Chapter 44: Babe

Stefani and Jacob strolled through the city, killing time with a bit of shopping before their evening meeting. Passersby couldn't help but glance their way, captivated not only by Jacob's presence but also by Stefani's.

Upon realizing the attention, Jacob swiftly pulled Stefani and wrapped his arm around her waist, shooting a cold look at the onlookers. As soon as they caught his gaze, they averted their eyes and hurried off as if nothing had happened.

Stefani, engrossed in her phone, was taken aback by Jacob's sudden move. She didn’t notice the other people because she was busy scrolling through a post, reading it, and finally connected the dots, realizing what happening was all part of Shaira's plan.

[Shaira Miller, a successful businesswoman in the corporate world, is working on a new project. She is currently in Indonesia, where she is in the process of negotiating a long-term proposal with large companies.]

‘I knew it! This woman is really clever!’ She thought in herself. Despite
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Citadel Tuliao Bustillo
when the next chapter can we read it ...
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Bernice Opoku
Jacob junior on the way

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