Daddy's Billionaire Boss

Daddy's Billionaire Boss

By:  Jt  Ongoing
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Avery's always harbored a crush on Jake Ortega, the charming boy next door who once stole her first kiss. Life pulled them apart when she had to move away with her mom. But now, fate reunites them, and sparks fly anew. With Jake now at the helm of his father's billion-dollar company, their rekindled connection breaches all boundaries, fueled by an irresistible attraction. ********* "Do you like that princess?" Jake thirstily questioned between our kiss once again. "Y..yes." I managed to moan out before he cruelly removed himself. Jake stood above me while staring down at me with a pleasing smirk on his handsome face. "Your lips taste of strawberries just as they were before princess. Now I want you to be a good little girl and maybe, just maybe I'll give you what your body has been craving for and more."

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11 Chapters
1. A reunion.
"Dad!" I exclaimed as I leaped into my father's welcoming embrace, overjoyed to be reunited with the one man who had always been a pillar of strength and love in my life—the best father anyone could ask for. "My dear Avery!" His voice brimmed with affection as he enveloped me in a tight hug, his warmth flooding my senses and instantly melting away any residual distance between us. After eight long years spent living with my mom in California, I had returned to New York to complete my final year of high school. Yet, more than anything, I had yearned for this moment, to be back in the comforting presence of my father, whom I had sorely missed during our time apart. As they say, absence truly does make the heart grow fonder. "You've grown up so much since the last time I saw you," my father remarked, his eyes twinkling with pride as he surveyed me. "Look at you. I can't tell whether you're a child or an adult." He teased playfully, his words carrying a hint of nostalgia as he ushered
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2. Staying with Jake.
Eight years ago.......I lounged on the sofa, engrossed in my favorite TV show, the familiar sounds of my parents arguing in their bedroom provided a dissonant backdrop. However, the discord was soon interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Jake through the front door.He had stopped by to deliver some work items from his father to mine, but upon overhearing the heated exchange between my parents, he opted to join me on the sofa instead of making a swift exit.Jake and I had always been friends, so his presence beside me didn't feel out of place. Yet, whenever he drew near, a subtle warmth crept into my cheeks, a reaction he seemed to take great pleasure in witnessing.As he settled in beside me, I hastily let my hair fall loose, attempting to mask my self-consciousness."You didn't have to do that, you know," Jake teased, his playful tone drawing a shy smile from me."Popcorn?" I offered, hoping to divert the conversation away from my sudden bout of bashfulness."You really do have a
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3. An Expert.
I waited impatiently for my father to pick me up from school, a sense of surprise washed over me when Jake pulled up at my feet instead. I wondered curiously as I looked up at the finely handsome man before me. He was absolutely gorgeous, and my heart fluttered with nervous excitement.However, reality quickly set in. Jake had a girlfriend, a fact that dampened my fleeting fantasies."What are you doing here?" I blurted out, my voice betraying a hint of surprise and curiosity."Hello, Avery. Your father has asked me to take you home. I hope you haven't forgotten that he'll be away for two weeks," Jake's deep voice resonated, sending a rush of butterflies swirling within me.Could I really contain myself being so close to my crush?"I'm sure I could just walk home. You didn't need to come all this way just to pick me..." I started to protest, but Jake cut me off with a gentle insistence, ushering me into the car once again.Feeling Jake's presence so close, his scent enveloping me, I c
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4. Throbbing Pain.
I entered my bathroom, making sure to leave the door open. I bit my lip, knowing I was being naughty for doing this, but I blamed it on Jake for making me excruciatingly horny. It was becoming rather painful for me, especially since I had been drinking and was somewhat intoxicated, not in the right mind. I needed to ease the throbbing pain between my thighs. Stepping into the shower, I felt the warm water cascade around me, offering a brief respite from my restless thoughts. Despite the soothing embrace of the water, I couldn't shake off the feeling of loneliness that gnawed at me. Truthfully, being near Jake was only making it worse. Every time I saw him, the need to grind against him became even more powerful than before. My breasts appeared to be slightly enlarged, I noted. I started to squeeze my nipples between my fingers and stimulate them. I became incredibly excited at the notion of Jake touching them. My pussy getting wetter just by the thought. My hand went from my brea
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5. So Good.
I felt the gentle shake of Jake's hand on my shoulder, coaxing me out of the depths of sleep. Blinking my eyes open, I found myself face to face with him, his warm breath ghosting over my skin, sending a shiver down my spine. His intense gaze met mine, and I felt a flutter in my chest.My senses slowly awakened, I became acutely aware of Jake's closeness, the heat of his body radiating beside me. Memories of the vivid dream I had just awoken from flooded my mind, a dream where I was on top of Jake riding the waves of pleasure, leaving me breathless and wanting more."It's time for you to get ready for school." he advised."Thank you for waking me up." I would surely not bother to set my alarms in the mornings with a wake up like this.I shifted slightly, feeling the soft brush of Jake's thigh against mine as he sat on the edge of the bed. His presence was intoxicating, stirring something deep within me that I couldn't quite name. I watched as his eyes daringly roamed over me, tracing
