Ending September

Ending September

By:  Chrisade Dee  Completed
Language: English
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Billionaire's Lair #1 September Thorne is the most influential billionaire in the city. He's known as "The Manipulator", other tycoons are shivering in fright every time they hear his name. Doing business with him is a dream come true but getting on his bad side means the end of your business and the start of your living nightmare. But nobody knows that behind this great manipulator is a man struggling and striving to get through his wife's cold heart. Will this woman help him soar higher or will she be the one to end September?

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55 Chapters
Chapter 1
How it startedThe room was too quiet and was filled with too much tension. September Thorne sat as he keeps on tapping his finger on his lap. He's waiting for the culprit to finally show himself right before he acts on it. This is his only way of giving chances to those who had enough courage to break his rules and play cat and mouse under his nose."Come on, still won't admit? Shall I drop your name then?" he asked no one in particular.Everybody on the long gray table exchange scolding looks with one another.Who the hell offended this big shot? Everyone was suspicious of one another, they just wanted this torture to be over. They've been here for quite long already and yet, September just patiently waits
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Chapter 2
Mrs. Thorne in the MakingEverybody just can't stop staring at this head-turner lady boss. Her appeal was over the top, and her long semi-sheer red puff-sleeve dress just added to her already oozing effect to the crowd.Maeve Miller, was then, still oblivious to her surroundings. She was too busy wracking her brain in maintaining the stability of the very business her useless father had passed unto her.If only her mother was still alive, MBC Bank and Finance would never be easily trampled on the ground like it is now.She was busy studying and working her ass off overseas. Not caring a bit about her estranged Dad who had caused her mother's pain for years before she finally die
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Chapter 3
Kidnapping the Manipulator"I won't do it. I'll save my mother's company without being under the mercy of that man," she said in a confident voice before she finally hangs up.As expected, that old man never fails to give her headaches every goddamn time!Just a few seconds after the call ended, her phone rang once again. She just gave it a short glance before tossing it on her chair after seeing the same caller.It rang a couple of times before it completely stopped. She thought that the worst was over but then, her phone once again produced a beep sound, a notification that someone sent her a message.She grudgingly walked ba
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Chapter 4
Willing Victim"Weak," September can't help but chuckle as he watched Maeve busied herself speeding off while murmuring  how incompetent his people are.Their speed was actually beyond the speed limit set in the city but who cares? His woman can do whatever she wanted."Your men are weak!" she exclaimed as she rested her back on her seat after realizing the distance she had with the others."How do you expect my guards to win over a drag racing champion?" Maeve just glanced at him before directing her attention back on the road. Obviously ignoring the fact that he knows her secret hobby."So, where are we going?" he asked.
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Chapter 5
The Loneliest KidMaeve and Sister Helena were quietly seated on a wooden bench in the garden as they watch over the kids who were busy chasing September around.He's not actually running, everybody else can see how confused he is that the kids keeps on following him around."I think he was that kid," Sister Helena blurted out. Maeve turned to her with confusion. The nun smiled as she stared at the roundabout walk-a-thon that's happening in front of them."Sister Rose had been my mentor before I took on her place as the head of the orphanage almost nine years ago. And while I was under her training, she keeps on talking about this little boy." Sister Helena has this sad smile across her lips as she started th
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Chapter 6
Something Only Mr. Thorne Can Do"Why don't you just marry him?" Maeve wanted to throw her laptop towards Hillary who was comfortably lying on the couch of her office."Why are you here again?" She asked in an irritated voice, but her sister just laughed at her."I just ran away from the date Mom had set up," she answered with a groan."Why?" Maeve asked as she took her eyes off her sister and went back to checking the financial flows of the company on her laptop.Hillary's eyes widened as if an idea struck her. She immediately got up from the couch and ran off to her sister's table."Maeve!" Confused with
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Chapter 7
His First Homemade Meal"You really don't like him?" Maeve tsked and gave her sister a warning gaze before prepping the steak Hillary had requested.Afraid that her sister would change her mind about that steak, Hillary shut her mouth and even gestured zipping her lips. It didn't take long before Maeve finish cooking as Hillary set the table for the two of them."What is it?" Maeve asked her sister as she cut her steak into tiny tidbits. She noticed the frequency of those stolen glances her sister was giving her while they ate.Hillary cleared her throat and set down her utensils before she faced her sister seriously."What do
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Chapter 8
The Rain is Pouring"Stop grinning like an idiot!" Maeve hissed irritatedly before she glanced back at the open door of her apartment."The rain is pouring. You told me I'm sick." September shamelessly pointed out. He's obviously happy with how fate works on his favor."You have your car. It's not like you'll be on foot on the way home." She retorted as she crossed her arms."But I'm sick!" September whined like a child that made Maeve chuckled."You said you weren't sick. I thought you're just hungry?" She asked with her right brow raising in an interrogating manner.September internally scolded himself fo
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Chapter 9
Vicious Queen"You're a young woman! You should be on the search to find a good husband and not here, interfering with men doing business!" An old board member of the MBC Bank and Finance pointed out as he stared at Maeve who was calmly seated on the center of the conference room.Maeve was just passively listening to his rants while staring back at him with a cold and bored look on her face."You'll just ruin the business! Business should be handled by men! Women are supposed to be staying at home, taking care of the kids---""That's bullshit." She was rude enough to butt in her curses while the man had been rumbling about nonsensical things.Maeve stood up
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Chapter 10
Powerful Duo"I hope you're not just planning to just put that Johns on exile, right?" September inquired as he busy himself filling Maeve's plate with the lunch Falcon had prepared for them.Maeve took her eyes off the files she was reading and directed her attention to September with a smirk."What do you think?" She asked menacingly. September stared at her face for a while before he chuckled and smoothly pushed the disposable plate towards her."Alright. Good thing that you had some plans to deal with him or else, I would have stepped in." He said as he subtly keep her working aids aside. Her eyes darted towards him when she realized what he was doing but he just showed her
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