Delivery On A Mattress

Delivery On A Mattress

By:  Cess Toads  Ongoing
Language: English
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The people in Saka mountain had a unique garbage disposal— they threw trashes on a cliff! When Lindy, a ten-year-old girl fell on that cliff, she found herself in an unfamiliar house and surroundings. She's in the wild! There, she would encounter a handsome boy named Gus, beast spirits, and suspicious village elders. They will uncover the secrets of Kahuyan village, or so they thought. But before they know it, Lin's timer was up. She has to return to where she belongs. Years passed after she left the mysterious village, the fates will entangle them again. Gus and Lin will finish what they've started. And they will not stop until they find the answer this time. With untold stories only they knew, they got closer than ever. Confused with their newly found affection, they began to examine the emotions they felt. Their hearts won't beat faster when they're together. They never got jealous towards another person. If butterflies in the stomach really does exist, theirs' were still caterpillars. Aren’t those the basic feelings for romance? All they know is that they're at peace with each other's company. And they'd do anything to keep that peace for a very long time.

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14 Chapters
It's true
We lived in a mountain where it’s not totally inaccessible, but also not that convenient to live in. From an average family, average looks, average IQ… Anyways, I’m just an average girl, okay? Though, I enjoy reading more than an average 10-year old girl.“MA! My socks please…” I said to my mom, Ellen,  who was cooking in the kitchen. My ‘ma’ was a high school teacher while my ‘pa’ was an electrician. I have two older brothers, Jiro and Rigo(identical twins), who were 2 years older than me.I heard my mom’s footsteps through the door. “Lin, isn’t it time for you to look for your things using your eyes and not your mouth?” She said while entering the room looking for the other pair of my socks. I’d say I’m pretty reliable and independent. HOWEVER, that is only true when my mom’s not around. But when she’s with me, I turn into a malfunc
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 *ding… ding… ding…* My favorite sound was the bell, it meant that I can give my full attention to reading. Today’s lunchtime was quite a delight for me, there were no distractions in my surrounding. My classmates usually flocked in my seat and have their chitchat. But since they were busy cramming their essay, they’re all facing their paper with pen in their hands.We had to write down the things we’ve understood and lessons we’ve learned from the reading assignment. It was easy since I love reading, anyways. Right now, I’m reading ‘The Emperor’s Desire’(My Ma owns this book). She kept her books in their closet, but I discovered her secret stash about three months ago. People assumed that I’m a genius. A usual perception for people who loves reading. Well, I’d like to think so too, but my grades would beg to disagree. All
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Valentine's Day
“You’re gonna be busy soon, huh?” said Cali when we started packing our stuff.“Why is that?”“Well, it’s almost Valentine’s day and I bet people will gather around you to listen to your advice.”The idea of Valentine’s day drawing near made my already tired brain collapsed. The most important event among students will be next week.“You should really collect some fee from them, y’know?”  interrupted Rigo. My brothers entered the classroom and sat on one of the vacant chairs.“Hurry packing up, Lin Lin. I need to catch a new show today,” said Jiro. He shoved down my pencil case to my bag and helped me put on my backpack.We always went home together, unless the twins made a mistake that day and needed to stay late for their punishment.My brothers walked down the corridors sneakily, always looking over their shoulders, and got startled easil
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Summer but Fall
It was the last day of class before our summer vacation starts. The cicadas echoing, breeze feeling hotter, and the sun burning everyone that meets it.We passed by the Balete tree. It protected everything beneath, a haven from the scorching sun. Now that I think of it, this side of the mountain is windy, plus the ancient Balete as a shelter, it would be a great place to relax during summertime.But my daydreaming was cut off when a kid threw a trash behind the tree.Well, except for a fact that it’s a dumping place.We’re taking our final exam today and after that, we’re free! Since I learned how to read, I’ve always anticipated summer vacations and holidays. It allowed me to spend ungodly amount hours reading.“Lin! Your brothers are here again,” said Annalyn during our break. The twins entered the classroom weakly.Girls in my class looked forward for lunchtime and break time since my twin
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Kahuyan village