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6. My little Avery.
Third party PovJake sat in his office, his mind drifting back to memories of Avery, the sweet girl he had known since their teenage years. He had to smile as he thought about how she had grown up to be such a beautiful young woman, though he couldn't deny the twinge of nostalgia for the innocent girl she once was.As he went over some documents, Jake's thoughts wandered to the unexpected encounter he had with Avery when he stopped by her house earlier. He hadn't planned on seeing her, but there she was, looking absolutely ravishing. It was impossible not to notice how much she had changed, how she had filled out in all the right places.Jake could not help but notice the way Avery dressed, so alluring and daring, showcasing her curves in a way that was impossible to ignore. It wasn't that he was trying to ogle her, but she made it difficult not to appreciate her beauty. Lost in memories of Avery, he couldn't shake the feeling that she had grown into more than just a beautiful woman
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7. Long and Hard.
After Jake picked me up from school, I could feel the sexual tension in the car. I wondered if it was just me. I was way too horny for my own good!But then again, I had never felt this time of tension around anyone else except that of Jake.Upon getting home we both freshened up and Jake made dinner for us to eat. As I finished dinner with Jake, a sense of contentment settled over me. His cooking was delicious. But as bedtime approached, a familiar anticipation tingled.Deciding to indulge myself, I slipped into a lacy, see-through pajama set without bothering with a bra. The sheer fabric left little to the imagination, and I smile proudly as I admired myself in the mirror, reveling in my own sensuality.Climbing into bed, I sank into the softness of the sheets, feeling a thrill of excitement course through me. But as I nestled under the covers, a sense of unease crept over me with the distant rumble of thunder. Despite my efforts to outgrow it, I still harbored a fear of thunder an
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8. The insignificant other.
I made my way down the grand staircase of Jake's sprawling mansion, the decision to move in with him still fresh in my mind from this morning. It seemed Jake had an office tucked away within the labyrinth of his home, a space where he could focus and be more productive without the hassle of shuttling between residences to retrieve documents.I descended, a glimmer of hope flickered within me, anticipating Jake's return from work. However, upon arrival, only his chauffeur awaited, ready to drop me off at his doorstep. Jake's opulent abode epitomized the epitome of luxury, a place that encapsulated the dreams of many.The sight was truly awe-inspiring.Yet, despite the allure of the mansion, I found myself unable to shake the memories of last night from my thoughts. The experience had been exhilarating, leaving me yearning for more.However, my reverie was abruptly interrupted as I reached the ground floor and encountered a woman standing in the living room, her appearance reminiscent o
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9. Finger licking good.
I observed Jake as he made his way into the dining hall accompanied by a guest. A grin spread across my face as I looked upward, feeling grateful that I could seize the opportunity to grab a quick snack and indulge in my favorite apple juice, which he had thoughtfully stocked up on before retreating to my bed.My moment of solace was interrupted, unfortunately, by someone seeking my attention. Mind you, I was clad in my pajamas - attire I had hoped Jake would catch a glimpse of before I encountered his girlfriend. Thankfully, they weren't anything too revealing."Hi, I don't believe we've had the pleasure of meeting before? I'm Michael Richardson," a charming young man with curly brown hair and warm brown eyes greeted me.He adjusted his glasses and offered a shy smile, revealing a set of endearing dimples. His hesitant posture and youthful appearance struck me immediately.Returning his smile, I extended my hand for a handshake while cradling the bag of Lay's chips and apple juice cl
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10. Secret Touches.
After Jake had left my room the previous night, I found myself unable to shake off the lingering sensations he had ignited within me. Surrendering to the craving he had awakened, I reached for one of my toys to finish what he had started, allowing the waves of pleasure to wash over me as I succumbed to the memory of his touch.His fingers had felt undeniably good against my skin, but it was the electrifying sensation of him inside me that left me yearning for more. The thought of Jake lingered in my mind, his presence leaving an indelible mark on my desires.I sat in the car, waiting for Jake to join me, my heart raced with anticipation, unsure of what awaited us, yet unable to quell the fervent desire pulsating through me.Upon spotting him approaching, clad in a sleek black suit with impeccably styled hair, I hastily inserted my earbuds, seeking refuge in music to mask the tumult of emotions swirling inside me."Good morning, princess," Jake greeted as he entered the car, his gaze l
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