Devious Tendencies

Devious Tendencies

By:  emorymayy  Ongoing
Language: English
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Alta Rodriguez's one goal in life is pretty simple; to survive. Which is why, to achieve said goal, she's landed herself in one of the most affluent stripclubs in Prescott, Arizona. Where she meets him. Lorenzo Vitale. Controlling, demanding, intense. The self made billionaire rocks her world until she's left questioning herself in regards to his dark desires. After one insanely passionate night with him, Alta finds herself back in her destitute world, never to see him again. But fate works to bring them back together, and also to test their bond. Would it hold up against Alta's dark past? Would it survive under the strain of conflicts both internal and external? Warning: Mature content. Suitable for readers above the ages of 18.

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14 Chapters
Chapter 1
I felt no remorse whatsoever as I tore down the dark, winding streets of Williamson.Laboured puffs of breath escaped my lips and nostrils, my heart beating frantically. My legs ached due to the exertion I was putting on them as they pounded down the hard concrete.Danger; was just a few blocks down. And a wide grin was plastered on my face."Sorry!" I yelled as I ran into a couple about to make out, instantly breaking them apart. They shot me scathing glares, glares I returned by kicking up my speed to their annoyance.I wasn't sure if my bumping into them had been a mistake: or not. My love life was currently in tatters, and a reminder of my single status had my hackles rising.Irrational; I know. But try telling that to my scorned heart.The affluent neighborhoods and areas around me gradually muted down to run down apartment complexes and unimpressive structures. I drew to a breathless halt when I rounded into a quiet lane. Empty. Safe.
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Chapter 2
The place was a riot of heavy music, flashing neon light, hoots, catcalls and yells.Walking through the brightly lit parking lot of the club, I strode past cars that probably cost more than my life. Graham had said not to bother with how I looked, but I did, taking a scissors to my old shorts and Tee; making them into something more sexy, daring.The bouncer before me perused me from head to toe thoroughly, irritation flared within me and I crossed my arms before my chest, shouting above the music, "I doubt my eyes are on my tits!"He tore his eyes away from them, not looking the least bit contrite. Why should he? I thought, smacking myself over the head. This was a strip club for godsakes."State your business." His voice was deep and monotonous."Graha--"At that moment Graham's thin form came striding out the doors. "Alta!" He called excitedly when he saw me. "You made it."I forced out a smile, my nerves starting to get the best
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Chapter 3
The white thong she held up to me looked unbearably uncomfortable."And the bra?" I asked. "There's no bra in the set," I stated, incredulous."Oh, you'll go without."My eyes widened. My gaze shot to Graham. He gave me a reassuring smile."So I'm to wear just a scrap of underwear and walk around topless?""Non, you're to wear this over your body."She handed me a flimsy blue floor-length gown. It was diaphanous. Practically transparent.I sucked in a breath, and hardened my resolve to get through this and get it over with. Holding the gown and thong, I trodded over to the restroom to put it on.Coming out, Graham took me in impersonally and whistled, saying, "Perfect." The room was empty now, all the girls having gone on to the stage moments ago.Graham exited the room, stating he'll come get me when Daurelle, the older woman, was done with me. Daurelle proceeded to do my makeup after he left.Tampering with my h
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Chapter 4
 Quiet filled my ears. Until It was replaced by a slow chuckle. "Come," he called to me. "Let's have a drink before we get into any...festivities."Climbing up to my feet, I smoothed my ensemble as best as I could, then walked over to the large sofa, my cheeks flaming.He poured a drink into two wine cups, handing one over to me. "Take this," he ordered, "It'll help you relax."As if I was strung up in the first place! I wanted to say, but instead took the glass from his large hands. Taking a sip out of it, I relished the sweet, salty flavours that ravaged my taste buds, watching him covertly. His inky black hair fell an each over intense grey eyes."What is your name?" he asked.Remembering he was Madame Pri-ck's son, I lied past a tight throat, "I... My name's Claudia."He looked at me over the rims of his glass, his eyes told me he didn't believe me one bit but decided not to push for the truth. "So, Claudia, where are you fr
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Chapter 5
"On your knees. Your chest to the floors." His voice was tight and commanding.For a moment, I felt a rush of apprehension. Then at length I went on my knees before him, my back to his front, my body still sensitive from my orgasm."Good. Now, lean down and spread your knees wide for me."Swallowing, I did so. In this position my ass was sticking in the air, my thong clad pussy in full view. I felt myself getting wetter. Did I like being controlled? I found that hard to reconcile with my independent nature."Wider," he grated. "Show me the pussy I'll be f*cking tonight."His words. His voice. More moisture instantly pooled between my legs until I could feel it starting to slick down my inner thighs.He groaned. "Dios mio. You like it when I say your cunt is mine, don't you?" he observed aloud with fascination. "Put your hands behind you."I did.After a moment, I heard the sound of his zipper being opened and the tearing of a f
