Don't Leave Me #1

Don't Leave Me #1

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Looking at the bright sun, which is not so bright right now hiding itself to create darkness all around totally makes me think about my present situation. I heard that sound of footsteps entering the room, so I turned around and said, “Hey!” “Don’t start now. You will get your wish soon.” he said removing his coat. “We can’t!” I said, looking at him. “What do you mean? All these days you are asking nothing but for divorce papers. Now they will reach you in a few days for sure. Now why are you saying we can’t?” he asked with a completely blank expression. “I am pregnant!” I mumbled. “What?” he asked, stepping towards me in shock. “I.Am.Pregnant!” I said each word with force and then let the darkness consume me.

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Carole Dunlap
I felt it was a very good book. I could not put it down.
2021-08-02 01:17:41
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Mahek Keswani
I am hooked with this book ,believe me
2021-04-03 03:30:56
41 Chapters
*Two years back* "So, you love my daughter?" Mr.Harsha Gupta asked him."I do, sir!" Suhas Agarkar replied."But I don't accept you for my daughter at all." Mr.Harsha said getting up."Why?" Suhas asked, confused and pestered, for some time to tell him the reason."You already know the answer for that Suhas. We all know what your father did." Mr.Harsha didn't want to talk about it, but he doesn't have any other option."But I will never behave like him, and you must trust me." Suhas pleaded."If my daughter
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Chapter 1
*Navya Pov*"Can you believe it Divya? I finally got it. I am so happy." I shouted, laughing while holding the phone to my ear.I saw people on the street looking at me like I am crazy, but I ignored them completely because I am so happy."That's great Navya! And by the way, I can hear even if you say it in a low tone." She said."Sorry!" I said sheepishly and started talking to her about her day.When I finally reached my house, which is completely on the corner of the street, I saw some big car parked in front of my house."So party?" Divya asked when I opened the gate.
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Chapter 2
*Suhas Pov*"Let's just hang out today." I said to Kavya."No Suhas! I need to get home soon today. Navya is going to get her results." Kavya said."But they are just semester results, right?" I asked her confused."Yeah! But we celebrate even tiny things that happen in her life. She is the heart of our family, and we want nothing but her to be happy." She replied and left. "Heart of the family! We will just see about it. Your heart will be stolen away from your lives." I said, looking at her standing at the bus stop.I pi
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Chapter 3
*After One month**Rajeev Pov*"I am going to kill him!" I said entering his company.It is very small, and I know that maybe because this is just a branch of his original company, which is in Mumbai. I heard Kavya and Dad following me."Rajeev! Don't do this." Kavya said, holding my hand."Don't stop me, Kavya! How could he do this to us?" I asked her reaching the receptionist."We will deal with this by having a normal talk with him and control your anger." Dad said looking at me.I reluctantly nodded and followed behind them towards that person'
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Chapter 4
*Kavya Pov* This is not the Suhas, I remember at all. He was such a sweet guy and also a great friend. At that time, I was ok with marrying him because I know he would have taken good care of me.Nonetheless, now I am having second thoughts completely. Maybe he is doing everything this because he was just hurt.Like he said maybe he wants to get married to Navya just to rub it in Dad's face. He never hurts anyone, but his threats are proved otherwise."Kavya! Are you listening?" I heard Rajeev asking me."Sorry! Just got lost in my thoughts." I replied shaking my head.
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Chapter 5
*Kavya Pov* I immediately reached our company when I got a phone call that Rajeev is held captive for a crime.When I entered I was directed to a conference hall where I saw Rajeev was sitting in one chair. And another person sitting in front of him is none other than Suhas."Rajeev! What is happening here?" I asked going near him."What are you doing here Kavya?" he asked back."Just tell me what happened." I said, ignoring his question."Embezzlement happened today at your company. I mean my company. And it is done by none other than your husband." Suhas s
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Chapter 6
*Navya Pov*"Hello?" Divya said, lifting the call."Divya! I am getting married." I said, smiling at the thought."What? I am sorry there is some disturbance, so I think I heard you say you are getting married. Now, tell me what it is?" she asked."I am really getting married." I replied this time clearly."What? You can't do that. That is unfair to our girl generation." She shouted into the phone."What are you saying?" I asked her shocked."Before getting tied down you should have a boyfriend, or at least, you should have little heaps of proposals for you. So thi
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Chapter 7
*Navya Pov*"Why is she meeting me and that too today?" I asked for the millionth time."What do you mean 'Why'? She is going to be your mother-in-law by tomorrow, and she should have already met you. So now she wants to meet you what's wrong is there in that?" Divya asked, looking at me like I am crazy."What if she doesn't like me?" I asked her nervously."There is a person who doesn't like you? Well, that's news to me." She replied sarcastically."Our boss doesn't like me." I pointed out."I am asking about the person and not about some alien." She said rolling her eyes.
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Chapter 8
*Navya Pov*I am married! I am, in fact, married, and I thought it would feel magical. Nonetheless, except for the thought of belonging to someone and someone belonging to me, nothing is different.Maybe that is because we still don't know that much about each other right, and I am kind of excited to get to know him more. This is what always made me want only arranged marriage in which everything just feels new."We are here!" I heard him, saying, which made me bring myself out of my thoughts.I smiled and got down from his car. I looked in front of me to see a big reception hall, and my mood fell a little.I don't want anything grand like this, and I actually loved
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Chapter 9
*Suhas Pov* After we arrived at the house we all went inside calmly without any rituals. I thought Mom was going to stop us and do any ritual, but she didn't.I didn't give it any thought and closed the main door. When I turned around I saw Mom taking Navya towards our room. It is still the evening, so I went inside the office room and started giving orders to my P.A in Mumbai."Sir! When will you be coming here?" He asked when I finished ordering the work that needed to be done."Soon!" I replied, hanging up."So you are going back to Mumbai?" I heard Mom's voice.
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