Devil's Innocent Angel

Devil's Innocent Angel

By:  Nida_Hasan  Completed
Language: English
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DARK ROMANCE One kiss changed her whole life...She was never meant to be with him but bound with him forever. She always dreamed of ordinary life in which she lived with her love, the love who didn't even know her but she was deeply in love with him. But she got kidnapped by devilious MAFIA boss named Demian Knight, which was the moment when her whole life changed. ∆ Violence ∆ Mature

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Swapnaja Deshpande
it's a nice book . give it a chance.
2023-10-27 18:02:55
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One kiss changed her, it's making me keen to read it
2023-07-06 08:29:35
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captivating title and book cover ... I am gonna give it a shot great job author ...
2023-07-05 16:04:09
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Lumina Shakeel
Amazing Author ...
2023-07-05 15:33:49
85 Chapters
Don't be scared.
Inez's P.O.VNew York is the place I never dream of, but my dream person is here in this city, and I know that I will never be able to see him in my whole life.New York is the city of joy for tourists, the city of sleepless nights for jobbers, the city of dreams for teenagers, and the city of toys for the mafia...It was Sunday evening when I was on my way to the park. That's the only place where I can see genuinely smiling faces in this city.When I came here, I thought there would be cafes and roads full of joy and laughter, but instead, I saw faces that were totally restless and full of tension, and smiling or laughing is a far cry. Here, people don't even look at your face.The whole sky was turning orange due to the sun setting. I was enjoying the wind touching my face and hearing my favourite song, "I Found You," with my earphones in my ears. I was walking on the turning point of the road, which was dead silent; not a single person was there.I narrowed my eyes dumbfoundedly, s
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Truth or Dare
Flashback "Inez, you have already chosen the truth multiple times. Now you have no choice; you have to choose dare; that's it," one of Inez's friends said."Guys, I am going to quit this game," Inez said, knowing that their friends would give her the worst kind of dare to do.After hearing her words, all of her friends got angry at her. She always does this, but not this time."Noo Inez, not this time. If you don't do the dare, then you have to pay the bill for everyone's food," one of them says."That's not fair, guys; this is just a game," Inez said, annoyed with them."Yaa… That's what we are trying to tell you—that's just a game; if you don't want it, then pay."Okay, tell me what to do." Inez rolled her eyes.All her friends saw each other, and then one named Kate said looking at the Man's back who was sitting in front of them but a little far,"Kiss that guy on the front corner...umm... french kiss."Inez was not able to believe her words, and she uttered in shock, "Are you kid
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Eyes On Her
"Boss, it's too late; she's in her apartment, where another girl also lives," Liam, his right hand guy, informed him.Damian was sitting in his hotel's Office which was situated on the top floor, his legs were propped up on a table in front of him, hiding his face. The individual can only see his legs from front. His entire body was concealed too, Liam wasn't able to see his expressions.He got out of his chair, grabbed his revolver, and sat at his table while examining the revolver ,his face was expressionless. There was a spark, or fire in his eyes. The person standing in front of him on the spot realized that something dreadful was about to happen to her or someone else.As he approached Liam, he remarked gritting his teeth , "So, Liam, what can be done about that? What do you think? I hadn't Fucked any whore in a month because of work, and that deal was important to me, but I..." "I delayed that meeting just for that bitch," he gritted his teeth.He looked directly into Liam's
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Monster ?
"You shot him. You killed him. You are a monster," she screamed."Princess, he was late; you saw that; I had no choice...", he stated, trying not to lose his composure after hearing the word she used for him, "MONSTER.""Even if he was late, you can't take anyone's life," she said, attempting to back away as he tried to touch her hand."Calm down, Inez, take a deep breath, and don't cry.""Please... open this rope; it's hurting a lot," she begged, her whole body in pain from the chloroform, and her eyes were red and puffy.She was pale since she had been tied to the rope for six hours. He peered into her eyes and released her.As soon as Damien opened her arms and legs, Inez slapped him and stood up, attempting desperately to escape the room.Inez's hands were like a young child's in front of Damien; he didn't get hurt; it was like a light pat for him, but his attitude and ego definitely got hurt; she hit him in front of his people. He felt sorry for Inez and opened her rope, but inste
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Warning: Mature content ahead; read at your own risk.NEW YORK, KNIGHT MANSIONHer frail and quivering body laid half naked on the bed; she had never been abused or assaulted by a man in this manner; the events of today reminded her of the unpleasant memories of her life; she shuddered recalling everything and felt revulsion.Her wide, adorable eyes were red and puffy from sobbing. He was a monster, thinking about what happened half an hour earlier, she curled into a little ball and wrapped a blanket around her body tightly.Now she felt ashamed of herself because she wasn't able to stop him from what he did to her, she felt pang in her heart from the thought of being used by him in the worst way again.She always wanted to keep her body secure for her love, but after today, she will be called a billionaire whore, and the word she hated most is now written in her fate.HALF HOURS AGO He is a vicious and dangerous man. Although he is perfectly capable of killing her, he wasn't plannin
