Crazy Hearts

Crazy Hearts

By:  Cosypurple  Ongoing
Language: English
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When Diane Biggins meets Danny Seth for the first time she doesn't like him and she is convinced to stay away from him but things go wrong when she just can't stay away, even when he happens to be a guy her best friend's been messing around with. Danny thinks she is not his type but he just can't stay away either. It's even worse when she needs his help to save her mom and he demands she marries him and gives him a child in return. Why would he want to be married to someone he doesn't want to be around How would her best friend feel? What happens to her self-promise of never getting married? These questions make Diane want to reject Danny but how would she?

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9 Chapters
DianeMy eyes are heavy as always as I open the restaurant door lazily. I should be used to over-stressing myself from work already. My head suddenly feels heavy and I feel like I am going to pass out. "Oh my, I'm so sorry" I continuously apologize to him, with my gaze fixed on his half-ruined white shirt from my lipstick on it. How could I have fallen into someone without noticing?"I'm so sorry," I say again before raising my head. His dark hair. His caramel eyes, his face. He looks so perfect and very familiar. But his frown is like he is going to murder me. "Seriously? Sorry, you say. How the hell am I going to fix this shit on my shirt?" He questions referring to the lipstick stuff on his shirt. "Uhh. I could. Uhh. Pay for laundry" I stutter jumbled. "Yh, that would be great, we would have been on the same wavelength if you weren't too dumb to think I would look like a maniac wearing only a jacket on the street" he takes a few steps closer and looks at me annoyed and he turns
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This stranger
I continuously pinched my tighs in fear. If she rejects the resignation. No, she can't do that. What if she says until one week before she'd clear my resignation?"It's my choice, and I choose to delay the resignation until next week" her voice keeps playing negative replies in my head. I'd lose the other job before the. Heaven forbid.My mind continues to think of different negative replies unaware of my present self. Even Mrs. Hopper should be too busy to notice."Miss Diane" Mrs. Hopper's screaming voice brings me back to the present. Her screaming reminds me of what her negative reply would be like…. Is like in my head."I found a new job" I simply say."And I wish to resign, here is my resignation letter" I add and present my resignation letter before her."Ohhh, it's fine, I'll sign the papers within a week until then you have to keep working here, it was part of the contract right?" Is she seriously asking me that? She doesn't even care about the anger that begins to spread on
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DannyMy eyes are fixed on hers as I stare at her motionlessly. Why did I come back? Why is there something too familiar about this girl? And for chrissake, why am I staring at her like this? Am going to freak out. She blinks severally and my lips curve into a smile. And again WHY?I get over the trance when she closes her eyes and tightens her lips to a line and regains my frivolousness and withdraws from her."Don't get flattered crazy, you're not my type, so I could never kiss you" I tease her with a serious tone. She scoffs and takes a step forward, so her breath is directly at my chest."Fucker" she curses under her breath."Just fuck off already, I've got work to do" she walks inside. Oh my God, she just called me a fucker. Someone just called Danny Seth a fucker. My fuse arises and I rush inside my car and zoom off.Get a grip, Danny! A little girl's word shouldn't get you this fussed. Just a fucking word. She looked so familiar. Her hot breath. Her unique cerulescent eyes. Her
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Friday party
DianeI jump around the living room excitedly, practicing some funny dancing styles. After four working days, Mrs. Hopper finally signed the resignation letters. The expression on her face when she gave me the letter almost made me burst out in laughter. She is something else. Avery walks in with a surprised look. "Mrs hopper signed the resignation letter" I announce and practice another style."Woooaaahhh that's fantastic. Perfect timing. I've got a party to attend. Seth's best friend is celebrating his birthday. You are coming with me to celebrate this good news and the new job" she joins me in dancing and I stop with a scowl.There is no way in hell Diane Biggins is going to a fucking night party. My mom is going to kill me if she finds out. Yeh, she could never find out except I want her to know…. Damn it I promised Diane I would attend a party to celebrate my new job and now that I got out of my old job, she has so many reasons to get my butts out of this house. I'm so screwed.
