Epitome of Love

Epitome of Love

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Vaibhav Shergill(25) | Naira (18) The complex, complicated, love story of the two weired copules who unfortunately dragged by fate together. Having reasons respectively, they ended up in tying the knot, forcefully or unwilling, give the term whatever you feel right. She looks innocent. Have you ever heard about :- don't ever judge by it covers! Same here.She is badass. Innocent, the word itself run away from her. He is a silent creature. Silence , yeah! She is nowhere to be around. He is south, she is north. If, he is East , no dobut ! she is west. Poles apart. But ened up together. Would they really end up together? Or ,they will end up everything together? Rollercoaster is in its way! - Epitome of love. Perfect example of loving relationship.

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Chapter 1 : The Demise
VAIBHAV SHERGILL.25. The mere name itself screams the power, let alone the man who held the authentic. Arrogant, Rude, Heartless, Cruelty are the qualities that only reflect in him. Cruelty is the only term he knows to deal with his enemies. Enemity is the first thing he would think off , if you ever thought of crossing his path ! Though, he's known as Devil disguise in human ; but no one knows the innocence he carries, deeply graved inside him except, he, himself. He was eight when the sudden demise of his mother, Poonam Shergill happened , whome he was close, much to his life. He considered his mother as his only friend and partner with whome he shares every tiniest thing. In contrary, his father , Shekhar Shergill was the person who never had time for his family. He was so engrossed in earning money, which eventually lead him ignoring his wife and fell low in his son's perspective being accused of his mother's death. Shekhar always knew the mistake which was already committed ag
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Chapter 2 : The Meeting
Silence." Somewhere we know that without silence, words loose their meaning. " "Silence isn't empty , its full of answer." ...... "Listen to silence it has so much to say" ....... "Silence is a true friend who never betrays". ....... The same case happens with Vaibhav. Silence. It's the only way to deal with his relationship. After a long, what seems an eternity, about twenty years, he's visited his grandmother. The time he saw her, his heart ached, feeling contained at the same time. She was completely changed. Her fragile weak body was the evidence. She looks no more joyous. She was quiet; silence; her fragile hand isn't helping much, hiding her trembling, shivering body, making her look more vulnerable and weak. She was
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Chapter 3 : Wedding Bells
Since his childhood, Vaibhav was more close to his friends than to anyone else. After his mother's demise, he left for England for further education where he met these gangs. He never thought he would let anyone break the cell he concreted. No matter how the days were either good or worst these people always stay by his side making sure not to leave him in grief and agony for his mother. Being an only child , he was pampered and loved by his mother which lead him to bewildered on her demise. The friends whome he called as his family were the one to pull him out of those memories which haunted him on loss of his mother.They understand and find solace in each other. No matter how much they fight they all will end up together as always. Ranveer is the one who always stick to his sides at the end.The bounding they share is more of Brotherhood than just FRIEND !Therefore, after the news they all looked at him completely bewildered. Well, Vaibhav didn't expected his grandmother to pull t
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Chapter 4 :The Orphanage
The same Night in granny's room, Vaibhav had a long conversation with her. " Granny, can't you please give one chance to your decision" He pleaded weakly. He was drained out of questioning her and making her understand of his situation. "The decision I have taken is right for you as well for the Shergill Empire" she completed the same line repeatedly with her every answer. "Okay, and what about the girl I'm in love with" He asked again to confirm the final time. She didn't answer to which he exclaimed. Closing her eyes, taking deep breathe, she spatted," She would be useless as you. I firmly belive your choice would be worst. I don't want any english woman as my daughter in law." "But..-" he was cutt off by her statement. "No but ! Now just get out of my room. I'm getting bored by your rants and let me have some pretty sleep. Go and smash your head somewhere else , not here. " "Grandma, I'm here for something serious. Since then I'm trying to convince you for something, but
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Chapter 5 : The Prenup Aggreement
It was hard to belive his grandmother has fixed his alliance with the girl who has just entered in her teen enough to be legally married.Though, he declared himself for loving someone else. But the truth is he had given his cent into the relationship except the on ehe love. He knows they had breakup and he was done with the girl Olive. The time he came to know about her mischief behind his back , shattered him. He never the girl he is in love with is only behind his money, fame and status. He loved her as msn loved his women but never in dream he wondered the women who shows herself as the kindest and gentle is actually will turn out into the witch.It was hard for him to belive in the reality but somewhere he accepted. Though, the love hasn't faded in his heart but he was nomore a lover boy.That's it. The time his father left him was the another bowl of attack to his conscio