It was a busy day in our village. People bustling all over the place preparing for the exciting celebration that will happen later this day.“Aah! Lucio! We need to gather more woods,” I heard someone yelling from a distance. Adults were preoccupied with gathering materials and fighting with each other on how they need more stuff, and kids (like me) were busy playing.As for me, I didn’t have many friends. I wouldn’t even call it few, just one.“Guuuuuuus!!!” I heard someone call my name, though I don’t need to see who it was. “There you are. Where you headed to?” Paco asked.He’s a short kid with a muscular body,  a high nose bridge, and thin lips. His hair was tied into a half-knot. Most of the people here have long hairs but I took the time every now and then to cut mine.“I’m going to see gramps,” I answered.“Again? But we should be enjoying this da
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Unconscious outsider
After that festive night, most of the villagers woke up late, well not me. I needed to go somewhere and with half of the village still asleep, I can avoid half of the prying eyes.The air was still cold and the sun hasn’t fully risen yet, I grabbed my poncho to keep me warm. Toptoeing as I exited the room. I don’t want to wake anyone in this household.“Come, boy,” I said quietly. Monmon, our black puppy stood up and licked my face all over.“Shhhh… Let’s go.”Just as I thought that I would be safe outside our house, Aunt Luna— our neighbor was outside, tending her garden.“Good hunting day!” said our neighbor. She looked quite intimidating. People might confuse her for a guy if not for the huge lump of fat in her chest.“Y-yeah… Good hunting day, too.”“Where you headed so early in the morning?” she combed her finger through her hair and
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Mother Knows Best
 “How’s that possible?” Gramps asked when I told him where I found the girl. I also said to him about my hunch that she might have fallen from the cliff.“Well, the soft thing protected her,” answered Paco.“Oh, the mattress? Oy child, when you fall from that height no mattress could save ya.” Then he fell silent— scratching his chin, disturbing his now growing beard. “Did anyone knew about tis?”“I don’t know. But I’m the only—”“We’re,” Paco corrected, he predicted what I’m about to say.“We’re the only one who dares to go back to the cursed site. No one could have seen her before us.” I held the girl’s wrist to check her pulse. I’ve been holding her since we got here. I was so afraid that someone would die in front of me.“Well, let’s clean her up and tend her wounds first
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Cabochon River
5 days has passed and the girl was still unconscious. The first night she stayed with us, she had a high fever, and mother had to stay by her side. We still kept the outsider as a secret. We don’t want the Elders to take a whiff of the news. When father and I brought her here to our house, we took the long way just to avoid the prying eyes of our neighbors. “Poor soul. Her family must be worried sick,” my mother said. She was now wiping her face. The bruises on the little girl’s pale skin has now subsided. She has a small face, straight hair, thin brows, and straight eyelashes. Her appearance was nothing amazing or bad. But her lips were plump and looked like she rubbed some beets on it. Once, I scrubbed her lips with some cloth to check if there was really nothing place on it. Her nose was on the petite side, but it complements her face well. The girl winced when mother hit a wound. Rowena— who was beside mother, patted the girl’s head. “Ther
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Where am I?
I woke up with a terrible headache. My vision was a bit blurry and it took me a few seconds before I could clearly see my surroundings.When I checked the place, it was unfamiliar to me. And the vibe of the house was quite peculiar.The house was made of wood just like its furniture, it looked like whoever lives here only kept the necessities; there was no décor, paint, or any form of art that we usually find in houses even in tiniest amount.Could the person who lives here a minimalist?Now, I noticed that it also lacks any kind of technology; there were no outlets, TV or even lights.Ah… A minimalist and an off-grid living, huh?Voices can be heard outside the house which eases my mind a little bit. I tried to recollect what happened before I arrived in this predicament. But all I could remember was the Balete tree.I stood up and felt my whole body ache. When I checked my arms, lashes and bruises were embedded on my s
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Three Kinds of Kids
I was beyond elated when I heard that there’s another person who got to this very unlikely situation.“Can I meet that person?”  I asked.He nodded. “Maybe if you recovered more—”“I’m perfectly fine right now.”He was about to say something but didn’t continue. He just sighed and nodded.I scanned his face to study it a bit more. Gus has long lashes, thick and well-defined brows, and a high nose bridge. Everything about him was beautiful — his face, hair, and gleaming tanned skin.“You’re really pretty. Do you have some kind of a skincare routine?”He glared at me but didn’t say anything.“What? Did I do something to offend you? Perhaps your routine is a secret?” I asked, having no idea what I did.“I’m—I’m not pretty! I’m no girl,” he said. It seemed like it took a lot of effort
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