When morning came, Aqua was sluggish. It was a huge contrast to Dawn’s alertness from a night of well rest.

“What happened?” the mafia boss asked when he noticed how lacklustre Aqua was compared to normal. The mermaid was usually high in energy and bubbly. Seeing her look so sluggish made him feel uncomfortable.

“I don’t know,” Aqua answered and immediately started groaning, clutching at her throat. “I feel weird.”

Looking at the bag of snacks, Dawn felt remorseful. He should have known the curious mermaid was going to finish everything in one night. She must be suffering the effects of eating too much chocolate now.

“I’ll get you something to make you feel better. No chocolates for a while until you feel better. Although they are delicious, too much of it can make you sick.”

Sick? What was that? 

Despite the initial communication confusion, Dawn quickly learned that mermaids don&rsq
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