Chapter 43: Coincidence

The night sky was engulfed in darkness as the towering skyscrapers illuminated the city. Stefani and Jacob reached their destination without any issues, yet Stefani couldn't shake off her unease. It felt as though someone was observing them, despite her attempts to dismiss these concerns.

Upon entering the room, Jacob inquired, "Are you okay?"

Stefani halted in front of the wide-open door, surveying her surroundings with cautious eyes. She contemplated speaking up but ultimately decided that her worries were trivial. She closed her mouth, shook her head, and replied, "It's nothing."

As Stefani sat on the bed and observed Jacob's stance, she couldn't help but ponder a question that had been weighing heavily on her mind. "Jacob… is it possible for someone to forget someone they truly love? And if so, can't the heart recognize who it truly… loves?"

Jacob stood frozen, slowly turning his head to face Stefani, who appeared distant and lost. He responded, "Certainly, the heart and mind can
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