Don't Worry I Am With You

Don't Worry I Am With You

By:  alekhya@18  Ongoing
Language: English
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The world loves the word dominating… Our parents will love it when you listen to them but what if you suddenly started to take your own decision. We all want parental love when you don’t get that enough we will look for a person who can share our burden right? Exactly a boyfriend/girlfriend… Your love will be cool and all those lovey-dovey at first but what we don’t realize is to become a puppet in their hands. If you don’t agree with them they will start beating you to death, insulting you in front of others. Trust me your parents are best than this girlfriend/boyfriend, they never beat you and they always think for you. I am not talking on behalf of everyone; I am just talking about the girl named Saanvi who suffered mental losses just because of everyone’s dominating manner. She accidentally married a guy called Austin; she was happy to have him in her life but what if it won't last long? Will, she became weak to face two breaks?

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Jithesh Gummidi
l loved enjoying it ...
2022-02-16 18:39:52
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Cleofie Velila Gevero
The story was very nice. I love to read it everyday. Full of lesson in life. How to face struggles and circumtances. The main character has strong personality. And I really appreciate the way they support each other. Finding true love was not easy at first place. But it will come in the perfect time
2021-06-27 07:52:55
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Cleofie Velila Gevero
the story has full of lesson. How to be strong to face the circumtaces in life.
2021-06-27 07:48:01
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Juming Ling
love 😘 it
2020-12-18 22:06:36
user avatar
Juming Ling
love 😘 it
2020-12-18 22:06:13
129 Chapters
I have everything in my life except the girl I am waiting for, every morning I would believe that the girl will show up. Like every day, I checked the way from my home to the office. Unexpectedly I saw you today at the bus station, I immediately asked my chauffeur to stop the car just to see you for a while. You know what... It has been three years since I saw you. But, you are not the same girl I knew, you are the happiest and craziest when I saw you that year of my graduation day, but I can't find that craziness in you right now.That day you are helping an orphan girl to collect money for operation all over the college. At that time you just appeared in front of me holding a box ample of money and surprisingly you were chased by a lot of members.The playground was very huge, I thought you will be caught by them and I think you know that you will get caught, all are surrounded by you, there was a small gap between two people, you just came out b
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After two years...I saw you again while I am doing my Ph.D.; you appeared again I thought it's just a coincidence being my junior. At that time you are really silly chatting with everyone and enjoying each moment. I really like the way you are, you are so simple and easily satisfied. I never met a girl like you, the girls I met are very calculative, everyone wants my money or my handsome face, I want the girl who can share my burden but none of them want to share anything they all just want to live a lavish life and spend money. I thought if we were meant to be together then we will meet again. You do not appear in the past three years, but today when I saw you, I made a decision never letting you go ever.Austin lost in his thoughts, at that moment driver said "Sir, we arrived"He said to his assistant "I want the details of the girl who I saw at the bus stop"Personal secretary Zhang asked, "Isn't she the girl
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Cold and Cruel
He was both confused and concerned about how to talk to her if she was the girl he knew before, the situation will be a little different but now he doesn't know how she reacts?Suddenly he remembered something took his phone and asked Zhang "She was in the IT department, right?"Zhang said "Yes Austin"Austin said "About the new project I will deal with that personally""Okay, your wish""Also, tell the head of the department a new lead is going to come and he is very close to CEO, he will make decisions whatever he wants no one can say anything"Zhang asked, "Austin is that a new leader called Austin?"Austin said in a cold tone"Yes, Is there any problem Mr. Zhang""No sir""I don't know when this moron will change?" Zhang muttered himselfWhen they are going back home Zhang asked "Austin what's in your mind?"Austin asked, "What's on my mind is there anything to do with you?"Zhang said, "It has no
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Does she have to ask you?
The next day...A man appeared wearing black jeans and a casual black shirt with a blue blazer.  He has a strong aura with a well-built shape. He is 187 cm tall with a balanced weight, a pointy -chin, and also having a shining forehead. He wore all branded clothes with branded shoes and a watch. In one word he is a full rich package.All girls are overwhelmed by seeing him; he completely avoided their looks and halted at a desk.He introduced himself to a girl who is sitting alone in a corner "Hi, I am Austin and a new boss for you, you are going to be my assistant for new software development project pack your stuff, we are going to leave this place"The girl was puzzled, she just came yesterday and now he was asking her to be his assistant so she said "Sir, I think you are mistaken, I can't be your assistant"Silly, if anyone else were there in your place they would directly accept to be my assistant. What are you questioning for?He
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Crying like hell
