What? Do you expect me to cry because you called me a brat? Pathetic! I didn't know calling you a jerk would hurt. I thought you knew already. Classic me, always assuming" she smiled with an air of confidence and sashayed away."Sorry! Please pardon my sister" Thelma spoke out. She had pity on him. She knew Theresa's words could be hurtful."I hate that woman," the guy said and everyone gasped.Oscar placed his hand on his shoulder. "Calm down! This is your first time meeting her. Don't hold grudges""Whatever! I'm Kelvin by the way. Nice to meet you""It's nice to meet you too""Hope to see you soon," Oscar simp
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The sun had set and the moon now smiled to the world. The twinkling stars were having their playdate. However Theresa wasn't in a cheerful mood, she stomped to reception. She was furious. Her room was too dusty when she had gotten back from work and the bedsheets had not been changed. She slammed her hand on the counter."Didn't I pay for my room to be cleaned daily?" she yelled. "Yesterday, you didn't clean and today, the same thing. What's wrong with you people? Do..."The receptionist cut in, "Sorry ma'am. We will clean it now""Oh! I don't deserve my beauty sleep!" her voice dripped of sarcasm. She flipped her hair to her shoulder and placed both hands on her waist. Her tiny waist gave her the sexy hourglass figure. With her eyes narrowed, she gave a dominating look. "Ma'am, you can stay in the swimming area. You can relax there while we clean. Your mates hang out there oft
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It was Oscar's turn to play and he selected 'truth'. Kelvin was to ask him."My man! I will make this simple. How did you feel when Thelma pecked you?" A naughty smile shone on his Kelvin's face.Oscar feigning anger, he yelled, "Kelvin, what's your problem?""Ok! Ok! Here is the real question. It's so simple. Well, I need the answer to it sincerely because I have been asking myself. Are you dating Sylvia?"Dave exclaimed, "Yeah, bro! I have been asking myself"Who is Sylvia? Thelma wondered."Guys, you got it all wrong. I am not dating her. We are just friends" Oscar replied and shrugged."Bro, she doesn't see you as a friend. She is crazy for you" Kelvin pointed out."She even boasts that you love her as much" a lady amongst them added."I didn't know that" Oscar voiced. He raked his fingers in his blonde hair and shrugg
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"Thelma, hurry up" Theresa yelled as she walked down the hall. They were on their way to work. Thelma fumbled with the bundle of keys as she tried to lock the door to their room."Just... Leave! I will lock it" Theresa pushed Thelma and locked the door. "As simple as ABC, sis!" she shook her head.They entered the elevator. On their way out, they saw Kelvin but he wasn't the usual Kelvin this time, rather he was gloomy. He had a long face.Thelma noticed this. She decided she had to say something to Theresa about last night. She turned only to find Theresa leaving the hotel building. Quickly, she ran behind her."Wait for me! ""Wait for you? We are late and you are telling me to wait. Let me remind you, I am the Managing Director. I am suppose to possess leadership qualities" Theresa flipped her off.They got into a taxi. After some minutes, they got to the company's buildi
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Alex sat on his swivel chair. He steepled his fingers and rocked on his chair. He was contemplating on how he could get his business back in shape. At that moment, it was disoriented."Seriously, Vivian and that her brother are fools" Theresa commented as she toyed with a pen on Thelma's office desk. She sat on it and crossed her long legs."How can you call them fools?" Alex asked. "They need a better adjective worst than the word 'fools'. How can they even think for a second that I will give them 80% of our monthly income?""I know, right? They have proven to me that not  everyone that looks normal are actually sensible" Theresa exclaimed, flailing her arms."Okay! Instead of insulting, let's think of a plan" Thelma suggested."What do we look like we're doing?" Alex snapped and narrowed his eyes at her."Playing?" Theresa quizzed with both brows up.
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"All females are full of disappointment and deceit" Alex blustered."What did you say?"Thelma turned to him. She gave him a piercing stare. "How can you say so? Women are passionate, sweet and awesome. How dare you say that? It is men that are generally full of disappointment and deceit. Try quoting me wrong!" she fumed and placed her arms akimbo on her waist.Alex dragged his hawkish gaze towards her and he cocked a brow, surprised to see Thelma's reaction."It's not fair! Aren't I a woman? And here I am working my butt off for your benefit," she hollered on."That's your job," he replied with a nonchalant expression. "Why didn't you employ a man if men are that wonderful?" she shot back. She was trying to be calm since Alex was her boss but his words were too offensive."You have a mother, don't you? Then, you are indirectly referring t
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