The Billionaire's Dutiful Wife

The Billionaire's Dutiful Wife

By:  Sunsilk   Ongoing
Language: English
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What will you do when you are forced to marry someone you've never met? First love is always said to never last and so was the case of Daisy when she was forced into a contract of a lifetime with Dave Milton, the son of a billionaire only to discover he got a lover and doesn't wish to take up his role as a husband. With time, she found herself falling for his charms and was stunned to know he was her first love, the mysterious guy behind the wall. But her love story wasn't meant to last as her mother-in-law and Britney, Dave's childhood friend are hell-bound to break them apart. Dave got into an accident which results into memory loss, Daisy is forced to make him recognize her as his wife but the wall between them seems too thick to overcome. Will Dave be able to recognize the wife he's come to love and cherish? What will happen to Daisy when the truth about her identity of not being the true little Miss Smith? Read to find out...

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55 Chapters
final decision
The room fell silent, Daisy's eyes darted back and forth between her parents in absolute disbelief, eyes threatening to release a river of tears."This can't be, Dad, you are just pulling my legs, right? " Mr Smith's head tilted upwards with a deadpan serious look on, "I should be a fool then for doing that!"Daisy gulped down at the realization her father wasn't playing around, The smooth spot between her brows twisted in displeasure, and the chilling sensation of fear rushed down her spine. She shivers in response.She turns to Mrs Smith, "Mom!??" "There is no joke in this, your father has spoken and so shall it be" came Mrs Smith's words.Daisy felt a hundred thorns piercing her heart as she stared at her parents who are supposed to look after her well-being and happiness doing the exact opposite." So shall it be? " Daisy repeated, tears now streaming down her cheeks."How could you stand there and impose on me whom to spend my life with? You are my parents, aren't parents suppo
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Three knocks came on the door before it was pushed open, Mrs Bella appeared from behind, closed the door and walked further into the room"Child!" She calls out, her voice soft and gentle. Full of patience and love."Please don't tell me you are here to make me agree, 'cause I won't," Daisy said as a matter of fact.Mrs Bella halted in her steps, eyes glued to the crying girl on the bed. "I might be just a maid and your nanny, but you know I love you and will never force you into doing things you don't want to""Mrs Bella?" Daisy calls out in tears, "I didn't mean to say that!"Mrs Bella takes counting strides to her and takes the spot by the side of her bed.Daisy pushes herself to sit upright and throws herself into her arms the moment Mrs Bella gives an invitation with wide arms."I know, child. You never disrespect your elders!" Mrs Bella pats on her head, coaxing the little crying girl"I don't want to marry him, I can't marry him!" Daisy cries begging Mrs Bella to help her out,
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"You think so?" Came his sudden question"I know so!"There was no option for contemplation, she knew it was their last because her dad was a man of his word and his decisions were final."That's good!" He sounds over the wall.Daisy breaks a million times hearing his nonchalant response."Yeah, it is" she agrees. "Maybe I should just give in, it's not like I've got other choices" she mumbled to herself."Now that I'm leaving, won't you mind telling me your name?" Daisy demands, "If I can't see your face, it's better I know your name, at least""My name??" He repeats to himselfDaisy waits patiently for him to speak up but he never does. Instead, she heard another voice"Here you are, I've been looking for you everywhere!" A female voice spoke out, Daisy could hear the sound of heels against the floor. It was so loud that it echoed throughout the rooftop.Hearing that, Daisy felt so foolish for thinking they could be something. From the sound of the lady's voice, they could be couple
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Give in
"That's lame feedback, isn't it? I can't afford to let you have a moment of happiness, never!" Mr Smith's voice resonates with so much anger."But she's done nothing wrong!" Mrs Smith interjects.Mr Smith shrugs, "That's none of my business, Her mother did it anyways and she's paying for it" "Or won't you give up yourself for her? She should be ready to do the same for you!" His lips pull up into a wicked grin."You are a monster!" Mrs Smith accuses."No, not a monster. I'm worse than that, I'll say... I am a devil, yeah, that's the best" Mr Smith corrects.A wave of regret hovers over Mrs Smith at the realization of the person she married in the name of a husband."I hate you so much that I wish I was never entangled with you in the first place" her voice laced with pain.Mr Smith chuckles, "Too bad you are, and until I say a word, you will forever be bound to me"Mrs. Smith angrily turns her heels and walks out of the room in a hurry. She is broken and sad, because of her, her daug