The house was not too big nor too small. There are few servants for food and house cleaning.Saanvi didn't speak all the way, so he asked: "Is this place okay for you? I mean is the house comfortable?"Saanvi replied "I am comfortable with anything sir"Austin replied "That's great"Why are you okay with anything? Why don't you ask me anything? What happened to you? Do you know, you became a huge puzzle to me?They went upstairs and he purposely chooses the room beside her.After they went to their rooms, Austin went straight to his mirror, to see Saanvi. The mirror is a transparent mirror for Austin, and for Saanvi it is only a one-way mirror.Austin wants to watch her closely, he was worried about her. When he saw from the mirror, Saanvi was sitting on the bed and staring at the wall subconsciously.His heart ached from watching her like that. How could he watch his loved one's like that, he just closed that mirror by a curta
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I am afraid of losing
At nightBoth of them are tired of reading those heavy documents. They went directly to their rooms after having supper. Although Austin was not in a mood to sleep he tried his best to sleep but he failed, so he went to the mirror to check whether she slept or not.He went to the mirror and saw she was crying, he could not help but feel sad and worry about her. At that time Saanvi stood to drink water. She felt dizzy, weak, and fallen on the floor. Austin ran to her room, by the duplicate key he opened the door and called the doctor. The maid came quickly and bought water while Austin took her to bed. The doctor came and examined her.The doctor said "she is very weak and depressed, if she continues like this she may have mental trauma"Austin was angry right now with her and asked him "what I have to do, to make her normal?"Dr. said "just ask her why she was sad, so that you can share her feelings it may decrease her depression""I can't a
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To meet CEO Lee
The next day...Austin came downstairs, while Saanvi was sitting on the chair in the dining hall. The early morning rays are falling on him, which made him shine. His hair was all over his forehead as if he just took bath so they are still wet. He casually came wearing a black shirt and shorts.He sat on his chair which is opposite Saanvi. She was a little bit confused regarding his casuals. He was the one who said about going out but now he was wearing casuals? I thought we were going to discuss business.Although there are a lot of questions running through her head she remained so calm and eating. Then he asked to break the silence "Are you ready?""Yes sir""Shall we go after breakfast?""Sure sir"After their breakfast they both got into the car, the car stopped at the entrance of Amusement Park.She wants to ask him why they were here but she was afraid of him. Although he is nice to her sometimes he gives a cold shoulder
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Thanks Riya
Austin said "Okay jokes are apart, let's get started"Riya said "Okay, catch you guys later"Austin said "Wait, you put me on phone I want to listen to your conversation"Riya said "Okay, see you guys"Riya sat on the same bench where Saanvi sat.Riya completely changed her cold attitude to a cool attitude and said by waving her hand to Saanvi "Hi, I am Riya"Saanvi said plainly "Hello I am Saanvi" and she turned her head away.Riya asked, "Are you alone?""Yes, I am alone no one wants to be with me"Riya can see she was in pain. Saanvi, you have us. You just have to see your surroundings.Riya said, to cheer her "Me too, would you like to join with me to go around?""Sorry, I am not in a mood" she sounded like, she lost everything."That's why I am asking to roam with, please come with me I won't harm you anything I just want someone to accompany me so please" Riya really pleaded her.Austin
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The Alliance...
Her dad said "You got an alliance and the boy likes you a lot, he saw you somewhere and asked us to marry you, he is coming to see this Saturday, make sure you look good and don't play any tricks to break the marriage" her dad said abruptlyShe said "I don't want to marry""I am not asking for your permission," He said in a fit of anger which made her hesitate for a second and she said "But dad" she wants to convince him but he didn't give a chance and cut the call.Why are you so mean to me dad? Why?She returns to the dining area and said "I lost my appetite, I am leaving"Austin called Zhang and asked, "Check Saanvi's call list who just called her?""Okay, give me a minute"Two minutes later Zhang called and said it was her father about the marriage proposal.Austin got angry and said "Check the details of that boy and I am going to meet Saanvi's dad make some arrangements for me"Austin was really in a bad mood even
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Austin sat in his chair looking at Saanvi, after a while, Austin got a call from Zhang that everything is ready to go to Saanvi's place. He went out to take the call.Austin said, "Now I can't go, just look after that man".Saanvi actually I want you to go out with him.He went to study and saw she slept on the table. He thought it's good to sleep rather than worrying. He carried her to the room; he covered her with a blanket and left the room by turning off the lights.He went to study; he kept a lot of work aside to accompany her. After all, he has a lot of employees depending on him. He worked until midnight and went to Saanvi's room to check her.The next morning...                         When Saanvi woke up she thought, how she came here. After that, both of them went to the dining hall and Saanvi asked "Sir, I need a leave for this day."Austin know why she was a
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