Chapter 133: Ran away

Summer’s Point of View

The announcement made by Amby left the people in shock, and they started creating a commotion. After that, she proceeded to move towards the stage and fixated her gaze on Steven.

“Steven, you can’t do this to me!” she roared. “I waited for you for over seven years after you broke up with me and announced that you were getting married to someone else! And now you’re telling me you have a family while I’m here still suffering?!”

“Stop,” Steven warned in a cold tone. “You should reconsider what you’re about to say, Amby.”

“Why?! Are you afraid that they will know you slept with me after your wife left you?!”

“I said stop!”

“No, I won’t stop!” She burst into tears suddenly. “Steven, why can’t you love me? You slept with me when you were already married. Isn’t that supposed to be love?”

The murmuring grew so loud that the crowd became uncontrollable. Each person was offering their own commentary on the situation.

“Is this true? Did he actually cheat?’

‘But they were
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Good for Old man carter. As bad as he treated summer she never spoke to him that way. Steven should wake up and realize that amby probably just got into his bed and nothing happened, but good he had her around him too much
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No more chapters
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Is that it ??? Nnooooo I need all the tea!!! Now!!

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