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Chapter 6 : Friendship
"Dammit!!!" Vaibhav groaned. He frustradedly pulled his hair. The wave of emotions overpowered his decision, he couldn't digest his own family accused him. He thought for once they will at least try to understand through his lens. But every thing goes opposite to the actual he thought was supposed to.He stood in his huge balcony feeling the cold breeze across his face. The mid-morning breeze drifted and he closed his eyes tightly, taking a deep breath to control his wrath.It was evening time. Ranveer was out for alone time . He was in a park which is placed in an isolated area, just few blocks after the mansion. Only few people knew about it. Vaibhav and Ranveer had found this place when he visits here in their childhood. He remember how much they were fond of this place .Whenever they need some space or wanted to be alone, be far away from the world. They always visit here just to find peace.He sat on
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Chapter 7 : Marriage
Everyone is vulnerable to risk at one point of life. It's just the contribution made by others which made-up for the loss. It feel contained if that others be the family.In present day, the life has become increasingly complex and to meet the lossess, life offers the Remedy. The remedy from we all are aware of . Love. Care.Love. This term just not only define the relationship between lovers but too brother -sister, friends, brotherhood. It has many names, uncountable relationships, but isn't identical.Vaibhav was not only just confused but frightened too. From very beginning he was the boy being soft and nerdy who never thought to hurt an ant let alone the man. Now, this boy is completely turned into adulthood. The man. He's nowhere a boy who can't protect himself from the reality or the people around. He's nowhere a boy who will cry for the sheild . Therefore, he sheilded himself when he considered himself to be enough susceptible. Henceforth, getting betray
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Chapter 8 : Who's Mrs. Sherrill?
I'm clubbing like this is my last night on Earth, but I think that's just the way my mind avoids thinking about the hangover to come. The music moves me like I'm a puppet on strings , my head mashing so hard my brain is in shut down mode. There's so much sweet on my skin and not all of its mine. The strobe masks so many of my movements,every clap 9f my hands like it's on pause at different movements. Tomorrow they'll be hell to pay but tonight the alcohol keeps on flowing in like it's on IV drip.Oh god, it has been two years. The fucking two years but still it feels like as if it's all about yesterday. I have been married to the man who me I don't know and haven't seen yet. Could you believe, I'm married and the person unknown to me. Sometimes I wonder what even I'm doing in this useless boundless bound."Naira" my BFF Samini yelled at her peek voice beckoning me to come her way. But , I'm so into the music, which is soothing my heart as lullaby.In the club the good v
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Chapter 9 : Perfect Match
Whenever we hear, “Life is anything but fair,” most of us think about the ways that life has not been fair to us. We think about all the ways that life could have or should have gone differently – in our favor."Here is the divorce agreement , Aman. I have already signed it give it to Mr.Vaibav Shergill."It was difficult for Naira to work up the nerve to hand over the agreement which could end her marriage.Sighing in soticism she forwarded agreement papers to Aman, Vaibhav's pa. He was flipping the papers to get cross checked when he noticed the conditions and clauses. He frowned and asked in dubiously," Mrs.Shergill, why didn't you asked for alimony. I can understand Mr.Shergill didn't show up in this two years of your marriage. But you could have asked for alimony?" He suggested to which Naira chuckled dryly," hm...alimony. Is it?""Okay. Alimony is provided to wife after getting divorced. But
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Chapter 10 : I've wife
Being an Autumn season , it adds extraordinary beauty in nature and the environment as compared to other seasons. The beautiful colours on the tree leaves looks like vivid yellow, rich reddish-brown, ochre and the scraps of the trees and plants beautifully coloured and splattered around everywhere.The road was congested, as it was rush hour in the morning since its nine. It was congestion on roads and crowding on public transport is at its highest. Since we know riding a bike at its high is quite risky to once life. But nowadays, who care for the life more than showing the stunt, no matter whether someone impressed or not. There she rode her bike, crossing the lanes. She was in so rush, that she didn't even care how high her speed is. The way her speed increases can scare normal individual to its core but the girl was too riled up for thinking anonymous.Though, she reached her college, safely ignoring all the warning horns behind. She huffed in annoyance and shook he
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