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In a whirlwind of masked confessions and secret desires, Holly takes a leap of faith at a dazzling masquerade party, declaring her undeniable love to her best friend's older brother. Little does she know, their passionate encounter beneath the mask is shrouded in mystery and forgotten in an instant. When Holly finds she's out carrying his child weeks later, she musters up the courage to reveal the truth to him, only to be met with jealousy and confusion. As she grapples with his unexpected coldness, she can't help but feel a deep sense of shame, prompting her to vanish without a trace, carrying their precious secret within her. Years pass, and Holly's life takes an unforeseen turn when her mother falls ill. Forced to confront her past and return to her roots, she unwittingly exposes her hidden truth, forever altering the course of her life. In a heart-wrenching tale of redemption and second chances, Holly and her lost love embark on an emotional journey back to one another, rekindling a love that time couldn't extinguish. Uniting in sacred matrimony, their shared love blossoms, bringing forth a future filled not only with the twin sons they were destined to have, but with the healing power of forgiveness and a love that defies all odds.

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Ruth Andersen
A Nice story, love it!
2024-03-23 05:43:25
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Mary Cole
good story. short and to the point without unnecessary chapters to add length
2024-03-16 04:43:47
38 Chapters
Chapter one.
The cold winter wind blew through Eve’s hair, as her mother, Holly, smiled affectionally at the small girl. She was so beautiful in every way, Holly thought. She would always think that. Holly chose the name Eve for her daughter because she had always believed the eve of every holiday was the most exciting day. Holly went to bed full of joy on Christmas Eve, ready to open her presents. The night before easter she would waste her time until she fell asleep thinking of all the possible little nooks and crannies the easter bunny would hide delicious eggs for her to find in the morning. Holly was no longer a little girl, but her love for the holidays never faded, and the only thing she looked forward to more than those special times was her daughter. Her daughter was her new ‘eve’ and so she had named her as such. “Mommy.” Eve’s small voice was almost lost amongst the cars and the busy sidewalk as she called to her mother. “What is it, baby?” Holly looked down at her young daughter. “T
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Chapter two.
Lincoln opened the back door for Holly and Eve. Holly said thank you as she passed him, Eve regarded him sceptically, aware of how uncomfortable her mother seemed to be around him. Lincoln felt a pang of sadness pierce his heart. He always imagined himself the father of Holly’s children. How he wished he could turn back the clock. Feeling guilty he snapped out of it. He had a beautiful fiancée, and Holly did not want him. What was he thinking? He shook the thoughts from his head and quickly got in the car. “I am sorry to hear that your mother is sick.” Lincoln knew how close Holly was to her mother. He understood how hard this must be for her, especially after the loss of her father when they were teenagers. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything he could do to comfort her.“I am, too.” Holly sighed. It was hard for her to talk about. “Are you excited to visit your grandma?’’ Lincoln asked the young girl, who he strangely wanted to be closer to. Kathy, Holly’s mother, never mentioned
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Chapter three.
After Eve fell asleep, Holly carried her of to bed. It was a struggle, Eve wasn’t as little as she once was, but still Holly managed to flick back the corner of the quilt and lay her daughter gently on her bed. She then carefully removed her socks and shoes and tucked her in. Eve stirred but Holly was able to quickly lull her back to sleep with a soft hum. When she was satisfied that her daughter would not wake, Holly placed a gentle loving kiss on Eve’s little forehead and smiled at her sweetly. For the hundredth time today, Holly thought herself lucky.Ever so gently as to not make a sound, Holly pulled her daughter’s door shut behind her and sighed. The fear of change was crushing her. Holly stared at the bathroom with so much longing. She wanted to lock herself in there until Maggie grew impatient with her and left. But Maggie had been careful not to say anything in front of Eve, something she was grateful for. Holly knew how desperate she must have been to say something, she m
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Chapter four
By the time Maggie got home it was very late, she was surprised to see her brother waiting up for her. “Link, you scared the crap out of me.” Maggie scolded her brother who sat in the kitchen without the light off, the creep. “You were gone a long time.” Lincoln stated ignoring her comment. He tried going to sleep, but when he laid down next to his fiancée, and he was thinking of Holly, he felt guilty, so guilty that he couldn’t go to sleep. So, he came down here to the kitchen to wait for Maggie. “So,” Maggie huffed, she was annoyed with her brother. She may have sworn to Holly that she wouldn’t say anything to him, but that didn’t mean she didn’t want to. Right now, it was hard for her to be near him, she was so angry with him. Because of her brother she missed out on five years with her niece, and Holly had to raise her baby all alone, and whilst in college. Not to mention he had been a total pig. “So, I am curious, she was my friend too, how is she?” Lincoln did not understand
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Chapter five.