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Diane"I should probably have stayed back," I say worriedly. I know I shouldn't have come with Avery. Her mom doesn't like me and her dad despises me too much.I can picture them kicking me out as soon as I step in. God, I just shit myself."Chill out, it's my parent's house, not hell" Avery rolls her eyes. Does she ever take big things seriously?"Thank you, mister," she says as we get out of the taxi. We're rich enough to own a car and. Ditch taxis. It's Avery, who is rich enough. What I'm I even thinking? "Maybe we should go back, I'm sorry I've been bothering you way too much, you ditched your parents doe me, you pay our rent almost all the time, the electricity, and all of those shits, I should be able to fix this, it's too much" I rush my words fast enough so she can't stop me halfway."Shut the fuck up, I love you so much, I'd do anything for you" she pulls me into a hug and holds my wrist tightly…maybe harshly dragging me into her family's mansion.She tries to cover up the s
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He already said no
"Sir…" I stutter trying to pull myself together. Avery didn't tell me this guy owns this place. I swallow hard waiting for his reply. He looks at me and smirks. What for? "Room 306, come up for apology," He says and walks away, his hands tucked in his pocket. I'm so screwed. How can I go up there? How would I not apologize? I'm so screwed. The first day at work and I've fucked up everything. I haven't messed up anything. This fucker boss is….. Argghhh I can't lose this job, at least not yet. Mama's illness needs money. I walk out of my desk and halt halfway to the elevator. Who's supposed to replace me when I leave here? Where am I supposed to find Regina? Still thinking, the sound of heels on the hard floor gets my attention. A brunette walks to me boldly, her heels seem to do a great job on her height, her curves so obvious from her short jade gown. She blows a bubble from the gum in her mouth and there is a loud sound from it. "Stop staring at me like that, it's obnoxious
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Still No
"How did you manage to make him change his mind though? He sounded so sure of his answer when we pleaded. His NO was so firm" I continuously question Avery. "It's really really weird, I've never heard him change his mind. But I've told you before, I didn't say anything to him, he just called and said we should meet him in the next twenty minutes or he would change his mind". We walk into the reception and I am surprised to see the brunette is there. She glares at me for a while before turning to smile at Avery. " We have an appointment with the CEO," Avery hastily says, and ms. Brunette nods and directs us to Mr. CEO's room. The elevator ride is usually quiet. Even with so many people in it. Shouldn't Avery be saddened that Danny suddenly wants me? Does she not like him even one bit? "Avery" I call and we both halt in the hallway. "Don't you like Danny at all?" I ask and she smiles and drags my arms into Mr. CEO's room. The familiar dark aura welcomes our presence. Avery makes h
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Seducing me
Danny's POVShe didn't, she didn't just reject me. She can't. "I mean how am I supposed to say no? Why are you doing this?" Her voice becomes low..."You would have just gotten someone else to do your shit for you"."When you decide on what to do, you let me know" I reply nonchalantly and hang up.Fucckk. Why is it like I just broke a diamond? When I did no shit. If she is so fucking innocent. Is that enough reason for her best friend to slap me? I'm glad I kept my cool though. I should have just hit her to soothe myself. Why did she have to be a girl? A weak girl.I badly want to help this girl, because if I had the opportunity to keep my mom alive. I'd kill anyone stopping me. It's even crazier that I still want to help her when her dad has something to do with my dad's death. It's so obvious, she is different. But why is it like I have a connection with her? What connection do we have?"Hey bro" Andrew greets crashing on the couch like always."The fuck you thinking about? Still h
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Her family
There is a knock on the door and I suddenly jump up."Danny open the door, so I can come in" Leslie's voice comes from outside. Fuckkk I asked her to come. I dropped my abstinence shit thothiugh. I still needed a pussy to cool off."I'll call you back later baby, I'm on something" I try to sound relaxed."Who is that?" Diane whispers."It's none of your business" I relax on the couch. "Your mom should be transferred tomorrow" I concentrate on my phone trying to avoid the looks in her eyes.She stands up and smiles. "It was easier than I thought, so we have a wedding to plan".She seems all pleased with herself. Way to go Diane. But it's actually because I want to help. But her tricks were brilliant. She made it all look like it was a mistake when obviously she had it planned. But sincerely, her eyes would have made me fall for it all, if I was unaware in the first place."Hello" she snaps her fingers at me."Yeah, your mom should be transferred sooner" I blurt."You already said th
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