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She watches him lean down, closing the gaps between them. His head pushed closer, he was so close that she could feel his harsh yet soft warm breath hitting her face.Realizing he was about to kiss her, Daisy pushes him out of reflex making him stagger two steps behind. The entire hall was in chaos at her action, whispers going on and on around."Are you ok?" He asked pulling her from her thoughtsDaisy was quick to snap out of her imagination, she blinked at him and let out a heavy yet silent sigh at the realization all was nothing but hallucinations. "Hmm, yes" Daisy forces a smile hoping he doesn't see through her."Can I?" He demands.Daisy's eyes open wide confused about what he's talking about. She face-palm herself at the realization of what he meant."Yes," she gives a half-hearted response.She closes her eyes, waiting for him to get over with it. Minutes passed but the kiss never came. Instead, she felt a light brush against her cheeks"Don't be scared, it's just a kiss" h
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A deal
"Excuse me, Mrs Amber, I would like to check on something," Dave said and left the two Ladies to themselves. He heads in the direction Daisy took.Inside, Daisy couldn't help but cry in silence hoping no one would come in but then, her wishes were ignored as Dave walked into the room."You ok?" He demands, hands buried deep into his trousers. He stands by the door staring back at her tiny frame.Daisy turns away the moment she hears him, she doesn't want anyone to know she's been crying"Don't I look ok to you?" She demands.Dave observes a moment of silence before saying, "Just concerned... Saw you hit against the table" he explains.Daisy wants him to leave but doesn't know how to go about driving him, she walks to the sink and lets the water flow on her hands to ease her burdens."You aren't supposed to be here?" She gently washed her hands as if she weren't talking to him"Why? Don't I deserve to be with my wife?" Dave demands with a slightly raised browDaisy stutters in her wor
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Dear wife
"That was made clear to me the moment I said yes to being his wife" Daisy informs with a smiley face."Right, that's true... But before you think this is just a casual marriage of mutual benefit, I'd like to inform you of your rightful duty in giving this family an heir" Mrs Milton sounds so serious.There wasn't a doubt to Daisy that all they were after were their top benefits, she handed her a glass of wine"Isn't it too early to talk about it, mother-in-law?" She raises a brow with a smirky smile on her pretty lips.She turns around and gazes at the decorations in the background, "this is a pretty much good event to talk about something that can be discussed in the future. Moreover, I think I deserve to enjoy marriage life, don't you think? There's always one chance in this and this is mine, with politeness, I pledge you kindly let me enjoy mine " " I bet to excuse myself, mother-in-law," she said, turning her heels and walking away.Mrs Milton fumes in anger but does her best to
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separate rooms
"looking for me, dear wife?" Dave asked in a whisper and leaned closer. Daisy was stunned but didn't let it out as her expression stayed still."I of all people should know better that the almighty heir of Milton's family isn't fun of being beside his teenage wife" Dave lets out a chuckle, and leans closer, enough for his lips to brush against her earlobe." Seems like your brain is slowly losing memory, but just to remind you, you are my wife regardless of my decisions and wherever we go, you stay by my side and be the wife you ought to be" His deep whispering voice made Daisy shiver in fear, she gulped down nervously. Trying to act cool at the sight of his closenessHer eyes caught Britney staring at her with a look that could kill, she pulled away and forced a smile at Dave"As it pleases my husband, I bet we leave now while the celebration is still to begin" Daisy turns and walks away, she doesn't wish to see any more faces from BritneyDave follows behind, and they both take
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where is he?
"Dave?" Daisy calls out to him, he turns around with a brow raised."About today, " she starts but seems reluctant to speak."What about today?" Dave demands.Daisy raised her head and met his gaze, "I know I am not your mate and will never be but, we are now married and that makes us equal in right and decision" Dave frowns, he doesn't understand where she is heading."Why not make your point clear for me to understand?" Daisy gulps down nervous, "You have the right to demand respect from me but can you please make it less embarrassing? "Daisy felt so embarrassed when he spoke to her rudely in front of the maids as though she wasn't his wife.Dave stares at her for a long time as if trying to figure it out before saying, "Is that all? "Daisy was stunned he didn't find it offensive, she quickly nodded." Yes, that's all for now" " I'll see into it, though I can't say I won't, " Dave says not biting around the bush." And lest I forget, don't enter my room if you aren't permitted
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Daisy walks out of the bath with a towel wrapped around her chest, and Mary follows her behind."It's ok, I can take care of myself now. Thank you" Daisy didn't want her to do everything for her, but now that she feels better, she should try to do things on her own."Sure, Ms.? I can help you out with just anything" Mary offers.Daisy flashes her a smile, "Maybe there'd be but for now, I think I'm fine on my own" Mary nods, "If that's the case, I bet to excuse myself" She bows and turns to leave but Daisy stops her."You made mention of you knowing Dave, how long could that be?"Mary's face brightens, "For been a very long time now, I'll say since he was just a little boy of five or seven" "Wow, that's such a long time. You are his mom" Daisy blurts.Mary's face drops, " so bad he doesn't see me that way. " Daisy felt guilty bringing up such a topic." I'm sorry! " Mary quickly brushed away her sadness." It's nothing I don't mind. So long as he let me stay here and take good care
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