When Holly went to bed that night, everything that had happened in the five years since she left home, played over and over again in her mind, starting with the night she spent with Lincoln. At first, it had been a dream come true, although in her dreams when she tasted his lips, they had never tasted of whisky. But he had said everything she had spent so many years longing to hear. He told her, how much he liked her, confessed that if he had known how she felt about him that he would have taken her in his arms sooner and she had believed him. But that is where the dream ended, and reality took hold. She went to college and studied nursing like she always wanted. She was on a full ride scholarship, and was lucky that she did not have to worry about tuition as long as she worried about her grades. Her mother took on a second job to give Holly the money she needed to move into her own apartment. A baby and a shared dorm room just weren’t a good mix. The campus where Holly studied had a
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Chapter six.
Kathy was feeling tired, knowing how she got sick in the afternoon she decided it was time for bed. It was barely midday, Holly worried about her mother and how fast she was declining lately. Eve was such a good girl; she was doing her best to keep quiet so that her grandmother could sleep. Knowing that Eve however was getting bored, Holly decided to take her out for the afternoon. She got Eve dressed up, and styled her hair in beautiful little pig tails that she then platted. While Holly got ready, she put on a movie for Eve to keep her distracted. It didn’t take Holly long to put on a nice dress and some light make up. Her hair was a little more stubborn, she had forgotten to pack her conditioner when she left home, and so she had been using her mothers, it had not been cooperating however with her hair. Once she managed to get it looking cared for at least she put on a pair of earrings, she slipped cute little bell studs in her ears in honour of the festive season. “Come on, Eve
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Chapter seven
“Holly, are you okay?” Kathy stuck her head in the door. She was concerned about her daughter, it wasn’t like her to hide out in her room. Holly lifted her head and looked at her mother and mouthed the word, “NO,” and put her head back down. She most certainly was not okay, but she did not wish to talk about it in front of Eve. Knowing now was not the time to push, Kathy simply said, “Get some rest, baby.” And quietly shut the door. Her daughter appeared fine this morning, whatever was troubling her now Kathy was convinced it had something to do with Lincoln. Given her and Holly’s disagreements about how to handle her situation in the past, maybe she wasn’t the person Holly felt like talking to right now, so she decided to call in reinforcements. Kathy called Maggie from the land line and asked her to come over. Maggie was currently busy, but promised to come over as soon as she could. While she waited for Maggie to come over, Kathy busied herself making an array of sandwiches a
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Chapter eight.
Holly took Eve inside and put on a movie for her. Kathy was resting in front of the fire where she usually sat. Holly made the three of them some popcorn and joined her daughter on the couch. For a while, they sat in silence and watched the movie together. Holly watched Eve and was thankful that she had such a happy and healthy little girl. “I love you.” Holly said as she kissed her daughter on the head. Eve smiled back at her mother and kissed her arm and replied. “I love you, Mommy.” Holly loved to hear her daughter say that. The words always sounded so much sweeter when Eve said them. Thinking about what Maggie said, Holly decided to ask her daughter as casually as possible as to avoid upsetting her. “Do you ever wonder about your daddy?” Kathy stopped rocking in her chair, her daughters question caught her by surprise, she wanted to hear what Eve had to say. “I mean sometimes.” Eve looked sad but didn’t say anything more. “Do you want to talk to Mommy about it?” Holly wa
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Chapter nine.
It surprised Holly to feel so comforted and welcomed, it didn’t feel any different then it did before she left. She knew they were good people, but she was certain what she had done would have been beyond their forgiveness, and yet here they were treating her with all the love, warmth and kindness they always had. The Smith house still felt like a home to her, it both put her mind at ease and made her extremely sad. The decision she made to keep Eve to herself had never felt more wrong then it did right now. Seeing them all together painted a very vivid picture of all the things she had stripped from Eve and her second family. Holly helped Keith, Patricia, Maggie and Lincoln carry the food in. Eve had wanted to help too, so Patricia let her carry in a few smaller items inside such as the napkins. Holly who felt right at home, chatted freely as she helped place the food around the dining table. Sasha didn’t know this girl but she hated her, she viewed her, and her daughter as a threa
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Chapter ten
“Hey, Mom, look who I brought home with us.” Holly announced as she entered her mother’s home. Maggie and Eve had manged to get the tree up, and the decorations out while she was gone. Kathy, who was getting tired quickly these days, had already retired to her rocking chair in front of the fire. “Oh, Patricia, how wonderful to see you.” Kathy made the effort to get out of her chair and embrace her old friend. She was overjoyed to have the house so full again. It had not been the same since Holly had left. This was turning out to be better than she could have ever imagined. “It’s wonderful seeing the girls together again, isn’t it?” If anyone were to understand how Kathy felt, it would be Patricia. “It really is.” Paticia was relieved to see Maggie so happy to have her friend back. She was over the moon when she returned home in the early morning hours after her trip to the Christmas market. When Lincoln had told her where Maggie was, she just had to wait up for to hear all about
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