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Kiss Me Back
She was still naked and asleep when the knock on the door startled her awake.she didn't remember when she fell asleep while crying."How should I open the door like this?" she wondered as she stood up looking for her jeans, which were nowhere to be seen, she moved over to the almirah, only to find his garments within. She hesitantly slipped his black shirt, which was above her knees.He looked at her thong, which was a bit torn from the side, and she hurried towards the door, believing there must be someone outside to give her her clothes, which she had requested him for.She spotted a nearly eighteen-year-old girl standing in front of her as she opened the door. "Sir is calling you for supper, come with me," she said as she glanced at her from top to bottom.Inez felt uneasy with her eyes and then at her hands with her empty and the girl's eyes traveled across her body, "but... I don't have adequate clothes.""Ohh...are you ashamed?" She inquired, her eyes rolling. "Let me tell you s
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All right?
ALBERTO VILLA, ITALY"How can you think about it, Sophia? I'm your Husband, and I always care for you." After hearing her, he remarked with astonished looks.He swore to keep his wife happy for the rest of her life by treating her like a queen and never hurting her physically or mentally."I already sent you a message before this marriage saying that I didn't want to marry you or any other guy," she added, shocking him.He said, "When? I didn't get any message.""Wha...t you didn't get any message? Oh my goodness, that means they killed her too, and that's why she never recieved my calls," she sobbed, terrified and hurt. "Can you please explain why you didn't want to marry me, Sophia?" "I won't judge you!" he exclaimed.Sophia looked at him with a little hesitant expression on her face and murmured, "Really?""Believe me," he said, soothingly placing his hand on hers.She studied both of their hands before taking her hand away from his and looking down at her lap. "Promise me that yo
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It was late at night, and stars were shining in the sky like diamonds, the Peaceful silence had descended upon their room,Ethan was sleeping soundly, oblivious to the person staring at him.It was far too soon to forget about her past, considering his tenderness and loving eyes. She decided to take her time and try to understand this man,there was no point in hiding her past from him because she knew one day he would learn about it and he would feel betrayed, and the hidden reason was she couldn't put on a happy face in front of people when she was dying inside.She suddenly heard the phone ring and closed her eyes, while he took the call with half-open eyes and didn't see the screen."Who??""What's up dude," said a female voice from the other side.He was taken aback when he saw the screen, so he put it back on his ear and remarked, "You know what the timing is?""Yes, dear, I am aware of that.""Then why the fuck you.....wait...Is everything okay ?""Tell me about your day first."
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Feed Me
INEZ'S P.O.VI yelled and banged on the door with all my power, "Noo....nooo, please open the door."I begged, "Please," but there was silence on the other end. My heart was on the verge of exploding as my entire body trembled. I turned around to find myself alone in a pitch-black room with no lights or other sources of illumination.I slip down on the floor with a loud thud, scanning the entire room with my foggy eyes.What did I do wrong to deserve such a punishment, why God?I begged, knowing that no one would come to my rescue because it was the Devil's region and everyone there was just like him. "Please..someone save me," I sobbed.It's not that I've always disliked the dark, but there's always a reason for everything.Is the fact that I kissed him the reason God is not listening to my prayers? Are you punishing me, God? I've always been an obedient girl who never meant to hurt anyone, but today I realized that there was another side to me, and I misbehaved and even physically a
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Are You Ready?
Warning 18+After that, it's like he knows that my greatest fear is being alone in the dark, so he gave his guards the order to lock me in this dark place.His gaze met mine as he stated emphatically, "Done crying like a bitch.""p-please l-let go," I begged him to let me go as I struggled to breathe.He let go of my jaw, and I collapsed on the floor to regain my breath. With my hazy sight, I peered up into his blue eyes. He approached me and sat in front of me."You have two choices first-""I am not your fucking slave who follows your orders," I said, my eyes darkening.He grinned and said, "So now you don't have any choice, just die in this fucking hole." He then got up to leave the room, but I grabbed his leg and begged him in a broken voice."Nooo...please do whatever you want, but don't leave me here."Hearing my request, his signature smirk crept across his face."All right, then, my princess, the game has begun," he continued, signaling for me to stand, which I did.He pulled
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