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Chapter 6
I knew things were about to go downhill when his body tensed beside mine. Slowly he stood up and removed the rubber from his length, throwing it into a near waste bin.With uncertain eyes, I watched him as he opened a drawer and took out wads of cash from it. After a while he threw some money towards where I laid. "That's five grand," he said impersonally.My heart seized beating. Five grand! That could foot nearly half my mother's hospital bills.In a bored tone, he drawled, "You're not saying anything. What, it's not enough for you?" He looked at me with a disdainful smirk. "You'd want another round with me, won't you? Think it'll bring you more money."A stillness gradually overcame my body. I looked at his cold grey eyes, and felt like raking them out. "Why," my tone was brittle, "are you behaving this way?"A dark brow rose, "Behaving what way, Amore?" He stood and walked over to the windows, naked.I realised this was the first time I
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Chapter 7
Changing into my tee and shorts, I headed home. The silent cab was a welcome respite from the boisterous club, my loud thoughts weren't. Even now I bothered about a lot of things. Was my mum okay? Her caretaker was getting a little grumpy off late, had she neglected giving mum her night medicines? What would mum and Agnes think of the five grand I was bringing in?They'd be suspicious, that was for sure.And now I had to think of an excuse to make up for my sudden amassment of wealth. My job? Not an option. It's higher ups couldn't afford to pay their workers in advance, and even if they did, wouldn't scratch the surface of two grand. And there was the fact that I'd just been fired.I groaned in agony. Now I'd have to think of how to get a new job. On and on my thoughts went, from one problem to another until the driver stopped in front of my worse for wear apartment.It was a glaring contrast to the luxurious club.I was practically Cinderella ret
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Chapter 8
Madame Priscilla.And some police officers.I wasn't given time to process their presence in my apartment when a large officer approached me, saying, "You're under arrest, Miss Alta Rodriguez, for stealing from Mrs Priscilla Vitale. Anything you say or do now could be used against you in court."I couldn't believe any of this was happening.The cold feel of cuffs chilled my wrists as my hands were being pulled behind my back, and the cuffs slapped around my wrists."Let's go." Out we went, through the doors and past the wide-eyed looks of my neighbours. My cheeks burned in hot shame. I couldn't believe this was happening.Ok, I could, because some part of me, a part I kept locked in the furthest recess of my mind, had told me that Madame Priscilla would leave no stone unturned in her aim to find me. And I'd also thought, if she happened to get hold of my personal Intel; I and my family would've already been on a first class flight to Florida...Dreams squashed. Nightmares coming to fr
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Chapter 9
Night gradually submerged the area and the chattering of people tuned down. I looked up when the sound of my cell being opened reached my ears.The stone faced officer approaching me had me sitting up straighter."You're free to go, Miss Rodriguez.""What?" I asked, not believing my ears.He didn't reply me, just removed my cuffs and started to lead me out. I was released?? On what grounds? No one could afford to pay my bail.My eyes wide and looking about my surroundings, I made to ask the officer another question when we ventured into the reception. One person caught eyes. Lorenzo Vitale. An angry Lorenzo Vitale.The officer addressed him in low tones, "Here she is, Sir."Lorenzo nodded at him, and when the gangly man left, Lorenzo's gaze focused on me."Follow me," he ordered, striding out of the reception.I was left staring at his retreating figure, flabbergasted. What the hell was going on here.After a while of staring at the doors, I collected myself and ran after him. He was
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Chapter 10
He wanted me?Too bad I couldn't want him."You know what," I started. "Thank you and everything but that is out of the question. I'm afraid I'll have to refuse the honour of being your booty call."A look flashed in his gaze. Surprise. Surprise at my refusing his 'admission'. I near rolled my eyes; guess someone wasn't used to being told No."And you refusing is out of the question," the jerk announced firmly."You'd have to deal, then, or better yet, ask some other person," I said.Surprise still stark on his face, he asked, "But, why? It's not anything that you're not well practiced in."F*cking prick. "I see being a douche is something you're well practiced in."His brows rose. "Touché," he muttered. Then said, "Give me one reason why you don't want to be with me."Be with him? If ever there was an euphemism for selling your favours..."I'd tell you two. Number one," I listed. "You are the most inconsiderate a*shole I have ever had the misfortune of meetin--""Why would you say th
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